Tuesday, April 5, 2016

God can't hear you, but we know you are a liar.

Bentley is sorry... that he got caught. He has apologized for all the information you have heard, so far. He has gotten rid of his trollop, but kept her pimp husband. He might still be paying the whore, but we can't know that. Now his defense is shifting to the legality of the recording... instead of fixing the problems he created. He is avoiding questions about his attempts to block prosecution of his money launderer Hubbard. He is ignoring all the State funds he spent to fuck his girl friend. He is ignoring that he installed his friend into the highest law enforcement position in the State... to cover all of his illegal actions and to stop the investigations into those actions.

He asked God to forgive him... so now we should all just walk away... because it is between him and God. This doesn't involve us anymore, it is out of our hands and in God's hands now... What the fuck ever, Governor. You are a liar, you are an adulterer, you are a thief, you are as corrupt as they come and you surround yourself with people attempting to try and be half as corrupt as you. Right before all this broke loose, you gave your top guys 90% raises... let's call it hush money., because that is exactly what it looks like. You have even blamed same sex marriage on the end of your marriage... I didn't know Mrs. Mason was a man... but whatever floats your boat I guess.  You have funneled money to both of the Masons through their fake companies, your PACs, through funds set aside to help foster children... You are scum.

I know the Lieutenant Governor isn't better for the State, but maybe she will be so powerless she can't make it any worse than you have. And with you gone, maybe the investigations into Hubbard, You, Moore and now the University of Alabama (thanks to your abusing your ties there to fund your whoring) will move forward and some of your cohorts will get to stay in some of those new prisons you want to build. Maybe you will all get to shack up in an overfilled piece of shit prison cell.. be fed nothing but bread and water... like all the non violent prisoners you allow to rot in our horrific State prison system. Wouldn't that be the definition of Justice, sir?

Make appeals to your God all you want... I'm am sure he will impart the same wisdom he imparted when you were crying out to him while balls deep in Mrs. Mason. It is your actions that brought you here. It is your choices that lead our State to sit and mock you and our Capitol.. as Montgomery Burns. Your pleas to an imaginary fraud of a God is cute, and it will play well to those that voted for you... because they are ignorant sheep... too indoctrinated into the ignorance of religion to see the naked emperor... they agree that your clothes are beautiful and appropriate... But you and I and many more see the naked truth of your hypocrisy, your lies and your impotence. Get out, sir, you are no longer able to do your duties... Mrs. Mason is gone... who will make decisions for you now?