Sunday, June 28, 2015

Roy Moore, Professional Fear Monger

Two days, the amount of time it took for marriage equality to become full on Christian Persecution to the "Honorable" Roy Moore. Honorable as in despicable, misrepresentative, vile, hateful, bigoted, lying, worthless, etc. He is now spewing the lie that Christians will be persecuted for not being accepting of Homosexuality. Of course, they have been calling themselves persecuted since their inception, regardless of the veracity of the statement.

Christianity is the largest single majority in this nation, it literally includes every race, every sex and every sexual persuasion.  The only "persecution" these people ever experience is the occasional loss of special privileges they have carved out for themselves over the past few centuries.  Their ability to call people names will remain intact, their ability to threaten those they disagree with will be unchanged, their ability to discriminate in marriage will remain whole, inside their houses of worship.

The problem they will now face is push back. Acceptance of gay unions will mean less acceptance of vitriolic bullshit from public employees.  The ruling from the court that the 14th amendment applies to homosexuality has very broad ramifications for douchebag Christians, and there will be consequences for using your religion as an economic and social weapon outside of your church. Businesses will be forced to accept homosexuality as normal, if not today, then very soon. This precedent means an end to some of the more disgusting religious practices of discrimination in public, as homosexuality is now as protected as race and sex in regards to employment, services, housing, and public accommodation. As I said , if these protections are not already recognized, they must be soon, the 14th amendment demands it very clearly.

So churches, you don't have to marry gay folk.. You don't have to employ gay folk... You don't have to do anything regarding gay folk. But Universities that accept federal loans, you do. Adoption agencies that accept federal money, you do.  Judges employed by state, county and municipal governments, you definitely have to do your jobs and interact with homosexuals. If your duties involve marriage, you have to marry the gays too. If you do not like that, if it is against your religious convictions, quit. Go find a job being a bigot for a living. Go be a professional asshole. Your government job does not protect you, you have to do your duty or fuck off.

The Texas Attorney General says that his judges do not have to issue marriage licenses, he is wrong and should be removed from office. This is not religious persecution, this is the result of someone refusing to do their job and uphold their oath.  The Probate Judge of Pike County says he will not issue any licenses because the Alabama Code says that probate judges "may" issue marriage licenses. He confuses the usage of the word, purposefully. The Code is granting the power of issuance to the probate court, not the option. And unless we all push back against these intolerant religious morons, they will continue to demand that they are special, and that they must be treated differently.

NO. You are just as beholden to the laws as I am, and until you recognize that fact we should all disobey every minor law we encounter. Refuse traffic tickets, refuse tax bills, refuse any and all governmental interference in our lives, until those who believe they are above the law begin to follow it as they demand, BY GUN POINT, we do. Do so peacefully, do not antagonize any government official or officer, but do not let them say that they do not have to follow the rules, but we do.

I am in Texas, and I just so happen to have gotten a ticket and I will not be paying it until the Attorney General of this State does his duty. That is my act of civil disobedience. Fuck him and his court system of differing rules for differing beliefs.