Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To the bone

The last 3 decades have seen Alabama reduce social programs, education funding, medical funding and any other funding to the under-served and non privileged. The other cuts we have seen have been to the wealthy and corporations, in their responsibility to pay taxes.  All of that has added up to a group of "representatives" completely beholden to a very few donors and completely unconcerned for their actual constituents.
With the proposed 150 million dollar cut to Medicaid in Alabama and the gutting of even more programs we will see our State fall even farther to the bottom of every ranking that should matter, but doesn't, to our "leaders".  Poverty? 44th, those handouts to companies over the last nearly 40 years have done nothing to spur growth and improve our citizens lives. Education? 47th, cutting funding to schools and creating a voucher program to give the haves a free ride to private schools has done nothing but decimate our education system. Health? 43rd, let us cut more aid from our poverty stricken people, then we can top this list too.. Oh and keep on refusing to do anything with the ACA.  Taxes? Low.. like ridiculously low. 5% for the top bracket earners, 6.5% for corporations (before you allow for deductions). No estate taxes, no inheritance taxes.
I understand the unwillingness to raise revenue through taxation, you want to keep your jobs and raising taxes on the citizens will lose you the election while raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations will lose you your donors. But you have to accept that we cannot keep simply cutting programs and letting your handlers get a free ride. Stop taking bribes from out of State casinos (yes they are bribes and I don't care how laundered the money is by Hubbard). Stop ignoring the need for a lottery that has been shown to work in our neighboring States and has drained money out of our economy for years. Open casinos, start a lottery, fund our schools, help our poor, heal our sick. For a bunch of conservatives who mouth the words of Jesus at every opportunity, you are a bunch of greedy and uncaring individuals who are much more concerned with your selves than with those you supposedly represent.
Medicaid is not evil, Planned Parenthood does not sell dead babies, the poor are not moochers, children do not deserve to be punished because you cannot do math (Thank you Alabama Education System) and the State is not the property of those who give you money to do their bidding, it is ours and we will take it back from you and those you scrape and bow for. Cowards.

Ned Carter
Daleville, Alabama