Sunday, June 28, 2015

Roy Moore, Professional Fear Monger

Two days, the amount of time it took for marriage equality to become full on Christian Persecution to the "Honorable" Roy Moore. Honorable as in despicable, misrepresentative, vile, hateful, bigoted, lying, worthless, etc. He is now spewing the lie that Christians will be persecuted for not being accepting of Homosexuality. Of course, they have been calling themselves persecuted since their inception, regardless of the veracity of the statement.

Christianity is the largest single majority in this nation, it literally includes every race, every sex and every sexual persuasion.  The only "persecution" these people ever experience is the occasional loss of special privileges they have carved out for themselves over the past few centuries.  Their ability to call people names will remain intact, their ability to threaten those they disagree with will be unchanged, their ability to discriminate in marriage will remain whole, inside their houses of worship.

The problem they will now face is push back. Acceptance of gay unions will mean less acceptance of vitriolic bullshit from public employees.  The ruling from the court that the 14th amendment applies to homosexuality has very broad ramifications for douchebag Christians, and there will be consequences for using your religion as an economic and social weapon outside of your church. Businesses will be forced to accept homosexuality as normal, if not today, then very soon. This precedent means an end to some of the more disgusting religious practices of discrimination in public, as homosexuality is now as protected as race and sex in regards to employment, services, housing, and public accommodation. As I said , if these protections are not already recognized, they must be soon, the 14th amendment demands it very clearly.

So churches, you don't have to marry gay folk.. You don't have to employ gay folk... You don't have to do anything regarding gay folk. But Universities that accept federal loans, you do. Adoption agencies that accept federal money, you do.  Judges employed by state, county and municipal governments, you definitely have to do your jobs and interact with homosexuals. If your duties involve marriage, you have to marry the gays too. If you do not like that, if it is against your religious convictions, quit. Go find a job being a bigot for a living. Go be a professional asshole. Your government job does not protect you, you have to do your duty or fuck off.

The Texas Attorney General says that his judges do not have to issue marriage licenses, he is wrong and should be removed from office. This is not religious persecution, this is the result of someone refusing to do their job and uphold their oath.  The Probate Judge of Pike County says he will not issue any licenses because the Alabama Code says that probate judges "may" issue marriage licenses. He confuses the usage of the word, purposefully. The Code is granting the power of issuance to the probate court, not the option. And unless we all push back against these intolerant religious morons, they will continue to demand that they are special, and that they must be treated differently.

NO. You are just as beholden to the laws as I am, and until you recognize that fact we should all disobey every minor law we encounter. Refuse traffic tickets, refuse tax bills, refuse any and all governmental interference in our lives, until those who believe they are above the law begin to follow it as they demand, BY GUN POINT, we do. Do so peacefully, do not antagonize any government official or officer, but do not let them say that they do not have to follow the rules, but we do.

I am in Texas, and I just so happen to have gotten a ticket and I will not be paying it until the Attorney General of this State does his duty. That is my act of civil disobedience. Fuck him and his court system of differing rules for differing beliefs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Absolutely Fabulous

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on Gay Marriage, and wouldn't you know it the majority of the court found that the Constitution requires equal treatment under all the laws by all the legal parts of the government. Its as if 5 of the justices actually read the whole document, and the others were blinded by some sort of personal beliefs that preclude them from the ability to be fair and impartial... maybe their religion, maybe their upbringing, maybe their deeply held belief in being asshats and douchebags.

I won't bother quoting their hyperbole, their insanity, or their outright idiocy. Suffice it to say that they are more butthurt than most newlywed gay men will be tomorrow.  Now, on to the local reaction... It's the fucking end of the world, yall. Judges in my State have decided that they will just not marry people anymore, in a huff of prepubescent petulance any hormonal child would appreciate.  They claim it burdens their religion, they wait for their moral leader... Roy "I raised a bastion of morality" Moore, to tell them what they must do. Because we all know that the highest court in ALYBAMY is so much more able to cope with national jurisprudence than the Supreme Court could ever be. I mean, Roy Moore is such a bastion moral rigidity you couldn't fit a toothpick up is, oh so filled with himself, ass.  He made the declaration that 2 of the judges should have recused themselves for participating in homosexual unions  in the past (where they were legal)... Of course, the idiocy of this claim does not even make a glimmer of thought appear in his dull eyes when we look at how many have participated in marriages of the not so gay kind. The "YOU MARRIED GAY PEOPLE SO YOU CAN'T BE IMPARTIAL" argument crumbles rather quickly when you look at how many religious marriages he himself has participated in. In fact, using this bumpkins logic, he shouldn't be allowed to issue any rulings on anything as he has said, very clearly, that God is above the law... and he loves him some god more than gays love making Christians bake them cakes.

But regardless of the idiocy, the bigotry, the asshattery, the hyperbole, and all the other petty bullshit the religious right is spewing today... LET US CELEBRATE. This calls for some fruity drinks, some club music, and some letting our hair down. Because today LOVE HAS WON, and fuck all those pissy people who want to tear it down. You can't stop equality no matter how much you try.


You speak of Heritage, in some haze of deluded nostalgia.  What heroic ideals are you thinking about, as you cling so tightly to a battle flag of treasonous failures?  Is it the virtue of slavery and lynchings and beatings and bombings? Is it the empowerment of Jim Crowe and segregation and George Wallace in the school house door at the University of Alabama?  Is it the high morality shown at Klan rallies, cross burnings and the murders of Shcwerner, Goodman and Chaney?  Do you look back and miss the days when your church leaders demonized an entire race of people?

Or is this just some deranged group dream of a time when "we" were on top? When all the problems we face today didn't exist? As you looked through your rose tinted glasses at the world that never was, remember that it has taken a very long time to get to where we are today, and the south is still on the bottom. We are still poor, we are still unhealthy, we are still uneducated, we are still incapable of following the basic tenants of the constitution.

We still pass laws to limit the rights of the minorities, through voter controls, theocratic nuttery, treating women as if they are simply chattel.  We still celebrate the birthday of the general who lost the war. We still celebrate the birthday of the false president who gained us nothing. We have monuments to failed traitors and false idols.

Our heritage is a heritage of loss and missed opportunities. We pushed against every single progressive idea that has made this country better and stronger.  The South has been the largest drain on tax dollars since the end of the civil war. As our Nation tries so hard to drag us into modernity, we cling to an outdated lifestyle still filled with prejudice, privilege and partisan idiocy.

We should be proud of the members of our society who stood against injustice and inequality and systematic hatred... Instead we rally around a symbol of hatred that is opposed to everything they fought for.  Instead of glorifying George Wallace, we should have tributes to Vivian Malone. Instead of Bedford Forrest we should remember the 16th Street Baptist Church.  Instead of reenacting civil war battles, we should reenact the Selma march, the speeches of MLK jr. We should disown the traitors of our past as the vile propagators of the failed war they started.  We should disavow their creeds of hatred and racism.  We should educate our children instead of indoctrinating them.  We should feed our poor instead of demonizing them.  We should heal our sick instead of patronizing them.

Our heritage is shameful, and we have the power to make it something worth passing down.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Can we all agree Fox News is just False, And conservatives are just sick?

Wednesday a 21 year old took his birthday present to church, he murdered 9 innocent people while saying:


That is pretty clearly a racist killing people of a certain race because of their race. There is absolutely no question about it, none at all.... unless you work for Fox News, and you have a specific message that you are paid to push (damn all the evidence to the contrary). On no less than 4 segments, Fox News pushed the idea that this was an attack on faith, Christians and God. What delusional place to you have to dwell in where a man says that he is specifically killing someone because of their race, and try and turn it into yet more "woe is me, I am so persecuted as a Christian in America" BULLSHIT?

These people were killed because this child was exposed to some extremely fucking ignorant ideas in an extremely ignorant state full of extremely conservative leaders with extremely racist views. The Governor has repeatedly refused to remove the Confederate Flag (You know, the symbol of racism, slavery, treason and sister fucking) from the State Capitol, citing that no businesses have ever complained to her about it. You know who has complained? Millions of sane Americans sick of seeing a 150 year old symbol of our nations darkest chapter flying above a building that is supposed to represent ALL the people of the State, not just the ones who can trace their family tree, in a straight non branching line, thanks incest, right back to the sons of the confederacy and the slave owners they died for.

And they didn't even have the decency to fly it at half mast, like Our Nation's flag or the State Flag.  On the day they were searching for this terrorist, the Stars and Bars flew proudly above the State Capitol Grounds in defiance of all human decency and common courtesy. The Newspaper in Charleston (where the shooting took place) had the unmitigated gall to place an ad for a shooting range OVER THE HEADLINE ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS. That is where we are as a nation. We are so programmed to accept gun culture that a mass murder is an OPPORTUNITY TO SELL MORE GUNS.

And let us not forget that when this little fucking racist was arrested he wasn't beaten, he wasn't tazed, he wasn't shot or choked or killed... he was given a bullet proof vest to protect him, called mentally unstable and booked, whole and healthy. In a time when unarmed blacks are gunned down in the street, accused of being drug users, accused of resisting arrest (when there is clear video evidence to the contrary), accused of basically being black in america... when a 12 year old is shot within 3 seconds of the police arriving, when a black teen is shot by a man who has now been arrested over 10 times for aggravated assault and not once convicted of any of his crimes... we have to stop and look at the system that is utterly broken. We have no justice system, we have a system of the poor being abused and mistreated, the minorities being discarded, the downtrodden being used to benefit private prisons and a system so large it must arrest people to simply justify its own existence.

We have to step back and rationally rebuild an actual justice system. No judges for life, no political appointees, no elections of under educated, over talkative ideologues. We need people who understand the law, laws that are written by people that understand what it is to be a citizen (not a privileged, 1 percenter), and cops that know the people that they interact with and do not consider every interaction an opportunity to fill their quotas or bully those they think they are better than. Top to bottom it all has to change.

And the first step is to outlaw things like Fox News calling itself news, when it is nothing but the propaganda wing of far right wing idiots who are paid to push guns, push lies and foment hatred.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Criminalization of Christianity (or Shut the fuck up, you privileged pricks)

So, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, The Mouthpiece of the American Family Association and many others have been pushing the "idea" that marriage equality will mean the criminalization of their faiths. This is quite the martyr complex these people have. "Oh Woe is me, I will have to be a decent human being and not wear my hatred and bigotry on my sleeve."

 It is already illegal to commit acts of hatred against minority groups. Marriage equality will just protect another minority from the tyranny of the (Christian) majority. You will still be free to be a hateful bigot, you just won't be free to act, in public, on your hatred... just like the white supremacists, the Hispanic haters, the misogynists, and all the other people that try and impose their hate through their power as employers, business owners, politicians and other authority figures.

 They (the Christians) will still have their freedom of speech and expression... they will simply have to follow all the same rules as everyone else. Their religion will not be illegal, but their actions will be. And that is fucking fine with me. I would not stand by as white business owners refused to hire black people, and I will not stand by while heterosexual Christians refuse to treat homosexuals equally. So go ahead, bigots... bitch and moan and whine and cry as you are forced to conform to society. It is far past the time that you sad, angry, jealous, hateful religion was forced to join the modern world.

 I don't care what your religion tells you you must do, I care what you do in light of the laws we have passed as a society. It is time for your special treatment to die, it is time for you to become equal, by accepting that you are no better then any other human in our society... Don't like it? Too fucking bad, pray about it and watch it still happen.