Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Silence is not an option. Religious Terror in Paris

This morning 12 humans were killed because Allah is too small an influence to take care of his own problems, and some of his followers decided to take it upon themselves to answer criticism and satire with bullets and death. It is a great sign that Muslims all over the world are decrying this and saying it is wrong. It is not so great that they are saying these aren't real Muslims following the real teachings. The messages are in the book, the way you read them doesn't change that fact.

The Catholic League has issued a statement that basically agrees with the butt hurt feelings and lends their understanding to how frustrating criticism can be. You know, they think murder is bad... but the satirists kind of deserved it because "nuns masturbating and priests wearing condoms". Disgusting. Your offense is your problem, we don't have to coddle you.

I take pride in following Frontpage Mag in posting covers from Charlie Hebdo to show that we will not be silenced. Your views are your own, your beliefs are your own, you have no right expecting or demanding that anyone else believe or see the world as you do.