Wednesday, December 28, 2016

How fanatical terrorists are born

I keep getting into arguments with people about Sam Harris and his idea that Islam is the most dangerous religion / ideology currently in the world. I always disagree, I find all religion equally dangerous. I find all ideologies that make critical thinking a sin or affront to be unworthy of existence. And history shows this to be true in many instances.

Of course religions have good things, they are made by humans. Kindness, morality, charity, selflessness... these are human traits, not religious traits. The traits of religion that stand out are the inhumane treatment and absolute justifications used to destroy and dehumanize those outside of the tribe.  The dogma and teachings that can be twisted very easily. And the followers are swayed by their already poor abilities to grasp complex ideas and nuances.

Take ISIS, they are a result of the basic tenants of Islam when you couple them with a world literally attacking, bombing and killing people. This is an opening for twisted and deranged usage of the religion to carry out political and sectarian goals. It provides you with an easily led, unquestioning, violent, army of thoughtless zealots. Not because of the religion, but because of the perceived attack on the people of the religion and the ease with which to couple the two things into one.

Take the south in 1868, four years of death and destruction in a war seen as aggressively fought against their way of life. And then the freeing of the slaves, the decimation of the economy, the demagoguery of the blacks. And the rise of the christian terrorist group known as the KKK. It wasn't the doctrine that did it, it was coupling the doctrine and dogma with the pain and loss of the war and the sudden introduction of blacks into the society. The lie of the slaves being the cause of their suffering, the source of their shame of losing.

Take Midwest 2016, 8 years of lies from places like Breitbart, Fox News, Infowars, Limbaugh, Beck. 8 Years of birtherism, obamacare, fake economic statistics, racial demagoguery, religious demagoguery, echo chambers of hatred and vitriol, homosexual advancement, made up wars on Christmas, made up removal of religion from the public square, idiotic wealth ministries, advancements in equality and the perceived decline of the white male.

The rise of the demented union of neo nazis and evangelicals is a direct result of these 8 years of lies and hyperbole and self delusion. The stoking of these flames by a fucking thin skinned narcissist playing the fears and hatreds of the evangelicals like a virtuoso. Their inability to see the lies as they dripped like viscous bile from his lips and their quick response to his calls for violence should terrify every sane American left. They are well prepared to remove every protection we have in order to bolster their own power. They are giddy at the idea of forcing our citizens to register themselves so that they may be more easily identified and followed. They are eager to cast out 11 million people. They don't blink an eye at his casual ideas about the use of nukes. They side with the pussy grabber over the grabbed. All in their need for validation in their delusions and the lies he makes to get them to follow.

We are one step from Christianity becoming its own terrorist organization in the US. But it will not be a small group, it will not be guerrilla tactics or subterfuge. This is a time when we could quite possibly see the end of the constitution, the end of our secular Nation and the rise of a global terrorist Nation. Bent on forcing everyone to the small ideals and tiny notions of the Christian religion. At the behest of the strongest military the world has ever seen.

These are the things I fear... not Islam.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

The end of reason

They pray openly in the schools
that God was removed from
They shout Merry Christmas
As they play dumb
They declare there is a war on themselves
While planting their Nativities like elves on shelves

Trans in our bathrooms
Raping our kids
Let's send them to church
Where no rapist is
Unless you count the ones
Like pastors, priests and nuns.

The sky isn't falling,
Nothing to see
As temperatures rise
and so does the sea
Its all a made up, no one sees
A scheme to make money, by the Chinese

He's a great business man
The cream of the crop
Give him the power
and we'll rocket to the top
He's virtuous, moral, true and smart
he loves stupid people deep in his heart

Gays destroyed America
With their cramming down throats
their need for acceptance
their stupid right to vote
Take it away, they aren't deserving
All they have gained, begin the curbing

We must expand Libel Laws
To silence the media
The only truth comes from
Breitbart, Infowars, wikipedia
We find our own truth, facts are not true
I know everything better than you

Hail Trump, Hail Victory
The "Patriots" scream
Stars in their own
Hate filled wet dream

The Russians didn't hack us
They're really great guys
Say Trump supporters
With logs in their eyes
66 million goose stepping, dumb fucks
less mad at treason... than they are at Starbucks

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Congratulations, you fucking imbeciles

You did it guys, you made America great again, A great big steaming pile of shit. You bought the lies, you fell for the con, you laid down at the feet of ignorance and bathed in the refuse he offered at a premium price. You used your churches to get him elected, you used your faith to justify all his heinous actions, you hid behind your God and His "plan" to make him palatable and to ignore his failings. You did it, it is all on you now.

Fuck you God, Fuck your religion, Fuck your "values voter" BULLSHIT. You have no morality, you cannot hide behind Christ anymore, you cannot call yourself anything but hate mongers, xenophobes and deplorable pieces of shit. You purposefully elected a sexual predator... 52% of white women... voted for a fucking rapist. 81% of evangelicals voted for a thrice married, raping, hate spewing adulterer. His God is money, his faith is power, his worship is self, you fucking dumb ass boot licking idiots.

You did it willfully, you used your tax free status and easily herded church completely deny every single tenet of your religion. You voted to deport families, to kill innocent family members of possible terrorists (POSSIBLE), You voted to ban abortion (because you think you own sexuality). You voted to be hateful to the LGBT community. You voted to punish different races, different religions, different people. You voted your bigotry. You voted your fucking whiteness. You voted and we all know now that you no longer hold the moral high ground that you have claimed for decades. You have no morality, only fear, hate and self interest.

I hope he turns on you first. I hope I get to see you all suffer at the hands of the disaster you have unleashed on this Nation and the world. I hope it hurts you, I hope you see fear in your children's eyes like I see in mine. I see them visibly afraid of the Tangerine Demon you have unleashed on us all. This fucking thin skinned narcissist  who has contemplated using nukes for no reason. This pussy grabbing pile of human refuse. I hope he debases and defiles your religion in front of you, and I hope you are powerless to stop it, you ignorant, hateful, vile, worthless fucks.

And to you 3rd party voters. Go fuck yourselves.

Now to the Democratic Party... How fucking much blame can I assign to you? A FUCKING LOT. You colluded with Clinton to steal the primary, you sat idly by and watched your disgraced ex Party Chair take a fucking job with the person she just cheated for. You assigned a new Chair that immediately did the same shit, and then said Schultz was innocent. You decided for us who we would vote for... when we did not want her. You pushed and twisted and manipulated and got your way. You gave us a candidate less liked that a fucking xenophobic, homophobic, racist rapist... you did that.

You should all step down, you should allow your party to die. You should allow real progressives to take over and rebuild in the next 2 years... with good candidates that are not tainted by the failures of Clinton and her pack of useless losers. I voted for her only because I had to try and stop him... but it was not enough. She was too tainted, too plastic, too impossibly entrenched to connect with any of us. Jesus Christ she couldn't even get a majority of white women to vote for her against a rapist.

So go, go away, go away forever. Release yourselves from your offices in disgrace and shame for what you allowed to happen to this country. I hope you have that much integrity left, enough to admit that this was an orchestrated failure, an intentional failure. You decided that it was Her turn, and no one agreed with you... At least no one any where that mattered in the end.

Because of your decisions and your actions my children ask me if the end is coming... will there be war... my daughter is afraid because of her identity... I am afraid because of the hateful shit his followers spew... and their love for violence and guns. I fear that the next 4 years will be unbearable for us as a nation. I fear that we will fail. I fear that there will be war for no reason other than distraction from the multitude of failures sure to come from the incompetence of a man who ran 3 casinos into a 1 billion dollar loss. I fear for the survival of my nation, and I grieve for the loss of it's soul.

We will have to change our welcome mat

Give me your tired, your poor,

Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!

Give me your white, your rich
Your sheltered morons yearning to feel persecuted
The deplorable bigots of your hate filled itch
Send these, the thoughtless, anger wrought to me
And watch as I go at them, like a Bitch.

Saturday, July 9, 2016


I have lost a couple friends over this, and that is ok. Sometimes people just cannot get along, and sometimes I will not abide passive racists and willfully ignorant assholes. I went so far as to tell an ex friends mother to die in a fire, wreck on her way to the klan rally, and other ways to fuck right off the planet. I almost felt bed, then I realized that her opinion and his don't really matter to me. He thinks the world would be better off with me dead, because I alienate and attack people, well, fuck him too.

#AllLivesMatter, yes they do and fuck you for never saying it before black people demanded that you treat them as if theirs matter. #BlueLivesMatter yes they do, just as much as those people they gun down and you never cared before the black people tried to show you how theirs matter less. These 2 hashtags show the problem in its most blatant form, indifference to the blacks. They start a movement, and it is cooped and pushed aside by idiots trying to claim that they are now somehow oppressed the same as the black people. Black lives matter? What about me and my white life? Don't I matter? Yes, you fucking imbecile, but right now lets pay attention to what is actually happening to the black people as it is a real problem.

Here are some things you need to know about why it is important to listen to the people involved in the Black lives Matter movement. They don't propose killing cops, no matter what Fox News and Breitbart tell you. They don't want to take away rights or powers from the whites. They want a level playing field and to be treated like full citizens instead of criminals just because they are alive.

In the system we currently have:

Blacks are much more likely to be arrested and convicted of crimes.... And this causes people to claim that black people are inherently criminals... which is racist.

Blacks have a lower graduation rate and lower standardized test scores.... And this causes people to claim that black people are inherently less intelligent... which is racist.

Blacks are the victims of higher deaths by police due to them being confrontational and not obeying orders... Which is racist.

Blacks often "Go for the guns" of police and are therefor shot more frequently.... which is racist.

Blacks are incarcerated more which proves that they commit more crimes... which is racist.

Blacks burn down their own neighborhoods in protest... racist.

It is harder for children in failing schools to do well on standardized tests, and like Alabama, the poor are lumped together into failing schools. Those schools are then closed and the children are again lumped into failing schools farther away. This causes more busing, less time to study, poorer performance.  This creates a cycle of failure that is impossible to break from within.

Police routinely patrol minority areas more frequently than affluent areas, this assures that most arrests and interactions will be with minorities. Black people are treated as criminals for every interaction. They are routinely profiled and stopped simply because of their skin color. The data is pretty clear that there is a bias against racial minorities in dealing with the police.

The Justice system disproportionately sentences blacks to more frequent and longer sentences than they do white people who commit the same crimes... making every interaction more likely to send them to jail than the last because of past convictions.  Also public defenders are piteously overwhelmed with work loads and do not offer legal defenses that are up to the requirements needed by their clients. They are often only there to tell them to plead guilty or face a harsher sentence, and they work with the DAs and have conflicts of interest because of it.

There is almost no accountability for police in these cases. We have seen video evidence of police choking men to death, shooting 12 year olds within 2 seconds of seeing them, Shooting unarmed men in the open... all kinds of heinous, unjustifiable actions... that were later washed away by judges and juries incapable of making a determination. We have seen police lie and collude to get their stories straight, in fact it is normal practice to give cops a "cooling off" period after they are involved in a killing. This isn't to let them recover, it is to let them get information to get their stories straight.

My point is simple... until you actually treat all people as if their lives matter just as much as yours, #AllLivesMatter is you being a racists. You are probably doing it passively, but you are still doing it. Unless you are protesting at the slain black men with that sign over your head IN SUPPORT of the deceased, you are being dishonest. And if you are staging a counter protests of a BLM event, and using the ALM slogan, you are intentionally being an asshole. What you are saying is that all those people of privilege, that don't fear walking down the street because they could die from being black in America, are treated the same as those dead and buried. You are saying "shut up", you are saying "you think you matter more than me", you are saying "it doesn't affect me so I do not care".

And for the Blue Lives Matter folks. Seriously? There are specific laws designed to make crimes against police even more criminal. Harsher sentences and an absolute wall of legal protections for them from prosecution. You cannot claim that the police are treated poorly just because questions are asked and accountability is demanded.

And white folks burn their neighborhoods to the ground when Tim Teebow misses a pass, so shut the fuck up about a whole race being oppressed and occasionally getting angry about it.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Martha Trump

Martha Roby sends thoughts and prayers to the victims of Orlando... without mentioning homosexuality or guns, just radical Islamic terrorism...

Hearing Donald Trump's words come out of your mouth is disheartening. Next you'll be getting a tangerine spray tan and bleaching your hair.
I read your words to those attacked in Orlando, those slain men and women and the survivors of this attack. I saw your calls for prayers... from the people of Alabama. The same people that have been passing legislation to make sure the LGBTQ community are treated like we used to treat the Blacks, and women like you.  With the same justifications now coming from the mouths of the blacks and women like you.
You call for prayers to the same God your religion claims says all homosexuals deserve eternal pain and suffering for who they love. The same God that the people of this State have tried to use to keep loving people from adopting children... to keep loving partners out of the hospital when sickness comes... to make people piss where you dictate.
Your prayers are misguided and could be seen as hypocritical. What is your stance on Roy Moore? Should our judges dictate their religion into our laws? What about the hateful rhetoric coming from churches all over our State? What about the ingrained bigotry against the LGBTQ community that our government pushes through its defense of laws that are known to be unconstitutional. I know the people of Alabama voted for it, but we don't vote on the rights of our citizens, they are inherent.
So stop with the fake prayers and pathetic crocodile tears. Our State is culpable in these attacks because our "leaders" will not address the under current of hatred spewed by our representatives, our judicial, our churches and our citizens. It is time for our leaders to come to grips with that. This was an attack against the LGBTQ community and that is one place where ISIS and our local churches agree, it is where their dogma is the same, and it is where the people of Alabama can choose. Be like ISIS or be decent human beings. You have renounced slavery and misogyny, it is time to renounce homophobia.

Sunday, June 12, 2016


I have waited a couple of weeks to post this, I am so sorry for your loss, my friend.


A friend of mine lost someone very dear. A friend of mine took their own life. A friend of mine is now trying to cope with this. After spending the last year and a half managing an unfair custody system in Alabama. After dealing with an ex who hacked into computers repeatedly. After dealing with an ex that posted disgusting, hurtful and harassing things online. After losing their kids, after finding their love, after so many things.

I watched them when they first got together, I watched them love each other. I watch them move across the country to get a new start. I watched them try so hard. And I didn't see the despair. I saw happiness, as much as he could be happy. I saw smiles as much as he could smile. But I didn't see the broken bits he hid behind the smiles. I didn't see the hopelessness behind his attempts at happiness. I couldn't see into his mind, no one knows what others go through. No matter how much you love someone, or are loved by someone... we never know what is inside them.

None of us know those right next to us. There are things we do not share. Be it from shame, or fear of judgement, or anger at ourselves, or hatred for others. We all keep things inside. We don't mean to, we never know ourselves either. It is not the fault of anyone when someone has had too much. Too much pain, too much disappointment, too much frustration at a world that looks as if it will never give you something that you need deep inside.

I cannot ever know what caused them to take themselves away from us... but I can look back and see how it could have been thrust upon him. How he could have lost all hope even among some of the happiest moments of his life, with someone he loved. I can see how such a contentious custody battle, and subsequent harassment could push him to despair when he had proof of the type of person he was dealing with. I saw the vindictiveness, I saw the vile things that were said about his new wife. I saw the vile things his ex said when they were together. Taking his masculinity, his children and his pride.
Coupled with events from his past, and the stresses of the present, the failures of the Alabama system of divorce and custody... I can see how he could have inched ever closer to despair. And I know, from personal experience, that no one can save you from that. My wife and children love me, they let me know it all the time. I am grateful for that, everyday. But I understand how deeply lost anyone can become in depression. And there is no one who knows it but the person experiencing it. They can tell us, but they can never truly express it, because it is inside, it is part of us.

My friend is hurting more than I can ever know. Her husband was hurting more than she could have ever known. He decided that he could not take anymore. I hope that she remembers that there are many of us willing to help carry her forward in anyway we can. We love you. We are here for you. And we want you to be here with us.

All of us have experienced depression personally or through people we know and love. We are ill equipped to deal with the utterly devastating nature of such a force. None of us can control the actions of another person. We can do our best and more... and it not be enough. Because we are not a treatment, we are not a cure, we are just people. We are only here for a short time and we experience it one moment at a time, chained together by our memories. Choose the best memories, when you can, and move forward into the next moment.

I'm sorry for how the world was, Kevin. I wish it were a more just place.

National Suicide Prevention Hotline

Grief Beyond Belief

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

To all you Christians

Pastors, Priests, Church goers, Choir members, and Deacons. Below are the words of your Bible. The words you claim to be from God. Yet you do not follow them. You sit back and tell your friends and family whom to vote for, whom is godly enough to represent you in our government. You sit back and watch as the leaders YOU chose to lead us burn the State to the ground. You cheer as they use the power you gave them to discriminate (just as you did in the 50's and 60's). You cheer as they intentionally attack the poor.

You send up Roy Moore... who spends his time spreading hatred and fear and bigotry in your and your god's name. And you do it willfully, knowing that his message will not be a message of love and acceptance (like you precious Jesus offered), but a message of spite and vengeance.

You send up Bentley, a man who has broken atleast 3 (adultery, covetousness, and being a liar) of your highest laws. And you do not call for his removal. You watch him deliberately cut 85 million dollars from the Medicaid budget which is nothing but an attack on the poor children, the elderly and the disabled... the least of us.

You watch as Hubbard sits over the entire legislature pulling the strings to make these things happen. You watch your governor use his office to stop the investigations into Hubbard. You watched Hubbard lie and steal and sat by and let it happen.

Where is the outrage? Where is the anger? Where is the compassion your Christ showed in your book? Homosexuality never made it to God's top ten, but the men YOU tell your parishioners to elect have no problem throwing away any pretense of righteousness when they assume power.  Sure they say the words, and when they get caught they ask God for forgiveness. They need to ask US for forgiveness, after they step down from their abusive roles.

Sunday, when you go to your gigantic houses of worship... When you go onto the huge plots of land that make up the sports complex and the steeple and the community rooms and listen on 50,000 dollar pa systems, or watch on 50,000 dollars big screens, or sit on your mahogany pews covered in royal purple cloth... think about the commands your God gave. Think about all the people (90% Christian, just like you) who will lose dialysis, basic medical care, and life saving medicine.  Think about all the children you are sentencing to suffer and die because of the interference you have subjected them to. This is squarely on your heads.

You demand people that cowtow to your religious demands when they speak to you, but you care nothing for their actions. You sit by and pour gasoline on the trash fire that is our government. How many of you will sit by and watch family and friends suffer because of your actions? About 1 million people will lose access to medical services because of this action. And many more will be affected when rural hospitals and doctors pack up and leave.

Are you going to sell your pompous church holdings to care for these people? Of course not... because you are all do as I say Christians... You are all like the hypocrites... loudly mouthing your faith to all that can hear... while ignoring that they can see your actions and how hollow your Hosannas are. Be like Jesus, accept those different from you, help those in need, provide sustenance and comfort and care...  Because in my lifetime all you have offered is hatred, anger and imaginary persecution.

"So whatever you wish that others would do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets"

Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good."

Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor.""By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another."

But when you give a feast, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind"

You shall open wide your hand to your brother, to the needy and to the poor, in your land."

Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will repay him for his deed"

Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me."

Whoever has two tunics is to share with him who has none, and whoever has food is to do likewise."

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Another Rant

We are about to cut 85 million dollars from the already failing Medicaid program for the state. Yet we have the ability to issue an 800 million dollar bond to build 4 new prisons? No sentencing reforms, no acceptance of the ACA and all the funds that come with it. We can't stop robbing the Education fund to supplement the general fund. We watch out leaders waste time on ridiculous legislation that they know is unconstitutional.

We watch our Courts stand on the side of hatred and bigotry and the most fanatical form of Christianity, with spiteful actions that punish all instead of including the "others". No marriage licenses for anyone if I don't get my way. How petty that episode was, and now Just getting out of the marriage license business so Probate Judges don't have to Sign a legal document in the course of their job. But now they have to file it instead... What's to stop them refusing to touch the gay paper?

We watch our neighbors proposing discriminatory laws veiled in the shroud of "religious liberty" and deeply felt feelings. We see the damage these narrow minded laws bring with them. From determining exactly how you are going to tell if someone has a dick or a vagina unless you fucking strip search anyone who has a bladder... To large corporations refusing to do business in States that codify their religious ideas and demands into local law. For such seemingly Patriotic people, you would hope that they would act more like Americans and less like Third World dictatorships in the Middle East. They also like to use their religion as a justification for horrific actions.

This is how you make an other class in the context of the law. Alabama has done it before... just read our current State Constitution: "The legislature shall never pass any law to authorize or legalize any marriage between any white person and a negro, or descendant of a negro." We are better than this. We are better than to allow something we have done before to happen again when we know it is wrong. Morally wrong, Constitutionally wrong, wrong in its reasoning, wrong in its justifications. Wrong.

But we have money for these pointless battles. For you to strut around waving your tail-feathers and your smug moral certitudes. Excuse me if I do not care to believe in your pleas to a higher power. Bentley is pious, and a liar and adulterer. Hubbard claims Jesus and could give a snake a run for it's money in a crooked critter contest. They find money to almost double staff salaries. To pay their mistress and give her husband a job. Gut the Education fund so you can continue to offer low taxes to attract all those businesses you haven't attracted. But those poor sick kids? Should have been whiter. Should have been richer. Should have prayed harder. Medicaid Cuts Pious Governor
800 Million
No Marriages

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

God can't hear you, but we know you are a liar.

Bentley is sorry... that he got caught. He has apologized for all the information you have heard, so far. He has gotten rid of his trollop, but kept her pimp husband. He might still be paying the whore, but we can't know that. Now his defense is shifting to the legality of the recording... instead of fixing the problems he created. He is avoiding questions about his attempts to block prosecution of his money launderer Hubbard. He is ignoring all the State funds he spent to fuck his girl friend. He is ignoring that he installed his friend into the highest law enforcement position in the State... to cover all of his illegal actions and to stop the investigations into those actions.

He asked God to forgive him... so now we should all just walk away... because it is between him and God. This doesn't involve us anymore, it is out of our hands and in God's hands now... What the fuck ever, Governor. You are a liar, you are an adulterer, you are a thief, you are as corrupt as they come and you surround yourself with people attempting to try and be half as corrupt as you. Right before all this broke loose, you gave your top guys 90% raises... let's call it hush money., because that is exactly what it looks like. You have even blamed same sex marriage on the end of your marriage... I didn't know Mrs. Mason was a man... but whatever floats your boat I guess.  You have funneled money to both of the Masons through their fake companies, your PACs, through funds set aside to help foster children... You are scum.

I know the Lieutenant Governor isn't better for the State, but maybe she will be so powerless she can't make it any worse than you have. And with you gone, maybe the investigations into Hubbard, You, Moore and now the University of Alabama (thanks to your abusing your ties there to fund your whoring) will move forward and some of your cohorts will get to stay in some of those new prisons you want to build. Maybe you will all get to shack up in an overfilled piece of shit prison cell.. be fed nothing but bread and water... like all the non violent prisoners you allow to rot in our horrific State prison system. Wouldn't that be the definition of Justice, sir?

Make appeals to your God all you want... I'm am sure he will impart the same wisdom he imparted when you were crying out to him while balls deep in Mrs. Mason. It is your actions that brought you here. It is your choices that lead our State to sit and mock you and our Capitol.. as Montgomery Burns. Your pleas to an imaginary fraud of a God is cute, and it will play well to those that voted for you... because they are ignorant sheep... too indoctrinated into the ignorance of religion to see the naked emperor... they agree that your clothes are beautiful and appropriate... But you and I and many more see the naked truth of your hypocrisy, your lies and your impotence. Get out, sir, you are no longer able to do your duties... Mrs. Mason is gone... who will make decisions for you now?

Thursday, March 24, 2016

We should lock the door, this time.

I just have to say... Again, those that spout them most about being holy are the ones least likely to live in the manner they demand of everyone else. Robert Bentley, the soon to be ex Governor of Alabama is currently embroiled in a sex scandal of his own creation. After divorcing his wife of 50 years, it comes to light that members of his own family have recorded his sex talks with his top adviser to the media. It is hilarious listening to Montgomery Burns come to life expressing his lust for this power hungry trollop.

What isn't funny is how we have gotten to this point. After years of his castigation of homosexuals destroying the sanctity of marriage and his platitudes about morality, ethics and the baby Jesus.... this walking hypocrisy has finally been exposed as the fraud we all knew him to be. He says Christiany stuff, then tells the poor to hurry up and die instead of expanding medical care. He lets his little sex bunny make decisions that affect all of our lives (anybody remember voting for this prostitute?). She was the major push behind closing down the licensing offices in a year we have an election that requires ids. She apparently had the most say in what agencies got what money.

There are questions and accusations about the Governor using public monies to keep his affair hidden, making his plane manifests private to hide her travelling with him (also illegal). There are direct links from him closing down investigations that were directed at his use of funds and government property. He has fired people whom he as allegedly asked to lie for him. It is the lowest of morality to seek vengeance on people who refuse to be unethical to hide your unethical behavior. He promised us an open government free of corruption... we got the exact opposite.

Take your tart, take yourself and go, governor. You will be impotent in the governors mansion, you can be impotent in your girlfriends house too... atleast it will no longer affect the people of Alabama.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Dippity Doo, I've Got The Biggest Fascist For You

Scene: A large stage set up in a municipal assembly hall, Anywhere America.

A tiny handed Oompa Loompa enters from off stage, scowling, covered in sweat, his beady little soulless eyes scans the crowd for targets.

"What a great group we have today. My voters are the greatest, don't you think? Just great... I mean really. Not like those Muslims, those people want to kill us, really, believe me, that's what they all want. They want to kill you and your families. But not if I am in charge. We will drop so many bombs... the best bombs. Look, I know about bombs, I have the best people telling me about bombs and bombings and how things explode, and collateral damage... great amounts of collateral damage. We can kill them and their kids and family and that will end the problem, just bomb them all. And we won't let them in the country. We will ban all the Muslims until we can be sure they don't want to do us harm, which is what they all want to do."

He squints his eyes into the crowd and sees someone in a headscarf. He raises his hand and points into the crowd.

"Look we have an ISIS member in attendance today, haha. I'm kidding, I don't know, but look at her... obviously a Muslim. Remember 9-11? Remember Sacramento? She is like those people that attacked us, exactly the same, aren't you? GET HER OUT OF HERE!!! Rough her up a bit, no don't, if you do I'll pay your legal bills."

A violent group of men grab the woman towards the door, screaming racial epithets and striking her repeatedly.

"Good, great, good riddance. Now lets talk about the Mexicans. They love me, everyone loves me. And that is why they are gonna pay for the wall. I'm the best at building walls, just look at my buildings, they have walls, and they are the best walls. My wall will keep out all the rapists and murderers and drug dealers Mexico is sending here to take our jobs."

 He thinks of all the money he is making off his memorabilia he has shipped in from Mexico each day to his rallies and smiles.  He scans the crowd and raises his hand and points again.

"Speaking of illegal immigrants, I see one right there. YOU, Mexican... what are you doing here? Is this some plot to hurt me? Are you teaming up with ISIS to take me out? These people won't let that happen. I have the greatest people, they will protect me, they will take you out, they are the best."

A larger mob moves toward the location indicated and grab multiple people of indistinct heritage. They start dragging and hitting and kicking and screaming anti Latino slurs in a frenzy or joyous violence.

"Great, wonderful, that was necessary... we can't have people coming in here to take away our free speech or attack us for saying what we think.  Like those Black Lives Matter protesters... they are in league with the Muslim Brotherhood and the Black Panthers.. basically they are ISIS too. They want to leech off us. They want us to pay for everything while they get a free ride. Not like me, I'm the best. I make so much money, it's alot of money, I mean lots, you can't imagine how much I am worth. But, I see some of those BLM people in the back, we should do something about that, don't you think?"

He raises his minuscule hands and points his fairy like finger in the general direction of a group of Black Republicans gathered together.

"GET THEM OUT OF HERE!!! We don't need their kind here, you are the best, they are the worst. I'd like to punch them in the face for coming here to cause problems. I remember when they used to deal with protesters in much more strict ways. What do you think? Shouldn't we go back to the good old days?"

From the crowd "GET A ROPE!" "STRING THEM UP!"

From the stage "Yes, that's what we should do. Show them they can't treat us like this. Show them we mean business." very quietly "I'm kidding" gleeful deadly glinting in his eyes he thinks of the next group he can single out and how he can deny it.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Steve Hurst: The Sperminator

Justice is not vengeance. Mutilation is not a valid form of punishment. If we follow your "logic" then thieves should have their hands cut off. Escapees should be hobbled. Peeping Tom's should have their eyes removed. Politicians caught in lies should have their tongues removed... you know to make them think twice.  Sexual Counseling is a thing that exists in the real world. It is possible to actually treat some sex offenders in such a way that they can rejoin society that doesn't include you cutting their balls off.

What screwed up world do you live in, as a small government republican, where you think the government has the right or capability to make good decisions about permanent surgical punishment? There was a story a few weeks ago about corrupt collusion between police, attorneys and judges sentencing innocent people. What protections do you propose for this law? How will you protect the innocent from your burning need for blood sacrifice to atone for crimes? Which sexual offenses will this cover? Rape? Does that include statutory rape? Is it just anyone on the sex offenders list? I know you say its just for people over 21 involved with children under 12, But how long before it expands? How long before your bad thinking leads to another crime fitting your punishment, then a new punishment to fit another crime you find too vile for normal justice to be sufficient?

 We do not use our justice system to dole out revenge. We punish through taking away freedom, not altering people physically.


Friday, March 4, 2016

The Point of Disqualification

Where is the line? When do we stop acting as if anyone on the right has any claim to be capable of running our Nation? When do we all stand up and just kick them off the bus? It wasn't when they were arguing over who wanted war more, who wanted to kill more brown people, who wanted to restrict the rights of legal immigrants, the rights of women, the rights of non Christians. Trump pushes war crimes as a virtue, Cruz pushes dominion-ism as inclusive, Rubio runs away from immigration reform he wrote as politically expedient. Kasich, the "moderate", pushes anti abortion laws, voter id restrictions and trickle down idiocy.

They literally compare dick sizes during "debates". They yell and scream and try to be the loudest voice in the room. None of them have rational plans for the future of America. The GOP tries to demand that the base vote for someone they do not want. The party votes for the embodiment of all the horrific bullshit the party has promoted over the last 16 years. Why do conservatives keep voting for an empty headed loudmouth bully? Maybe the answer lies in the Republican Propaganda Machine Fox News, and its endless parade of empty, talking heads. The messages of hating Mexicans, Muslim = Terrorist, Vaginas aren't your own, Christian persecution, the decline of White power, Bootstraps, taking your guns, illegitimate presidents, birth certificates, blue lives bullshit and every other false, fake, made up, contrived piece of "news" they have spread for almost 2 decades.

America needs a true 4th estate. Journalists committed to presenting facts as facts... not opinion presented as gospel. It is time for the end of the Republican party, let it die from all the wounds it has inflicted on itself in its attempts dictating morality through authoritarianism. You now have the ultimate Authoritarian in the lead for your nomination... an Oligarch Fascist your base runs to as the virtuous 2nd coming you have been calling for. A great White Leader, incapable of being swayed, beyond the need of deep reasoning, firm in his dismissing any questions, quick in his calls for violence to silence his dissenters, able to speak his unfiltered mind vomit and watch as your base laps it up like beaten dogs.

Congratulations GOP you have actually done it, you have found the perfect candidate to fit your narrative... Xenophobic, Homophobic, Greedy, Violent, Thoughtless, Vapid, Warmongering, Hateful, Angry, White and Rich. Golf Clap.... idiots.

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

No More Moore

It has been a year since I went to Montgomery with my thousands of signatures and filed an ethics complaint against Roy Moore for his inability to not be a douche-bag christian asshole... I mean... for his inability to do his job under the ethical rules he is supposed to follow. Not one peep has been given to me by the judges who's duty it is to make sure our courts are ran by decent, honest, good, humane persons able to fulfill the minimum ethical standards. Roy Moore fails this... he believes he is above the law, beyond the powers of the constitution, on a mission from God.

As he always has done... he is simply self promoting to all the bigoted Christians of Alabama. He wants to be Governor... so he can do more than sit in his little court house and defy the law.. he wants to sit in the governors mansion and issue dictates to the whole citizenry of Alabama... with an Attorney General to use as an enforcer and a whole state police force to use as attack dogs. He is limited in what he can do now as the Supreme Court Chief Justice... Simply handing off his sad legal opinions to his wife to issue as her own as head of his non profit (all money put in their pockets and their kids pockets) legal foundation.

I'll just say it. Fuck off Roy.  Your words falling from your wife's mouth is just dishonesty. Your family using a non profit as their means of profit is criminal. And your inability to live in anything close to the actual century we live in is just sad. Take your Jesus and your hate and shove them both up your ass. You aren't a legal scholar, hell you aren't even a biblical scholar... your just an angry old asshole who just has to tell everyone how to live because you have nothing to live for. A sad power hungry, self important, impotent Judge in a state that ranks last on every metric that matters. Hurry the fuck up and die of natural causes so that yet another vestige of the George Wallace era will be gone forever... you fucking prick.