Friday, March 4, 2016

The Point of Disqualification

Where is the line? When do we stop acting as if anyone on the right has any claim to be capable of running our Nation? When do we all stand up and just kick them off the bus? It wasn't when they were arguing over who wanted war more, who wanted to kill more brown people, who wanted to restrict the rights of legal immigrants, the rights of women, the rights of non Christians. Trump pushes war crimes as a virtue, Cruz pushes dominion-ism as inclusive, Rubio runs away from immigration reform he wrote as politically expedient. Kasich, the "moderate", pushes anti abortion laws, voter id restrictions and trickle down idiocy.

They literally compare dick sizes during "debates". They yell and scream and try to be the loudest voice in the room. None of them have rational plans for the future of America. The GOP tries to demand that the base vote for someone they do not want. The party votes for the embodiment of all the horrific bullshit the party has promoted over the last 16 years. Why do conservatives keep voting for an empty headed loudmouth bully? Maybe the answer lies in the Republican Propaganda Machine Fox News, and its endless parade of empty, talking heads. The messages of hating Mexicans, Muslim = Terrorist, Vaginas aren't your own, Christian persecution, the decline of White power, Bootstraps, taking your guns, illegitimate presidents, birth certificates, blue lives bullshit and every other false, fake, made up, contrived piece of "news" they have spread for almost 2 decades.

America needs a true 4th estate. Journalists committed to presenting facts as facts... not opinion presented as gospel. It is time for the end of the Republican party, let it die from all the wounds it has inflicted on itself in its attempts dictating morality through authoritarianism. You now have the ultimate Authoritarian in the lead for your nomination... an Oligarch Fascist your base runs to as the virtuous 2nd coming you have been calling for. A great White Leader, incapable of being swayed, beyond the need of deep reasoning, firm in his dismissing any questions, quick in his calls for violence to silence his dissenters, able to speak his unfiltered mind vomit and watch as your base laps it up like beaten dogs.

Congratulations GOP you have actually done it, you have found the perfect candidate to fit your narrative... Xenophobic, Homophobic, Greedy, Violent, Thoughtless, Vapid, Warmongering, Hateful, Angry, White and Rich. Golf Clap.... idiots.