Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have a burning need to tell you about my faith, about my deeply held beliefs, about my preferences and how they are directly given to me from my beliefs.  But, I can't. The first rule of my religion is that I cannot talk about my religion.  But that is ok, I can tell you about the things is does and does not allow me to do, who I can and cannot interact with in public, what limitations governments and "authorities" can place on my sovereign self, and anything else that may arise that I dislike, find insulting, disagree with, or just don't want to accept.

Taxes? Yeah, can't pay those, it is a burden.
Speed limits? A burden to my movement.
 Drug laws? A hefty burden on my spiritual journey through Mescalin Land.
Work begins at 7? That is a problem because I deeply believe that my beliefs instruct me to never get up before noon.
Paying my bills? What is this, some kind of shake down because you disagree with my belief system?
Property laws? Man, everything is for everyone, except my stuff, obviously.
Accommodation laws? So what if refuse to allow Gingers to use the sidewalk? Gingers can't be trusted.

There are many, many more things that my belief system refuses, requires and demands of me, and you.  But in the end, it's all about freedom, right? The freedom of the majority to do whatever the hell they want, and in doing so... allowing anyone to do whatever they want.

What do you truly, deeply believe? Would anyone find it hard to believe? What does your neighbor truly, deeply believe? Can you know that what your neighbor says is their belief is what they truly believe? What can you do to prove the beliefs of anyone, including yourself?

We have no way to know the truth of someone's statements of belief. The government has no ability to determine whether or not something is a true belief.  We can know if it is in their texts, but we can also see that there are contradictions involving the specific issue at hand... so which is it?  These new laws that are designed to limit the rights of some in order to unburden the preferences of others.  This is untenable. We have rules that we call laws that govern all.

 Your beliefs are not more important than my rights. Your freedom to believe what ever you like has a cost, it frees everyone else from you beliefs.  And it can not free you from the responsibility of being a member of society. You want to do business with the public? You follow the rules for for doing business with the public.

We had this fight over 50 years ago, it was resolved. Fools.