Thursday, November 19, 2015

History lost on idiots

The American Taliban, the Republican party, has gone whole hog bigots when speaking about Syrian refugees. They call for religious tests to make sure only Christian refugees get helped. They call for internment camps like we used against American citizens during world war 2.

These fucking idiots don't remember that we fought a war to save Jews (non Christians), we were founded by people fleeting the type of exclusionary religious bullshit that they are now openly touting as virtuous. The conservative movement in America is nothing but open bigotry and vile worship of wealth. They mouth Christianity but refuse to follow any of its tenants.

It is a fucking travesty that Donald Trump has spent the last few months as the most wanted person for president on the right. With his openly racist remarks, his obvious pandering to religious idiocy, his self masturbatory delusions of his own grandeur. He is exactly what conservativism has become, empty, shallow, useless.

The shining city on the hill is infected with a malignant cancer, the cancer of anti intellectualism, the cancer of hyperbole, the cancer of religion, the cancer of American theocratic conservatives. They have spent the last 15 years doing everything they can to turn our nation into nothing but whimpering, terrified, sheep, and they are succeeding. If you are terrified of children fleeting a war we are responsible for, you are the fucking problem.