Friday, June 19, 2015

Can we all agree Fox News is just False, And conservatives are just sick?

Wednesday a 21 year old took his birthday present to church, he murdered 9 innocent people while saying:


That is pretty clearly a racist killing people of a certain race because of their race. There is absolutely no question about it, none at all.... unless you work for Fox News, and you have a specific message that you are paid to push (damn all the evidence to the contrary). On no less than 4 segments, Fox News pushed the idea that this was an attack on faith, Christians and God. What delusional place to you have to dwell in where a man says that he is specifically killing someone because of their race, and try and turn it into yet more "woe is me, I am so persecuted as a Christian in America" BULLSHIT?

These people were killed because this child was exposed to some extremely fucking ignorant ideas in an extremely ignorant state full of extremely conservative leaders with extremely racist views. The Governor has repeatedly refused to remove the Confederate Flag (You know, the symbol of racism, slavery, treason and sister fucking) from the State Capitol, citing that no businesses have ever complained to her about it. You know who has complained? Millions of sane Americans sick of seeing a 150 year old symbol of our nations darkest chapter flying above a building that is supposed to represent ALL the people of the State, not just the ones who can trace their family tree, in a straight non branching line, thanks incest, right back to the sons of the confederacy and the slave owners they died for.

And they didn't even have the decency to fly it at half mast, like Our Nation's flag or the State Flag.  On the day they were searching for this terrorist, the Stars and Bars flew proudly above the State Capitol Grounds in defiance of all human decency and common courtesy. The Newspaper in Charleston (where the shooting took place) had the unmitigated gall to place an ad for a shooting range OVER THE HEADLINE ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS. That is where we are as a nation. We are so programmed to accept gun culture that a mass murder is an OPPORTUNITY TO SELL MORE GUNS.

And let us not forget that when this little fucking racist was arrested he wasn't beaten, he wasn't tazed, he wasn't shot or choked or killed... he was given a bullet proof vest to protect him, called mentally unstable and booked, whole and healthy. In a time when unarmed blacks are gunned down in the street, accused of being drug users, accused of resisting arrest (when there is clear video evidence to the contrary), accused of basically being black in america... when a 12 year old is shot within 3 seconds of the police arriving, when a black teen is shot by a man who has now been arrested over 10 times for aggravated assault and not once convicted of any of his crimes... we have to stop and look at the system that is utterly broken. We have no justice system, we have a system of the poor being abused and mistreated, the minorities being discarded, the downtrodden being used to benefit private prisons and a system so large it must arrest people to simply justify its own existence.

We have to step back and rationally rebuild an actual justice system. No judges for life, no political appointees, no elections of under educated, over talkative ideologues. We need people who understand the law, laws that are written by people that understand what it is to be a citizen (not a privileged, 1 percenter), and cops that know the people that they interact with and do not consider every interaction an opportunity to fill their quotas or bully those they think they are better than. Top to bottom it all has to change.

And the first step is to outlaw things like Fox News calling itself news, when it is nothing but the propaganda wing of far right wing idiots who are paid to push guns, push lies and foment hatred.