Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liberals, Moderates, and sane persons

It is obvious that the ultra conservative hypocrites installed at every level in the government of Alabama are beyond redemption.  They have no ideas, no morality, no humanity.  They sell off our children's future for personal gain and to repay political debts. They turn a blind eye to our sick and hungry, going as far as cutting their meager funds in order to keep the breaks going to their owners.  They ignore our roads, our bridges, our neighborhoods. They push laws limiting the ability of their opposition to vote, closing down offices where you MUST go to get an ID that they force us to have to participate in our election process.  They cut funding to already overcrowded prisons, causing more overcrowding.

These "leaders" never once look at releasing non violent drug offenders.  They never look at taxing those who have benefited the most from decades of poor revenue policy.  They ignore casinos and lotteries, as they fill their coffers with cash from casino and lottery lobbyists from out of State, where our citizens spend a large amount of money... funding their schools and their programs.  They accept bribes from local casinos to ensure monopolies and future kickbacks.  They have a speaker who is currently fighting off ethics charges and a governor in the middle of a divorce.

The party of small government and fiscal responsibility and forced morality show none of the traits they demand of the citizenry.  They cheat the campaign finance system, while destroying the actual election process with their fear mongering over non existent voter fraud.  They steal from the education fund to pay on debts they assured us would already be taken care of.  They take from the education fund to fill the already over flowing pockets of those who choose private schools over the poorly funded, poorly managed and intentionally failing public schools.  They refuse to follow Supreme Court rulings, waste time on securing religious rights in a nation with the most religious freedom in the world.  They are constantly pushing laws handed to them from the Koch Brothers and their fake think tank and front the Alabama Policy Institute. They have shown themselves to be nothing but bought and paid for bad law mills. Using our citizens as the experimental fodder in a Libertarian Free Market Capitalism Jesus only Oligarchical Theocracy. Constantly showing the heroic honor of being poor, while filling the bank accounts of the inherited wealthy. Demonizing those who cannot afford food, while making sure that no business has to pay a fair tax, or be burdened with regulations.

It is time to take this State away from those who would sell it off one piece at a time.  It is time to introduce real candidates, with real plans.  It is time to take from the haves, build for the have nots, help the middle class, educate our children, embrace our differing neighbors.  We must make a stand against bullies, thieves, liars and unethical self important politicians.  From the county to the State to the Federal... Alabama must remove the stain of Tea Party idiocy from our Government.  We must support and defend the constitution, even when we do not agree with those it protects. We must fight for equality, especially when it lessens our self granted preferences.  We must install a group of men and women who work FOR our citizens, for the poorest, and the middle, and the wealthy.  Everyone does better when the population is educated. Everyone does better when there are less prisoners and less moral police creeping into our lives. Everyone does better when we can have dialogue and discussion instead of talking points and party line idiocy.

Get out, convince someone you think capable to run for office. Find local leaders and convince them to speak out against all the horrific and damaging things these ideologues keep shoving through.  Protect our children, defend our sick, help our poor.. Stop voting for people who prefer demonization and destruction to governance.