Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

  This time of year is a celebration of life, the cycle of leaving winter and entering spring. New things, fucking, procreating, fertility, sex, more sex and even more sex. After being cooped up and isolated through the winter, sucking on the dried leftovers of last years harvest, this is when we celebrate renewal. We go out and meet people, we fall in love and we celebrate all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Unless you're Christian. Leave it to crusty old white men to ruin everything.You worship the violent murder of your deity as a sacrifice to himself to save us all from the violent hell he created to punish us all for the arbitrary, inherent flaw known as sin. Sure you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but you call it a sacrifice... which it isn't. Having foreknowledge, it being part of your plan, and there being no price... is not a sacrifice.

Anyway, enjoy your snuff film religion and your whole group self masturbatory / congratulatory ideas of virtue through suffering, praise through guilt, and betterment through mindlessly absolving yourselves of your responsibilities through prayer.  I will keep fucking and celebrating life, not looking only towards death.