Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations, you fucking imbeciles

You did it guys, you made America great again, A great big steaming pile of shit. You bought the lies, you fell for the con, you laid down at the feet of ignorance and bathed in the refuse he offered at a premium price. You used your churches to get him elected, you used your faith to justify all his heinous actions, you hid behind your God and His "plan" to make him palatable and to ignore his failings. You did it, it is all on you now.

Fuck you God, Fuck your religion, Fuck your "values voter" BULLSHIT. You have no morality, you cannot hide behind Christ anymore, you cannot call yourself anything but hate mongers, xenophobes and deplorable pieces of shit. You purposefully elected a sexual predator... 52% of white women... voted for a fucking rapist. 81% of evangelicals voted for a thrice married, raping, hate spewing adulterer. His God is money, his faith is power, his worship is self, you fucking dumb ass boot licking idiots.

You did it willfully, you used your tax free status and easily herded church completely deny every single tenet of your religion. You voted to deport families, to kill innocent family members of possible terrorists (POSSIBLE), You voted to ban abortion (because you think you own sexuality). You voted to be hateful to the LGBT community. You voted to punish different races, different religions, different people. You voted your bigotry. You voted your fucking whiteness. You voted and we all know now that you no longer hold the moral high ground that you have claimed for decades. You have no morality, only fear, hate and self interest.

I hope he turns on you first. I hope I get to see you all suffer at the hands of the disaster you have unleashed on this Nation and the world. I hope it hurts you, I hope you see fear in your children's eyes like I see in mine. I see them visibly afraid of the Tangerine Demon you have unleashed on us all. This fucking thin skinned narcissist  who has contemplated using nukes for no reason. This pussy grabbing pile of human refuse. I hope he debases and defiles your religion in front of you, and I hope you are powerless to stop it, you ignorant, hateful, vile, worthless fucks.

And to you 3rd party voters. Go fuck yourselves.

Now to the Democratic Party... How fucking much blame can I assign to you? A FUCKING LOT. You colluded with Clinton to steal the primary, you sat idly by and watched your disgraced ex Party Chair take a fucking job with the person she just cheated for. You assigned a new Chair that immediately did the same shit, and then said Schultz was innocent. You decided for us who we would vote for... when we did not want her. You pushed and twisted and manipulated and got your way. You gave us a candidate less liked that a fucking xenophobic, homophobic, racist rapist... you did that.

You should all step down, you should allow your party to die. You should allow real progressives to take over and rebuild in the next 2 years... with good candidates that are not tainted by the failures of Clinton and her pack of useless losers. I voted for her only because I had to try and stop him... but it was not enough. She was too tainted, too plastic, too impossibly entrenched to connect with any of us. Jesus Christ she couldn't even get a majority of white women to vote for her against a rapist.

So go, go away, go away forever. Release yourselves from your offices in disgrace and shame for what you allowed to happen to this country. I hope you have that much integrity left, enough to admit that this was an orchestrated failure, an intentional failure. You decided that it was Her turn, and no one agreed with you... At least no one any where that mattered in the end.

Because of your decisions and your actions my children ask me if the end is coming... will there be war... my daughter is afraid because of her identity... I am afraid because of the hateful shit his followers spew... and their love for violence and guns. I fear that the next 4 years will be unbearable for us as a nation. I fear that we will fail. I fear that there will be war for no reason other than distraction from the multitude of failures sure to come from the incompetence of a man who ran 3 casinos into a 1 billion dollar loss. I fear for the survival of my nation, and I grieve for the loss of it's soul.

We will have to change our welcome mat

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Give me your white, your rich
Your sheltered morons yearning to feel persecuted
The deplorable bigots of your hate filled itch
Send these, the thoughtless, anger wrought to me
And watch as I go at them, like a Bitch.