Sunday, August 13, 2017

On Many Sides

The culmination of all that Trump has stood for since he lazily rode an escalator down to the pits of American mediocrity. A dead woman who was using her voice to protest hatred and bigotry... the same hatred and bigotry Trump rode to an unpopular election to the Presidency. The same hatred and bigotry that guides his decisions on his Attorney General (hey Jeff, you piece of shit), his border wall to keep out the rapists (because every Mexican is a rapist... didn't you know), his religious test on travel, his white nationalist strategist, communications director (speculation here that Miller will get the job), his Breitbart cronies with their dog whistle rag, his "repeal and replace" wait just "repeal", wait "let it fail" Obamacare ineptitude.

A woman was driven over... 19 others were injured at a rally the mother of the driver thought was a Trump rally. Which, of course, it was. These are his people. Immediately following the attack Trump did not decry the white nationalists... he made a god damned equivalency between the assholes who showed up brandishing fire, hate and weaponry with the people that showed up with words and reason and equality. This fucking buffoon isn't a leader, he is a demagogue, he is churning hatred to keep his 33% approval ratings. He will never stand up to the Nazis, his father was one, he embraces them as they embrace him. He knows where his power comes from... stirring up the stupid, hate filled idiots that voted for him.

If that offends you... GOOD. You are to blame for the single worst President in the history of the god damned Nation. You voted for hatred. You voted for ignorance. You voted for stupidity and vileness and smallness and meanness and down right disgusting behavior. I hope you are offended... because maybe there is a little bit of humanity left inside you. Maybe there is a glimmer of a decent human being still hiding inside the blackened pit where your soul should be. But if you are offended that I am pointing out your vileness and complicity with Nazis... fuck you, snowflake.

These people are terrorists. They are emboldened by a man who embraced their language, empowered their media outlets, and enjoined with their hatred to increase his influence. He watched as someone died as a direct result of their actions... and he blamed the fucking victim. He said peaceful protests are the same as terrorist attacks. He has no validity, he is not a President, he is nothing more than a parasite, one that you welcome into yourselves and feed with your actions thoughts and feelings.

I don't really blame Trump, he is just the outward symbol of the cancer infesting this Nation. You are the problem. You are the sickness. Your religions of hatred, your ideologies of racism, your dogma of anti-intellectualism. You are a festering boil to be lanced, an infection to be eradicated, a disease to be driven out of our collective national body. You are terrorists to be hunted down and destroyed. Because this is not your country, it is our country and we have a responsibility to make it better than it was yesterday... and that cannot be done with you in it.

Fuck all of you Nazi bastards.