Thursday, June 16, 2016

Martha Trump

Martha Roby sends thoughts and prayers to the victims of Orlando... without mentioning homosexuality or guns, just radical Islamic terrorism...

Hearing Donald Trump's words come out of your mouth is disheartening. Next you'll be getting a tangerine spray tan and bleaching your hair.
I read your words to those attacked in Orlando, those slain men and women and the survivors of this attack. I saw your calls for prayers... from the people of Alabama. The same people that have been passing legislation to make sure the LGBTQ community are treated like we used to treat the Blacks, and women like you.  With the same justifications now coming from the mouths of the blacks and women like you.
You call for prayers to the same God your religion claims says all homosexuals deserve eternal pain and suffering for who they love. The same God that the people of this State have tried to use to keep loving people from adopting children... to keep loving partners out of the hospital when sickness comes... to make people piss where you dictate.
Your prayers are misguided and could be seen as hypocritical. What is your stance on Roy Moore? Should our judges dictate their religion into our laws? What about the hateful rhetoric coming from churches all over our State? What about the ingrained bigotry against the LGBTQ community that our government pushes through its defense of laws that are known to be unconstitutional. I know the people of Alabama voted for it, but we don't vote on the rights of our citizens, they are inherent.
So stop with the fake prayers and pathetic crocodile tears. Our State is culpable in these attacks because our "leaders" will not address the under current of hatred spewed by our representatives, our judicial, our churches and our citizens. It is time for our leaders to come to grips with that. This was an attack against the LGBTQ community and that is one place where ISIS and our local churches agree, it is where their dogma is the same, and it is where the people of Alabama can choose. Be like ISIS or be decent human beings. You have renounced slavery and misogyny, it is time to renounce homophobia.