Saturday, July 9, 2016


I have lost a couple friends over this, and that is ok. Sometimes people just cannot get along, and sometimes I will not abide passive racists and willfully ignorant assholes. I went so far as to tell an ex friends mother to die in a fire, wreck on her way to the klan rally, and other ways to fuck right off the planet. I almost felt bed, then I realized that her opinion and his don't really matter to me. He thinks the world would be better off with me dead, because I alienate and attack people, well, fuck him too.

#AllLivesMatter, yes they do and fuck you for never saying it before black people demanded that you treat them as if theirs matter. #BlueLivesMatter yes they do, just as much as those people they gun down and you never cared before the black people tried to show you how theirs matter less. These 2 hashtags show the problem in its most blatant form, indifference to the blacks. They start a movement, and it is cooped and pushed aside by idiots trying to claim that they are now somehow oppressed the same as the black people. Black lives matter? What about me and my white life? Don't I matter? Yes, you fucking imbecile, but right now lets pay attention to what is actually happening to the black people as it is a real problem.

Here are some things you need to know about why it is important to listen to the people involved in the Black lives Matter movement. They don't propose killing cops, no matter what Fox News and Breitbart tell you. They don't want to take away rights or powers from the whites. They want a level playing field and to be treated like full citizens instead of criminals just because they are alive.

In the system we currently have:

Blacks are much more likely to be arrested and convicted of crimes.... And this causes people to claim that black people are inherently criminals... which is racist.

Blacks have a lower graduation rate and lower standardized test scores.... And this causes people to claim that black people are inherently less intelligent... which is racist.

Blacks are the victims of higher deaths by police due to them being confrontational and not obeying orders... Which is racist.

Blacks often "Go for the guns" of police and are therefor shot more frequently.... which is racist.

Blacks are incarcerated more which proves that they commit more crimes... which is racist.

Blacks burn down their own neighborhoods in protest... racist.

It is harder for children in failing schools to do well on standardized tests, and like Alabama, the poor are lumped together into failing schools. Those schools are then closed and the children are again lumped into failing schools farther away. This causes more busing, less time to study, poorer performance.  This creates a cycle of failure that is impossible to break from within.

Police routinely patrol minority areas more frequently than affluent areas, this assures that most arrests and interactions will be with minorities. Black people are treated as criminals for every interaction. They are routinely profiled and stopped simply because of their skin color. The data is pretty clear that there is a bias against racial minorities in dealing with the police.

The Justice system disproportionately sentences blacks to more frequent and longer sentences than they do white people who commit the same crimes... making every interaction more likely to send them to jail than the last because of past convictions.  Also public defenders are piteously overwhelmed with work loads and do not offer legal defenses that are up to the requirements needed by their clients. They are often only there to tell them to plead guilty or face a harsher sentence, and they work with the DAs and have conflicts of interest because of it.

There is almost no accountability for police in these cases. We have seen video evidence of police choking men to death, shooting 12 year olds within 2 seconds of seeing them, Shooting unarmed men in the open... all kinds of heinous, unjustifiable actions... that were later washed away by judges and juries incapable of making a determination. We have seen police lie and collude to get their stories straight, in fact it is normal practice to give cops a "cooling off" period after they are involved in a killing. This isn't to let them recover, it is to let them get information to get their stories straight.

My point is simple... until you actually treat all people as if their lives matter just as much as yours, #AllLivesMatter is you being a racists. You are probably doing it passively, but you are still doing it. Unless you are protesting at the slain black men with that sign over your head IN SUPPORT of the deceased, you are being dishonest. And if you are staging a counter protests of a BLM event, and using the ALM slogan, you are intentionally being an asshole. What you are saying is that all those people of privilege, that don't fear walking down the street because they could die from being black in America, are treated the same as those dead and buried. You are saying "shut up", you are saying "you think you matter more than me", you are saying "it doesn't affect me so I do not care".

And for the Blue Lives Matter folks. Seriously? There are specific laws designed to make crimes against police even more criminal. Harsher sentences and an absolute wall of legal protections for them from prosecution. You cannot claim that the police are treated poorly just because questions are asked and accountability is demanded.

And white folks burn their neighborhoods to the ground when Tim Teebow misses a pass, so shut the fuck up about a whole race being oppressed and occasionally getting angry about it.