Thursday, March 24, 2016

We should lock the door, this time.

I just have to say... Again, those that spout them most about being holy are the ones least likely to live in the manner they demand of everyone else. Robert Bentley, the soon to be ex Governor of Alabama is currently embroiled in a sex scandal of his own creation. After divorcing his wife of 50 years, it comes to light that members of his own family have recorded his sex talks with his top adviser to the media. It is hilarious listening to Montgomery Burns come to life expressing his lust for this power hungry trollop.

What isn't funny is how we have gotten to this point. After years of his castigation of homosexuals destroying the sanctity of marriage and his platitudes about morality, ethics and the baby Jesus.... this walking hypocrisy has finally been exposed as the fraud we all knew him to be. He says Christiany stuff, then tells the poor to hurry up and die instead of expanding medical care. He lets his little sex bunny make decisions that affect all of our lives (anybody remember voting for this prostitute?). She was the major push behind closing down the licensing offices in a year we have an election that requires ids. She apparently had the most say in what agencies got what money.

There are questions and accusations about the Governor using public monies to keep his affair hidden, making his plane manifests private to hide her travelling with him (also illegal). There are direct links from him closing down investigations that were directed at his use of funds and government property. He has fired people whom he as allegedly asked to lie for him. It is the lowest of morality to seek vengeance on people who refuse to be unethical to hide your unethical behavior. He promised us an open government free of corruption... we got the exact opposite.

Take your tart, take yourself and go, governor. You will be impotent in the governors mansion, you can be impotent in your girlfriends house too... atleast it will no longer affect the people of Alabama.