Friday, November 27, 2015

OUR modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah

I read an article on the advocate and I cannot agree more.

When you read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah you see that God destroyed the city for being wicked and sinful, but the sins were not homosexuality, sexuality, rape or anything so carnal... It was the sin of not caring, the sin of self, the sin of disregarding the needs of the stranger.

Jesus was pretty big on taking care of those that needed it. From the hungry (loaves and fishes, y'all) to the sick, to the leprous, to the outcast (looking at you whores), to the dead... Jesus was a man who helped first, offered aid, offered comfort, and offered hospitality.

What would Jesus think of the Christians of America? Their rabid attacks against immigrant children from Mexico (literally throwing things at them and calling them vile, disgusting names), the ignorant fear mongering of women and children fleeing a war that we created, the embracing of ideas we sent the greatest generation to eradicate from the earth (only to watch the children of that generation falling into the same trap of nationalism and religion TRUMPing rational thought and human decency).

We are a modern day Sodom, but not because we allow same sex marriage... not because women have control of their bodies, not because there are less Christians than there were, not because we have a black president, not because women can vote, not because we demand equality, not because we embrace evolution and science... We are a modern day Sodom because the followers of the Bible do not bother to read and embrace the spirit of the book, or the messages it lays out in dealing with other people.

The Golden rule, parable of the rich man going to heaven, the actual story of Sodom and Gomorrah... where God struck down the whole of the land... not because they wanted to rape his emissaries... but because they did not welcome them and treat them as the bible commands. I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me..  These are the ideals your precious fucking book are extolling, not hatred and bigotry and a lack of human decency... At least that's what people tell me, their actions tell a completely different story.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

History lost on idiots

The American Taliban, the Republican party, has gone whole hog bigots when speaking about Syrian refugees. They call for religious tests to make sure only Christian refugees get helped. They call for internment camps like we used against American citizens during world war 2.

These fucking idiots don't remember that we fought a war to save Jews (non Christians), we were founded by people fleeting the type of exclusionary religious bullshit that they are now openly touting as virtuous. The conservative movement in America is nothing but open bigotry and vile worship of wealth. They mouth Christianity but refuse to follow any of its tenants.

It is a fucking travesty that Donald Trump has spent the last few months as the most wanted person for president on the right. With his openly racist remarks, his obvious pandering to religious idiocy, his self masturbatory delusions of his own grandeur. He is exactly what conservativism has become, empty, shallow, useless.

The shining city on the hill is infected with a malignant cancer, the cancer of anti intellectualism, the cancer of hyperbole, the cancer of religion, the cancer of American theocratic conservatives. They have spent the last 15 years doing everything they can to turn our nation into nothing but whimpering, terrified, sheep, and they are succeeding. If you are terrified of children fleeting a war we are responsible for, you are the fucking problem.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris, PC,and American Idiots

Terrorist murdered 120+ people in Paris Friday.  They didn't do it as a political statement. This wasn't in protest of some perceived wrong perpetrated against them. This was not revenge for crimes committed against their people.  These were idiotic followers of a pedophile, full of hate and ignorance, purposefully made for this type of action.  They believe, with no doubt, that they will be rewarded for their deaths, that they are bringing forth the apocalypse, that they are ushering in a new caliphate to rule the world.

I keep getting told that I should respect all the muslims that do not bomb or kill or murder... but why? Have they cried out in one voice against this? Sure Hezbolah did... AFTER they were also attacked, not because they have compassion.  Where is Saudi Arabia on this? Silent as always, funding the extremists with the money we give them for their fucking oil.  I don't see rallies for Paris throughout the middle east or the Pacific as the worlds population of Islamic followers decry this vile act.  I don't know why they don't decry it with loud voices, but they should.  I will not respect a group that sits by in silence as the face of their religion runs rampant across the globe screaming Glory to God covered in the blood of people who have done nothing to them.  Take back your God's Glory, stand against these foul, broken sadistic followers of your religion. Your silence makes you complicit, your religion makes you compatriots, your culture makes you accountable. Stand up and fight for your religion, or accept that these murderers will define it to the rest of the world for you.

And I keep seeing that I shouldn't speak out against religion because people find comfort in it... and that is true, and I find comfort in truth. So stop telling me that I can't express the things that comfort me if it is different from the things that comfort others. Sure, me saying that praying to a God that just watched 129 people get blown up, shot or bleed to death is callous and offensive... But how the fuck is it not offensive to offer praise to God right after this shit happens? It offends the fuck out of me that before the bodies have stopped twitching, people are calling for prayers... where the fuck was your god 10 minutes ago? Was he too fucking busy fixing your favorite football teams game for you? Fuck Religion.

And shove the gun control issue right up your asses. We have guns all over the US and more people die because of that than any of you mouth breathing assholes can count.. They don't do this is America because it is easier to get into Europe than America... Oceans and shit, guys.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

So many misconceptions

I learn more and more how uneducated, ignorant, misinformed and hateful my coworkers are. They rant about the damage Obama has done, while working high paying jobs in the oil industry. They say things that are completely false. They praise Ben Carson as an intellectual, or Trump as a master of business. It is very discouraging listening to them spout racist crap in front of our minority coworkers, touting Trump's immigration policy in front of people he called rapists. I try and reason with them, but it is a pointless endeavor. And I really like them in spite of their short comings. I just wish I could show them how to think properly.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lost in Texas

I'm working in Texas again. Takes an hour to drive there every morning and back every evening. There is nothing there. I literally just got my phone turned back on because there was no service at all so I switched carriers. Hopefully I will be able to post updates more regularly.