Tuesday, February 17, 2015


     Getting ready for the trip to Montgomery. Excited, and a little worried since I am in no ways a legal expert. Waiting for JIC to open so I can be sure I have all the documents needed before I head out. Also waiting on MoveOn to let me know some information about the petition. Hopefully everything will go off without too many problems and I will have my complaint filed before 2 this afternoon. The wife and my son will be accompanying me, I am excited to show my youngest a bit of civic action.

   Thank you to everyone who has shown support. And to all those who disagree with my Atheism, it is ok. I am not doing this because I am an Atheist, although it does color my views on the religious aspects of this... I do this because I am an American, and an Alabamian. I have seen what backwards thinking, poor public policy, and theocratic tactics bring. LGBT persons have every right to expect equal treatment under every law, in every State in the US. The Supremacy clause its the mechanism for equality... the 14th Amendment is the reasoning for it. Judge Moore can thumb his nose at these laws all he wants, and he will be wrong every time.

    Hopefully this will help push Alabama into the current century and move us past these poor definitions and poor justifications regarding marriage. I am not Gay, and I do not need to be gay to know that they are being treated differently. I do not need to be gay to know it is wrong. I do not need to be gay to take a stand. I do not need to be gay to demand equality. All I need is to look at these wonderful, loving people and see them AS people, instead of seeing them only as an act of physical expression as Moore seems to see them. I simply need to see their humanity, their love, their pain, their hopes... and know that they are exactly the same as anyone else.

Here is the letter to Governor Bentley that will be attached to the petitions.

 Links to all complaint information from previous posts.

 Here is the petition.