Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No More Moore

It has been a year since I went to Montgomery with my thousands of signatures and filed an ethics complaint against Roy Moore for his inability to not be a douche-bag christian asshole... I mean... for his inability to do his job under the ethical rules he is supposed to follow. Not one peep has been given to me by the judges who's duty it is to make sure our courts are ran by decent, honest, good, humane persons able to fulfill the minimum ethical standards. Roy Moore fails this... he believes he is above the law, beyond the powers of the constitution, on a mission from God.

As he always has done... he is simply self promoting to all the bigoted Christians of Alabama. He wants to be Governor... so he can do more than sit in his little court house and defy the law.. he wants to sit in the governors mansion and issue dictates to the whole citizenry of Alabama... with an Attorney General to use as an enforcer and a whole state police force to use as attack dogs. He is limited in what he can do now as the Supreme Court Chief Justice... Simply handing off his sad legal opinions to his wife to issue as her own as head of his non profit (all money put in their pockets and their kids pockets) legal foundation.

I'll just say it. Fuck off Roy.  Your words falling from your wife's mouth is just dishonesty. Your family using a non profit as their means of profit is criminal. And your inability to live in anything close to the actual century we live in is just sad. Take your Jesus and your hate and shove them both up your ass. You aren't a legal scholar, hell you aren't even a biblical scholar... your just an angry old asshole who just has to tell everyone how to live because you have nothing to live for. A sad power hungry, self important, impotent Judge in a state that ranks last on every metric that matters. Hurry the fuck up and die of natural causes so that yet another vestige of the George Wallace era will be gone forever... you fucking prick.