Thursday, December 7, 2017

Moore the kid fucker

9 women, 30 witnesses, corroborating evidence. Roy Moore is a fucking pedophile. He is also a bigot, homophobe, liar, self important asshole, unethical, super fanatical Christian.

This man has been removed from office twice because he believes that he is above and beyond the law. He believes that a non profit is how you are supposed to fund your life. He believes that gays aren't people, that blacks shouldn't be allowed to vote, that women are not fit for office.

Roy Moore is everything wrong with Alabama, Republicans, Christians and conservatives. He is the Avatar of the modern Evangelical. He is hypocrisy incarnate. He is a disgusting pig of a human, and was well before these allegations came to light.

He had a long history of open defiance towards the Constitution. He is a blatant bigot. And he is an opportunist of the highest order, using his self created persecution as a means to heighten his position in Alabama government, and the rise of white nationalists and deplorable Christians to propel him to the Senate.

He refused to debate, he despised having to answer questions because he is incapable of understanding simple concepts like equality, or civil rights. He is the worst of us, Alabama, please don't make him or latest embarrassment.

We already have the cartoon character that is Jeff Beauregard Sessions as our shame to bear, why add this pedophile to our already incest, toothless, ignorant image?

Vote Doug Jones, or stay the fuck at home.