Sunday, December 18, 2016

The end of reason

They pray openly in the schools
that God was removed from
They shout Merry Christmas
As they play dumb
They declare there is a war on themselves
While planting their Nativities like elves on shelves

Trans in our bathrooms
Raping our kids
Let's send them to church
Where no rapist is
Unless you count the ones
Like pastors, priests and nuns.

The sky isn't falling,
Nothing to see
As temperatures rise
and so does the sea
Its all a made up, no one sees
A scheme to make money, by the Chinese

He's a great business man
The cream of the crop
Give him the power
and we'll rocket to the top
He's virtuous, moral, true and smart
he loves stupid people deep in his heart

Gays destroyed America
With their cramming down throats
their need for acceptance
their stupid right to vote
Take it away, they aren't deserving
All they have gained, begin the curbing

We must expand Libel Laws
To silence the media
The only truth comes from
Breitbart, Infowars, wikipedia
We find our own truth, facts are not true
I know everything better than you

Hail Trump, Hail Victory
The "Patriots" scream
Stars in their own
Hate filled wet dream

The Russians didn't hack us
They're really great guys
Say Trump supporters
With logs in their eyes
66 million goose stepping, dumb fucks
less mad at treason... than they are at Starbucks