Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thankfulness, Amazement and Acceptance.

I just want to spend this post saying some things about some very important people that I have met, interacted with and been inspired by. I won't use names because I live in a place where being an Atheist can cost you your job, cost you your family and even cause you bodily injury. I accept those possibilities and refuse to allow myself to be censored, even if it would be easier, safer or more comfortable. I am not saying that anyone should make that same decision, I understand how hard the subject of openly displaying a lack of faith, in this area, can be.

I am a member of The SouthEast Alabama Freethought Association.  There are over 400 current members in our little corner of the South. I have not met each one, but we have a very active group of people who love to socialize, are active in the community and are outspoken about their ideals.  We have Liberals and Conservatives, Libertarians and Socialists, Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers and Anti-Theists.  We are young and old, male and female, straight and gay, vociferous and silent. It is a great pleasure to call these people friends and acquaintances. I have met doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, single parents, military personnel,  college students, professors, radio personalities, computer experts, expectant parents, social workers, food inspectors, retail workers, restaurant workers, digital art enthusiasts, comic book lovers and so many different types of people.  And the only thing we all have in common is our skepticism of religion. But it is enough to form a cohesive group that comes together to do great things.

I have seen these people rally around our local homosexual community. I have seen our members stand in the rain to speak out against injustices. I have seen them sweating in the Alabama summer sun to pick up trash to make a small stretch of road (in front of churches, no less) just a little nicer.  I have seen them taking gifts to women who have been abused. I have seen them invite speakers to our little community to interact and explain positions on many different issues.

I just want to thank them for being such outstanding individuals and such an awesome group.  For being here, in such an adverse climate. They are an inspiration, a source of strength and a well of encouragement.  Anything I do, or write or say is always due, in part, to the examples they set and the courage they show. It is impossible to measure the worth of their acceptance of me, and all the things they do amaze, embolden and inform what I do.

I forgot to mention... SEAFA has a light the night team walking this Friday to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

  This time of year is a celebration of life, the cycle of leaving winter and entering spring. New things, fucking, procreating, fertility, sex, more sex and even more sex. After being cooped up and isolated through the winter, sucking on the dried leftovers of last years harvest, this is when we celebrate renewal. We go out and meet people, we fall in love and we celebrate all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Unless you're Christian. Leave it to crusty old white men to ruin everything.You worship the violent murder of your deity as a sacrifice to himself to save us all from the violent hell he created to punish us all for the arbitrary, inherent flaw known as sin. Sure you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but you call it a sacrifice... which it isn't. Having foreknowledge, it being part of your plan, and there being no price... is not a sacrifice.

Anyway, enjoy your snuff film religion and your whole group self masturbatory / congratulatory ideas of virtue through suffering, praise through guilt, and betterment through mindlessly absolving yourselves of your responsibilities through prayer.  I will keep fucking and celebrating life, not looking only towards death.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have a burning need to tell you about my faith, about my deeply held beliefs, about my preferences and how they are directly given to me from my beliefs.  But, I can't. The first rule of my religion is that I cannot talk about my religion.  But that is ok, I can tell you about the things is does and does not allow me to do, who I can and cannot interact with in public, what limitations governments and "authorities" can place on my sovereign self, and anything else that may arise that I dislike, find insulting, disagree with, or just don't want to accept.

Taxes? Yeah, can't pay those, it is a burden.
Speed limits? A burden to my movement.
 Drug laws? A hefty burden on my spiritual journey through Mescalin Land.
Work begins at 7? That is a problem because I deeply believe that my beliefs instruct me to never get up before noon.
Paying my bills? What is this, some kind of shake down because you disagree with my belief system?
Property laws? Man, everything is for everyone, except my stuff, obviously.
Accommodation laws? So what if refuse to allow Gingers to use the sidewalk? Gingers can't be trusted.

There are many, many more things that my belief system refuses, requires and demands of me, and you.  But in the end, it's all about freedom, right? The freedom of the majority to do whatever the hell they want, and in doing so... allowing anyone to do whatever they want.

What do you truly, deeply believe? Would anyone find it hard to believe? What does your neighbor truly, deeply believe? Can you know that what your neighbor says is their belief is what they truly believe? What can you do to prove the beliefs of anyone, including yourself?

We have no way to know the truth of someone's statements of belief. The government has no ability to determine whether or not something is a true belief.  We can know if it is in their texts, but we can also see that there are contradictions involving the specific issue at hand... so which is it?  These new laws that are designed to limit the rights of some in order to unburden the preferences of others.  This is untenable. We have rules that we call laws that govern all.

 Your beliefs are not more important than my rights. Your freedom to believe what ever you like has a cost, it frees everyone else from you beliefs.  And it can not free you from the responsibility of being a member of society. You want to do business with the public? You follow the rules for for doing business with the public.

We had this fight over 50 years ago, it was resolved. Fools.