Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Rant

I sit here listening to Judith by A Perfect Circle and think about the current state of the world.  ISIS beheading people over their beliefs.  WBC threatening to picket Leonard Nymoy's funeral. The American Family Association declaring Free-thought groups to be hate groups, another demand for privilege.  Various States pushing person-hood idiocy. Alabama assigning public defenders to fetuses in order to run the clock out on children trying to get abortions.  Mormon's trying to include their discrimination into anti-discrimination law.  Various States trying to codify the bigotry of the majority as some special right.

So much vile, ignorant, regressive idiocy. So much wrapped up in the dated thought processes of men dead for thousands of years.  Homophobia based on the personal preference of the writers and editors of Bibles. Idiotic literalists finding meaning in words that do not mean what they claim. Claiming modern discoveries were foretold in your vague religious texts.  Your dogmas of exclusion and vitriol. Your creed of subservience to ideals that have outlived their usefulness.

Your religions stake a claim to our morality. Your religions say that only from a pure source can good spring. Have you read your books? What objective good comes from cancer? What objective good comes from genocide? What objective good comes from rape, slavery, infanticide?  Do not unto others... is older than the Old Testament, and was written down before your wandering tribes ever wrote their first myth.  So please stop pointing to it as your source of morality.  And stop presenting ideas that your entire religion changed when a prophet or messiah arrived.  Jesus didn't do away with the Old Testament, if he did your religion would no longer point to it for its worst ideas and its teachings.  Mohammed fucked a 9 year old... I believe that about ends the discussion on absolute morality.

Your religions are not sources of good. They are sources of false hope, false promises, false morality. You are only moral because there is a punishment or reward. That is not morality, that is selfishness or self preservation.  Your religion also places you outside of your own lives. How would you live if there were no magic, wonderful place to go to? Would you do everything you could to make this the magic, wonderful place? So much time and resources wasted on this idea of eternal reward... it has cost humanity so much. All these ideas that stop progress... to simply accommodate your ideas of what is moral.  All these special privileges you demand over everyone else. The idea that criticizing your religion is the same as criticizing you... Yet I get shunned completely for simply denying the validity of your religion's demands.

Equality is the only just system. And that means you lose your privilege. You don't get to discriminate because of your beliefs. You don't get special treatment because of your religion. You don't get to dictate what children learn, or whom they live with. You don't get to decide who loves who.  You get to worship as you see fit. But you do not get to use that as a bludgeon to make people live as you see fit.  Freedom for your religion is also freedom from your religion. Please keep it in your pants, assholes.