Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The failure of modern conservatives

Recusal, ouster, resignation, impeachment, pay to play. This is the modern conservative party. This is the deep South, better than everyone else, Christian Evangelical movement.

Roy Moore incapable of doing his duties, Hubbard a fucking money laundering machine for self, friend and the national party. Sessions having to admit he is unfit to do his job the first week. Bentley having to quit after a year to avoid serious prison time. Strange only being a sensor because he refused to investigate the now shameful governor.

This is the legacy, this is the deep down truth of modern conservative Republicans. They are unfit to govern, care only about self, disregard the Constitution and their constituents.

The moral majority sure knows how to pick the most immoral among us. Perhaps they shouldn't be allowed to vote anyone in, their track record is shit.