Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bigoted Courts, Bigoted Judges, Bigoted Injustice

Today, March 3rd, 2015. The Supreme Court of Alabama decides to double down on bigotry and secession. In a 144 page "special ruling" they quote case law from before the civil war to define marriage. The quote Textile law to determine that they are above Federal Rulings. They wear their bigotry on their sleeves and throw ethics right the fuck out the window. No signatures on their writ. Just a sucking sound as the Alabama Policy Institute uses its Koch Brother money to fuel their bigotry and idiocy.

This is a sad day for Alabama, and it is an end to the illusion of equality. These old white assholes are full of hatred. They are full of Jesus. And they are full of shit. !00 to 1 this 144 page "ruling" was handed to them by Roy Moore himself, and it more than likely is the exact same arguments they have used for every single fucking anti-equality case HIS Foundation for Moral Law has been involved in the last decade.

AGAIN, I call on the people of Alabama to stand the fuck up and get rid of these tired, old, hateful bigots. If your Jesus is so important to you, what do you think HE would chose? Deceitful tricks to cause real injury to loving couples? OR Would your perfect savior have forgiven them AND TOLD THEM TO GO IN PEACE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER?

I am not one of you, and I do not need to be to know the answer to that simple question. Roy Moore and his little band of bigots forget THOSE messages in the holy book. Only focusing on the hateful, the exclusionary, the old covenant. He is the KKK reborn. He is the opposition to the woman's suffrage movement reborn. He is the white, rich master reborn.

Roy Moore and this "court" are the epitome of all the things Alabama has done wrong for over 200 years. It is time for the people of Alabama to tell them NO MORE, MOORE.

Read their ruling here.

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