Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Absolutely Fabulous

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on Gay Marriage, and wouldn't you know it the majority of the court found that the Constitution requires equal treatment under all the laws by all the legal parts of the government. Its as if 5 of the justices actually read the whole document, and the others were blinded by some sort of personal beliefs that preclude them from the ability to be fair and impartial... maybe their religion, maybe their upbringing, maybe their deeply held belief in being asshats and douchebags.

I won't bother quoting their hyperbole, their insanity, or their outright idiocy. Suffice it to say that they are more butthurt than most newlywed gay men will be tomorrow.  Now, on to the local reaction... It's the fucking end of the world, yall. Judges in my State have decided that they will just not marry people anymore, in a huff of prepubescent petulance any hormonal child would appreciate.  They claim it burdens their religion, they wait for their moral leader... Roy "I raised a bastion of morality" Moore, to tell them what they must do. Because we all know that the highest court in ALYBAMY is so much more able to cope with national jurisprudence than the Supreme Court could ever be. I mean, Roy Moore is such a bastion moral rigidity you couldn't fit a toothpick up is, oh so filled with himself, ass.  He made the declaration that 2 of the judges should have recused themselves for participating in homosexual unions  in the past (where they were legal)... Of course, the idiocy of this claim does not even make a glimmer of thought appear in his dull eyes when we look at how many have participated in marriages of the not so gay kind. The "YOU MARRIED GAY PEOPLE SO YOU CAN'T BE IMPARTIAL" argument crumbles rather quickly when you look at how many religious marriages he himself has participated in. In fact, using this bumpkins logic, he shouldn't be allowed to issue any rulings on anything as he has said, very clearly, that God is above the law... and he loves him some god more than gays love making Christians bake them cakes.

But regardless of the idiocy, the bigotry, the asshattery, the hyperbole, and all the other petty bullshit the religious right is spewing today... LET US CELEBRATE. This calls for some fruity drinks, some club music, and some letting our hair down. Because today LOVE HAS WON, and fuck all those pissy people who want to tear it down. You can't stop equality no matter how much you try.