Monday, September 21, 2015

On the turning away... Huckabee visits Dothan

Mike Huckabee visits Dothan

Sir, We have enough problems without you spewing misinformation and stoking the flames of false persecution. We have a legislature incapable of performing the most basic duties of their office. We have a speaker who has been indicted for violating the ethics rules he embraced... and now wishes to change to allow him a free defense fund. We have school vouchers and restrictions on planned parenthood clinics. We have low taxes, no Obama Care, less medicare.

We have bigots in our courts and in our councils. We have all the things you embrace and extol as virtuous. We have leaders who take stands for the majority, in direct conflict with their duties to the law. We have the Koch brothers funding a "think tank" that only thinks what it is told. We have failing schools, failing infrastructure, failing government, failing healthcare. We have all the things you want, all the things you have preached for on television for years.

So, please don't visit. We don't need you here. We have enough hatred and vitriol without you showing up and trying to rally the bigots against equality. We are still recovering from the visit from that racist toupee. Go back to your television show, write another inane book about how oppressed you are, not being allowed to make people live as you see fit. Alabama has been ravaged enough by the consequences of right wing policy, trickery and lies.