Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ann Coulter? More like Man Coulter, am I right?

That adams apple, those giant hands, her proclivity for being a gigantic asshole who hates women's rights and bully people. I'm not saying she's transgendered... wait, yeah I am. SHE'S A MAN, BABY.

As an explanation, Ann Coulter has threatened to sue people for saying anything about her gender... as she attacks and vilifies people on a daily basis. This is a response to that. Not an attack in anyway against transgendered people.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kim Davis is the same as Rosa Parks? Fuck You!!

At the recent Value Voters Summit, Kim Davis was given the "Costs of Discipleship Award".  She was praised for her unwavering devotion to the religious idea that gays should be treated as vile, unrepentant sinners who are not equal to "normal" people. She was compared to Rosa Parks, who went to jail for daring to demand equality. She was compared to Martin Luther King Jr., who was repeatedly beaten, jailed and eventually murdered in his unrelenting demand for civil rights to be equally granted to his race. She was compared to Abraham Lincoln who articulated why we could not own people simply because of the differences in their skin color.

These manipulative, ignorant, revisionist, conservative, religious leaders continue to make the exact same mistakes that they have made since the first of them looked at their peers and decided to use fear and hatred to grant themselves positions of privilege in society.  They stoke the flames of hatred towards anything they deem different or divergent from their norms.  The history of Christianity (and every other Abrahamic religion) is one of slavery, misogyny, and outright vilification.

Kim Davis is no bastion of morality, she is no pristine example for the institution of marriage, she is no leader in the movement of equality. Kim Davis is a god damned sheep, mouthing the same bullshit that has been poured into her brain her whole life. Don't give me the line of her being a new convert to her religion, she is simply a new convert to another sect of the same religion she has always followed. She walks the same path as every other restrictive, and hopelessly illogical religiously righteous oppressor before her.

She argues that her religion does not allow her to do her job, and that making her do it is a violation of her rights.  She argues that her name appearing on a document that she disagrees with is a violation of her conscience.  She argues that the act of 2 other people exercising their rights, somehow limits hers.  She is Thornton Stringfellow, George Freeman, H. M. Goodwin, George Wallace, and so many other religious and political leaders. She is the current incarnation of all thos who stand on the wrong side f justice and equality.

Stringfellow believed and argued that slavery was full of mercy and ordained by God because of passages in the bible.  Freeman argued that servitude was virtuous and that it was every man's duty to return escaped slaves to their rightful owners, and the government's role to make sure it happened.  Goodwin was of the opinion that civil and political rights were a falsehood, women were a weaker gender, and that the natural order made by God would be somehow invalidated if women could participate in self determination.  And we all know of George Wallace and his standing in the school house door.

Kim Davis is blocking the door of our courthouse, and the religious right applauds, just as they did of George Wallace and his racist rantings. Just as they did when they formed the John Birch Society. Just as they did when they passed Jim Crow laws. Just as they did when they pushed back against women's suffrage. Just as they did when they fought their brother's to keep owning people. As they do now when Trump calls all Mexicans rapists. As they do now when writing new laws to remove th ability of some to vote.

These are not new ideas.  This demand for privilege is as old as our Nation.  We wrote in slavery as part of our national identity in our Constitution.  We wrote in subjugation of women as part of our national character.  But we learned, we grew, we became wiser.  One of the things that limits our growth is the hateful, ignorant and backwards ideas written in the religious books of the majority.  It has so twisted their minds that they think that giving someone else the same rights as themselves is a detraction. Equality is dirty, and privilege is demanded.  It is time it stopped, and it is time we all stood up and said so.  Kim Davis is not the hero, she is the villain.