Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Victory for Love and Equality

2 more days, Alabama. That is how much time is left before Same Sex Marriages will be allowed in this state. It has been a long, hard, bitter struggle. Homosexuals have been demonized, decried, debased, and suffered repeated lies and distortions from bigoted religious zealots for decades.  Our current Chief Justice, Roy Moore, sits on his bench spewing hateful, ignorant, theocratic, unconstitutional opinions about cases that are not in his venue. His unethical and pathetic behavior will be another point to begin the process to have him removed... for the second time. This man is incapable of being impartial, ethical, decent, or humane.

Now we have many Probate Judges saying that they will no longer issue any marriage licenses or only issue hetero sexual marriage licenses. This is not their job. They are simply there to make sure the paper work is filled out properly.  When they begin injecting their personal religious beliefs into their secular government responsibilities it is time to remove them.  They swore an oath to follow the law, the law now permits Same Sex Marriage. Get over it guys, you lost. Love and equity have won the day over bigotry and religious zealotry.  You don't have to like it, and you do not have to participate... remove yourselves, before we remove you.