Monday, March 23, 2015

The Self Delusion is Palpable

I went to a rally to protest the Biblical Prayer Meeting in Dothan Yesterday. I was struck by the differences in the two groups. The most stark difference was the affability of the Pro-Gay persons. Smiles and laughs, Kind words and songs, Colorful clothing and signs.  As for the Religious, mostly sneers and slights, frowns and gruffness, dispassionate distance.

We offered food and drink to all at the Civic Center, we helped the pro-biblical marriage folk when the event organizers changed the venue at the last minute and moved to to Ridgecrest Baptist. We offered them directions, and made way for them under the awning to avoid the downpours.  After the time for their event  came and we had directed all of our people and their people to the new venue, we moved to begin the protest again.

It was amazing to see the contrast of helpful pro-gay persons to the locked doors, the armed officers and the leather clad bikers waiting to greet us at the Church. There were no less than 7 officers between Houston County and Dothan City.  And I got to witness them harrass a man for Driving While Black.. he did absolutely nothing but look at our signs while driving by, and was pulled over for it.   Not one person from the church offered to allow us onto the property to gain shelter from the storm, under their multiple awnings, or their multiple buildings. Not one took the words of their Jesus to heart and offered us shelter, sustenance, or fellowship. "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in".

Now to the delusion of these people, the absolute cognitive dissonance when they say "We are not Anti-Gay Marriage, We are Pro-Biblical Marriage".  These words were spoken to the news by the men running the pro-biblical marriage event. They are obviously not familiar with the Biblical definitions of marriage.  Rape victims being forced to marry, death to women seeking divorce, trading animals for brides, concubines, polygamy by the founders of their religion, and various other absurdities they would never allow.

"We are not Anti-Gay Marriage, We are Pro-Biblical Marriage".  to me this statement is the same as saying: I am not anti-inclusion, I am pro exclusion.   I am not anti-interracial marriage, I am pro-whites only / blacks only marriage. I am not Anti-Abolitionist, I am pro-Slavery.  I am not Anti-Witch, I am Pro-fire.  I am not Anti-Muslim, I am Pro-Crusade. I am not Anti-Women's Suffrage, I am Pro-Male Dominance.  I am not Anti-Abortion, I am Pro-Clinic Bombing.  I am not Anti-Atheist, I am Pro-Religion.  The couching of hatred in shitty little terms that have no meaning is becoming an incredibly overwhelming tactic of the religious.

War on Christmas...War on Marriage... Religious Liberty... Personhood... Biblical Marriage... all Bull shit words to replace "MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE"

Just remember, Christians... When you came out of your church and told us we were all going to burn in hell... when you prayed at us instead of speaking to us... when you preached at us instead of listening to us... when you determined to judge us before even seeing us, you were instrumental in showing how decidedly un-Christian you all are. When you called in the bikers for muscle, and the cops for their guns you showed that we won. You were so afraid of any conversation you hid behind your multi-million dollar church walls, and forgot the simple messages of your savior. Do unto others. Love thy neighbors.  Judge not.

We offered you food, and drink and shelter and you were strangers... How sad that we were those who would heed the words of your Lord, while you voice hatred, division and bigotry... How sad.

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All pictures Courtesy of LGBT Alabama Event and Wedding Photography