Sunday, April 9, 2017

Idiots Abound

2017, 33 years after 1984, so Orwell was pretty fucking close. If you look back at 1984 you can actually see the beginnings of the present. Iran Contra was beginning, G Gordon Liddy was already a hero for trying to steal an election. North became a hero. Reagan is a fucking deity, complete with a mythification and complete misunderstanding of his actions and the perception of those actions. The current conservatives would never elect him. He would be too weak on immigration, too willing to compromise, too accepting of welfare recipients and the poor.

We have Russian agents in the White House, this is no longer a question. You can google the fucking video of Trump asking for their help on live fucking television. You can trace the web of corporate (and Presidentialy personal) ties back to Putin himself. You can link multiple members of the administration directly to agents known to work directly for the FSB. We are allowing traitors to run our country, we sit idly by waiting for partisan hacks to investigate themselves. Nunes took classified information from White House staffers and exposed it to the media, hid it from other members of the Intelligence Committee, and then presented it back to the White House in some sort of smoke and mirrors bullshit.

Trump called and warn the Russians that he was going to bomb an airfield in Syria... the man who ran on the platform of secrecy from our enemies being paramount to our military success. He said that no military action should be taken in Syria without Senate approval... then lobbed missiles without any consultation, except with our fucking ENEMIES.

He has failed at his healthcare bill. He has failed at his religiously based immigration ban. He has blocked refugees from Syria and at the same time claimed that he bombed them as a humanitarian act... bombing the same people he refuses to give refuge to under the agreements of the geneva conventions and the UN charter.

He is a rapist, a thief, a liar, a fucking fool.

15% increase in gas prices. Lowest job rates in recent memory.  A stagnant stock market. A plan that will destroy the entire population of the poor. Cuts to every single social program we have ever created. The destruction of Medicare and Medicaid. Slashes to Social Security. Cuts across the board to everything except the military, his bull shit wall, and the police state. Then you have Sessions trying to reinvigorate the idea that mandatory minimum sentences do anything other than destroy lives and line prison pockets. As he does away with investigations into KNOWN police forces that work on the principles of racism.

The theft of a Supreme Court seat by McConnel and his gang of "the rules don't apply to us" Republicans. 9 months the stone walled and refused to do their duty under the Constitution. The Constitution that clearly states that the role of the President is to fill any vacancies to the SCotUS that happen DURING their term. The Constitution that States that the Senate is to give advice and consent to that same President.

Conservatives are traitors to our democracy. I have no other words to describe it. The ideas of freedom, equality, one man one vote... they are opposed to those ideals. That is why they gerry mander their districts... that is why they push voter limitations... that is why they change the Senate rules when they have power to give themselves more power... that is why they shut down the government when they don't get their way... that is why they prefer failure of our institutions over success of our people. They think money is the same as free speech, because they are paid to... They think that freedom is only for rich white men. Your vagina is not yours. Your home is not yours. Your property is for sale. Just ask pregnant women, those who have lost everything to idiotic seizure aws pushed by people like Sessions, people that live on the Mexican border that are having their property taken from them to build this wall. Ask Gays who have to fight idiots like Sessions, and Pence to be equal in the eyes of the law. Ask every poor person with a brain, every elderly person with an ounce of intelligence how the "plan" from Ryan would effect them...

Great? If this is great I don't want anything to do with America.