Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Criminalization of Christianity (or Shut the fuck up, you privileged pricks)

So, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, The Mouthpiece of the American Family Association and many others have been pushing the "idea" that marriage equality will mean the criminalization of their faiths. This is quite the martyr complex these people have. "Oh Woe is me, I will have to be a decent human being and not wear my hatred and bigotry on my sleeve."

 It is already illegal to commit acts of hatred against minority groups. Marriage equality will just protect another minority from the tyranny of the (Christian) majority. You will still be free to be a hateful bigot, you just won't be free to act, in public, on your hatred... just like the white supremacists, the Hispanic haters, the misogynists, and all the other people that try and impose their hate through their power as employers, business owners, politicians and other authority figures.

 They (the Christians) will still have their freedom of speech and expression... they will simply have to follow all the same rules as everyone else. Their religion will not be illegal, but their actions will be. And that is fucking fine with me. I would not stand by as white business owners refused to hire black people, and I will not stand by while heterosexual Christians refuse to treat homosexuals equally. So go ahead, bigots... bitch and moan and whine and cry as you are forced to conform to society. It is far past the time that you sad, angry, jealous, hateful religion was forced to join the modern world.

 I don't care what your religion tells you you must do, I care what you do in light of the laws we have passed as a society. It is time for your special treatment to die, it is time for you to become equal, by accepting that you are no better then any other human in our society... Don't like it? Too fucking bad, pray about it and watch it still happen.