Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How fanatical terrorists are born

I keep getting into arguments with people about Sam Harris and his idea that Islam is the most dangerous religion / ideology currently in the world. I always disagree, I find all religion equally dangerous. I find all ideologies that make critical thinking a sin or affront to be unworthy of existence. And history shows this to be true in many instances.

Of course religions have good things, they are made by humans. Kindness, morality, charity, selflessness... these are human traits, not religious traits. The traits of religion that stand out are the inhumane treatment and absolute justifications used to destroy and dehumanize those outside of the tribe.  The dogma and teachings that can be twisted very easily. And the followers are swayed by their already poor abilities to grasp complex ideas and nuances.

Take ISIS, they are a result of the basic tenants of Islam when you couple them with a world literally attacking, bombing and killing people. This is an opening for twisted and deranged usage of the religion to carry out political and sectarian goals. It provides you with an easily led, unquestioning, violent, army of thoughtless zealots. Not because of the religion, but because of the perceived attack on the people of the religion and the ease with which to couple the two things into one.

Take the south in 1868, four years of death and destruction in a war seen as aggressively fought against their way of life. And then the freeing of the slaves, the decimation of the economy, the demagoguery of the blacks. And the rise of the christian terrorist group known as the KKK. It wasn't the doctrine that did it, it was coupling the doctrine and dogma with the pain and loss of the war and the sudden introduction of blacks into the society. The lie of the slaves being the cause of their suffering, the source of their shame of losing.

Take Midwest 2016, 8 years of lies from places like Breitbart, Fox News, Infowars, Limbaugh, Beck. 8 Years of birtherism, obamacare, fake economic statistics, racial demagoguery, religious demagoguery, echo chambers of hatred and vitriol, homosexual advancement, made up wars on Christmas, made up removal of religion from the public square, idiotic wealth ministries, advancements in equality and the perceived decline of the white male.

The rise of the demented union of neo nazis and evangelicals is a direct result of these 8 years of lies and hyperbole and self delusion. The stoking of these flames by a fucking thin skinned narcissist playing the fears and hatreds of the evangelicals like a virtuoso. Their inability to see the lies as they dripped like viscous bile from his lips and their quick response to his calls for violence should terrify every sane American left. They are well prepared to remove every protection we have in order to bolster their own power. They are giddy at the idea of forcing our citizens to register themselves so that they may be more easily identified and followed. They are eager to cast out 11 million people. They don't blink an eye at his casual ideas about the use of nukes. They side with the pussy grabber over the grabbed. All in their need for validation in their delusions and the lies he makes to get them to follow.

We are one step from Christianity becoming its own terrorist organization in the US. But it will not be a small group, it will not be guerrilla tactics or subterfuge. This is a time when we could quite possibly see the end of the constitution, the end of our secular Nation and the rise of a global terrorist Nation. Bent on forcing everyone to the small ideals and tiny notions of the Christian religion. At the behest of the strongest military the world has ever seen.

These are the things I fear... not Islam.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The end of reason

They pray openly in the schools
that God was removed from
They shout Merry Christmas
As they play dumb
They declare there is a war on themselves
While planting their Nativities like elves on shelves

Trans in our bathrooms
Raping our kids
Let's send them to church
Where no rapist is
Unless you count the ones
Like pastors, priests and nuns.

The sky isn't falling,
Nothing to see
As temperatures rise
and so does the sea
Its all a made up, no one sees
A scheme to make money, by the Chinese

He's a great business man
The cream of the crop
Give him the power
and we'll rocket to the top
He's virtuous, moral, true and smart
he loves stupid people deep in his heart

Gays destroyed America
With their cramming down throats
their need for acceptance
their stupid right to vote
Take it away, they aren't deserving
All they have gained, begin the curbing

We must expand Libel Laws
To silence the media
The only truth comes from
Breitbart, Infowars, wikipedia
We find our own truth, facts are not true
I know everything better than you

Hail Trump, Hail Victory
The "Patriots" scream
Stars in their own
Hate filled wet dream

The Russians didn't hack us
They're really great guys
Say Trump supporters
With logs in their eyes
66 million goose stepping, dumb fucks
less mad at treason... than they are at Starbucks