Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another Rant

We are about to cut 85 million dollars from the already failing Medicaid program for the state. Yet we have the ability to issue an 800 million dollar bond to build 4 new prisons? No sentencing reforms, no acceptance of the ACA and all the funds that come with it. We can't stop robbing the Education fund to supplement the general fund. We watch out leaders waste time on ridiculous legislation that they know is unconstitutional.

We watch our Courts stand on the side of hatred and bigotry and the most fanatical form of Christianity, with spiteful actions that punish all instead of including the "others". No marriage licenses for anyone if I don't get my way. How petty that episode was, and now Just getting out of the marriage license business so Probate Judges don't have to Sign a legal document in the course of their job. But now they have to file it instead... What's to stop them refusing to touch the gay paper?

We watch our neighbors proposing discriminatory laws veiled in the shroud of "religious liberty" and deeply felt feelings. We see the damage these narrow minded laws bring with them. From determining exactly how you are going to tell if someone has a dick or a vagina unless you fucking strip search anyone who has a bladder... To large corporations refusing to do business in States that codify their religious ideas and demands into local law. For such seemingly Patriotic people, you would hope that they would act more like Americans and less like Third World dictatorships in the Middle East. They also like to use their religion as a justification for horrific actions.

This is how you make an other class in the context of the law. Alabama has done it before... just read our current State Constitution: "The legislature shall never pass any law to authorize or legalize any marriage between any white person and a negro, or descendant of a negro." We are better than this. We are better than to allow something we have done before to happen again when we know it is wrong. Morally wrong, Constitutionally wrong, wrong in its reasoning, wrong in its justifications. Wrong.

But we have money for these pointless battles. For you to strut around waving your tail-feathers and your smug moral certitudes. Excuse me if I do not care to believe in your pleas to a higher power. Bentley is pious, and a liar and adulterer. Hubbard claims Jesus and could give a snake a run for it's money in a crooked critter contest. They find money to almost double staff salaries. To pay their mistress and give her husband a job. Gut the Education fund so you can continue to offer low taxes to attract all those businesses you haven't attracted. But those poor sick kids? Should have been whiter. Should have been richer. Should have prayed harder. Medicaid Cuts Pious Governor
800 Million
No Marriages