Monday, January 12, 2015

Terror denouncement by Muslims... why it does not matter

Google it. Thousands and thousands of Muslims groups are denouncing the terror assault in Paris. They denounce they way in which these ""people" went about their anger. They denounce the killings. They denounce the murders. Saudi Arabia denounces these men as terrorists ON THE SAME DAY THEY WHIPPED A MAN FOR BLASPHEMY. They behead people faster than ISIS. They see nothing wrong with their own actions. They see nothing wrong with their religion calling for the murder of critics.

And that is why all this denouncement and condemnation is hollow and meaningless. They do it themselves in their own borders, it is acceptable in their society. It is not acceptable in western society. What happens when someone from their society enters western society and sees things they find blasphemous? they get angry, they rage and they murder people for Allah. Because that is what their religion, society and authority figures teach them is right, and moral.

The problem with Islamic terrorists isn't the terror bit, it is the Islam bit. Without these teachings, without these governments using their religion as the reason for these harsh and UNJUSTIFIABLE punishments the terrorists would have no reason to do these things. It is said, over and over and over... They hate our freedoms... But that isn't true. Their religion hates anything not itself. Their religion hates any idea not in itself. They hate themselves and their weakness, their failings, the sad and pathetic proof of their god's inability to strike down and do away with all these infidels.

Until all Muslims do away with blasphemy laws, until we prevent them from participation based on their vile human rights records, until Muslims denounce thought control and the violent messages in their holy books their pleadings and denouncements and apologies are vapid, hollow messages that are meaningless.

Do away with the root of the problem, join the world in the 21st century. Basically you are all saying that these bastards DID IT WRONG... not that they were wrong to do it.