Saturday, March 4, 2017

Russia and Trump's Amerikkka

Look, Trump supporters are not smart, they do not think in terms of factual or reasonableness. they are driven by emotion and fear. Trump knows this, Bannon abuses it. The man tells lies over 65% of the time, and I am not even sure he knows he is lying. He just retweets and says shit he has read or watched on Alex Jones, Breitbart, Fox and Friends, or any other dubious "news site".

As for Russia... It is pretty much proven that his whole campaign was one big cluster fuck of collusion with a foreign enemy. His AG lied under oth about it. His NSA Directod resigned because of it. His First manager resigned because of it. His son in law was there at the meetings, many aides and staffers were there. THERE IS NO LONGER A QUESTION OF IF... Now we move to the stage of why. Why did the Trump campaign OPENLY call for Russian hacking of his opponent, if not to influence the election to his favor? Why did Trump immediately do away with sanctions that kept money out of the pockets of Exxon Mobil AND install one of their long time CEO's as his Secretary of State if not to enrich himself or those who would enrich him? Why is there a repeated attempt to discredit all news that is negative about hi as fake, if not to distract from the facts of his involvement in an enemy of the US stealing our democracy and installing a fucking Nazi they can control?

It is time for him, Pence, Sessions, Bannon, Miller, et al... TO GO. We don't need hearings, we don't need commissions, we don't need special prosecutors. We need the people to rise the fuck up and say NO MORE. Treason has one punishment, this is treasonous, this is a direct attack on the very foundations that our Nation is built upon.