Sunday, December 10, 2017

The soul of the Republican party

It is being called a test of the Republican party. A test of their moral character, a test of their ability to put decency over party, a test of it's very soul.
Hate to tell you folks, there is no soul there. It has been rotting since Reagan used the religious right to gain power in order to destroy unions and sane taxation. It has been in decay since it aligned itself with the NRA, with it's guns over God mentality.
You just elected Donald Fucking Trump, and you think there is any salvation to be had? We just watched you defend him for defending literal Nazis. We saw the excuses you made for pussy grabbing and Russian collusion. We watch you attack the FBI, VISA, NSA in defense of Vladimir Putin... And you think there is a way back?
8 years of Benghazi, Obamacare repeals, stealing judge seats, refusing to do your fucking jobs, and you think this is the test?
No, friends, the test is done. You are unamericans, you have decided that hatred and ignorance are the path forward. You prefer lies that comfort you and support your biased beliefs. You support the worst of society. You just watched a nonexistent debate on changing the tax code of the entire nation, and you fucking cheered... Not knowing a single detail.
You have no soul, no morality, no decency, no ideals, nothing... You are the party of stupidity, the party of boot lickers, the party of expedience.
Damn you all.