Saturday, January 13, 2018

Shithole America

If you aren't outraged, if you don't call it racism, if you make excuses... I'm talking to you. Immigrants come here for a better life, that's how it works. Society is everyone collectively working together to make the average life better.

You fucking idiots think that everything is for you and those that look like you. Your entire world view is based on selfishness and greed. You are disgusting pseudo humans. You are incapable of empathy, sympathy or basic human decency.

You base your beliefs on what you have been told. Things told to you by horrible news sources, ignorant family members or religious leaders. You wrap yourselves in hatred disguised as nationalism or tribalism or white pride.

Your leader calls Nazis good people, he calls good people rapists. He denigrates every God thing about this nation and it's ideals and you fucking cheer. Not one of you is a native. Not one of you is pure. Not one of you had a fucking clue. These are not new tactics, and if you had any fucking amount of intelligence you would see it. If you ever bothered reading an actual history book or newspaper you would know.

But you shield yourselves from unhappy truths. You blind yourselves to seeing the reflections of yourselves in his hateful, bigoted words. So you make excuses or false equivalencies.

Trump is a racist for calling those Nations Shitholes. He is a racist for comparing all Mexicans to rapists. And all of you are too, through agreement or silence or acceptance.

And the policies this Twitler is pushing on is all will turn this into a third world country in our life times. His decimation of our social nets, our taxes, our labor laws, our federal agencies, our national parks, our education systems... How are you all so blind? How are you all so proudly fucking stupid?