Friday, May 5, 2017

So much bad shit

Roy Moore is running for Senate. Kay Ivey thinks discrimination for God is a right. Donald Trump is still President. Paul Ryan looks super smug when he sentences poor people to die. The GOP is full of soulless bastards. Religion is more important than anything... even your own fucking body. Did I mention Trump is still President?

We are T Totally fucked, people. The house has presented and passed a Healthcare bill.... that they didn't read, score, debate or release to the public before the vote. I remember, during the year of the ACA being constructed, debated and scored... that it was "too rushed" and "being crammed down our throats". These from Paul Ryan, the biggest hypocrite walking the land. A one trillion dollar tax break for the 1%... 200,000 dollars cash money each... THAT IS WHO THESE FUCKS WORK FOR.

Millions to lose benefits... people like the alabama legislature deciding if you need coverage for your pre-existing condition... the same people that spit on the ACA and pissed on the Medicaid expansion. The place with some of the highest health issues in the Nation... The "just pray about it" fucking morons. Yeah, that'll work out great.

Religious "freedom" laws everywhere. More like "Jesus told me to hate you because you are different" laws, It is fucking revolting watching these fanatical, holier than everything, asshats shoving their religion right into the vaginas of every woman and the brains of every child. Their false persecution narrative makes me want to see them all actually persecuted, just so they have a little fucking perspective on their fucking privilege.

Anyway, everything is fucked. The Government can not function. The Democrats are full of liars who want to control who you can vote for and don't care about your opinions. The Republicans are full of religious assholes who think you deserve to die... because Jesus wouldn't let you suffer if you were a good person. The left is too fucking hung up on butt hurt minorities, to the point that everyone must suffer if anyone is even slightly uncomfortable.  I am all for equality, but atleast be fucking grown up capable of dealing with issues on your own without assuming everything is a god damned slight on your particular WHATEVER. Yes, systemic racism is a huge problem, bigotry and misandry, wage theft, economic inequality, human rights violations,  educational discrimination, problems with opportunity... It is all real and I want to fight with all of you to progress our society and change these ills. But if all we do is argue amongst ourselves over who is more minor, who gets the shorter stick, who's feelings are more valid.... we GET PRESIDENT FUCKING TRUMP.

We have to accept that people are different, and them not agreeing with you on how horrible it is that the scrotum-less guinea gnat is having a hard summer isn't a deal breaker when working on universal healthcare.  Get the fuck over yourselves and band the fuck together. The right does it. Christians and Nazis, Blacks and Hispanics, Women and "Men". They put aside the bullshit long enough to make the world that much worse for all of us... WHY THE FUCK can't we, the reasonable ones, the ones with the facts on our side, the ones who have fought for equality and acceptance, accept eachother as we are and fix this shit? Wake up people, we cannot afford this division based on nothing but butt hurt and the desire for attention.

The Democratic party is a failure. We have 18 months to build a better party. 18 months to purge the current party and replace it's current leadership with actual progressives. A platform of universal healthcare, minimum income (not wage), a progressive tax code, a reigned in military, a sane immigration system and amnesty program, a foreign policy based on economics and social equality. We can do that if we actually try. Yesterday... when the right voted to take away healthcare from the poor and stuff the pockets of the rich... Every single democrat voted to exempt themselves from those rules. THEY ARE NOT US, AND THEY SHOW IT.