Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris, PC,and American Idiots

Terrorist murdered 120+ people in Paris Friday.  They didn't do it as a political statement. This wasn't in protest of some perceived wrong perpetrated against them. This was not revenge for crimes committed against their people.  These were idiotic followers of a pedophile, full of hate and ignorance, purposefully made for this type of action.  They believe, with no doubt, that they will be rewarded for their deaths, that they are bringing forth the apocalypse, that they are ushering in a new caliphate to rule the world.

I keep getting told that I should respect all the muslims that do not bomb or kill or murder... but why? Have they cried out in one voice against this? Sure Hezbolah did... AFTER they were also attacked, not because they have compassion.  Where is Saudi Arabia on this? Silent as always, funding the extremists with the money we give them for their fucking oil.  I don't see rallies for Paris throughout the middle east or the Pacific as the worlds population of Islamic followers decry this vile act.  I don't know why they don't decry it with loud voices, but they should.  I will not respect a group that sits by in silence as the face of their religion runs rampant across the globe screaming Glory to God covered in the blood of people who have done nothing to them.  Take back your God's Glory, stand against these foul, broken sadistic followers of your religion. Your silence makes you complicit, your religion makes you compatriots, your culture makes you accountable. Stand up and fight for your religion, or accept that these murderers will define it to the rest of the world for you.

And I keep seeing that I shouldn't speak out against religion because people find comfort in it... and that is true, and I find comfort in truth. So stop telling me that I can't express the things that comfort me if it is different from the things that comfort others. Sure, me saying that praying to a God that just watched 129 people get blown up, shot or bleed to death is callous and offensive... But how the fuck is it not offensive to offer praise to God right after this shit happens? It offends the fuck out of me that before the bodies have stopped twitching, people are calling for prayers... where the fuck was your god 10 minutes ago? Was he too fucking busy fixing your favorite football teams game for you? Fuck Religion.

And shove the gun control issue right up your asses. We have guns all over the US and more people die because of that than any of you mouth breathing assholes can count.. They don't do this is America because it is easier to get into Europe than America... Oceans and shit, guys.