Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hateful Dentist

This is a response to Kenneth Chancey In the Dothan Eagle on 1-21-2015

Mr Chancey, again you show your inability to see people through the lens of your religion, only actions and imagined consequences.  You say that Same Sex marriage is only perceived as Constitutional. The 14th Amendment is something we can all read together, it is very clear.  And while it is a Federal Law, the way our Nation works makes all the laws under the States just as required to follow it as any Federal Statute. And as far as consequences go... they will marry, and they will live and they will die. Just like you or I. Because they aren't the "homosexuals", they are just people like you and I. Are you so sure that throwing stones at others is the best way to get your point across? You speak of threats, let us go over those.

1. Threat of intimidation. Like when homosexuals are drug behind trucks for simply being. Being called sinner, sodomite, vile, disgusting, un-natural, faggot, homo, dyke, abomination. Yes, those in support of same sex marriage often call the religious fanatics that point to their bible horrible things, because you support horrible ideas. And you think that you should be allowed to demand that your hateful speech be ignored, or embraced as holy, religious liberty... and codified into our government. I would apologize if it weren't so disgusting reading your perceived persecution as the largest majority in the Nation.  Me telling you that you are hateful because of the hateful things you say based on your Bible is not the same thing as you saying that someone is evil for simply being alive.

2. Threat to Churches and Pastors.  Fred Phelps called for the death to homosexuals from God. Many Pastors call for death to homosexuals.  They aren't in jail. Your speculation has no basis in reality. You do have the ability and right to be a hate-filled, bigoted, unthinking, backwards, ignorant, faithful Christian.  And your churches should lose their tax exempt status if they are not doing something to improve the community, or if they are participating in elections and public policy debates (as that is not allowed).

3. The wrath of God.  If God didn't show up to save the Jews, and Germany is still a powerful country... If The Catholic Church can hide pedophiles (not homosexuality) for decades and still be the single largest Christian Church in existence...  If Africa can be over run with murderous Christian converts and The middle east can be the wealthiest states in the world... What makes Homosexuality so much worse?  Why don't you point to torture as the reason for God's wroth? Or income inequality? Or greed? Or any of the other things that Jesus taught against? Why this perverse obsession with the sexual lives of people that have no influence or care about you or your life?

It must be terrible living in fear of a God that you think drives you to hate. That drives you to bigotry. That drives you to willful ignorance and delusions.  Why don't you live your life, and allow others to live theirs as they see fit? You have every right to marry and divorce anyone you like. Go get a trophy wife. Go to your church and bemoan the horrors of same sex sex. But please, don't think that you get to tell me or anyone else who they can love, or that they are not allowed to have the same access to the laws as you.