Monday, January 5, 2015

Chancellor's Tone deaf response

As many of you know Troy's Chancellor sent out a mass email vomiting hatred towards non believers. He was taken to task by American Atheists and other organizations. He has sent out a new email below:

The following message is sent on behalf of Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor:
Dear Trojans:
As we begin 2015, I welcome you back to campus and I look forward to another year of teaching, scholarship and service. In its evolution as Alabama’s international university, Troy University has become Alabama’s most diverse institution. Students come to us from more than 70 countries, represent all segments of the global community, speak more than 80 languages and they are people of many faiths. We honor their spiritual commitments and we emphasize the importance of tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs.
The recent New Year's message I shared with the university community was not intended to offend. It was intended to encourage recipients to embrace the year ahead and to stimulate thought and discussion as to “why” America appears to be challenged at home and abroad.
It is regretful my message was found offensive by some due to their assumption it was based upon my intent to promote religion. Nowhere in my personal message did I mention religion. It is also ironic the genesis of the video message narrated by Harvard professor Clay Christensen was an observation made by a visiting scholar from China—a Marxist economist spending time at Harvard as a Fulbright scholar.
The Marxist economist concluded that American democracy has worked because the historic role of religion as a cornerstone of our society leads most Americans to “choose to obey the law.” Dr. Christensen expressed concern that as the influence of religion wanes in America, our nation will be left without institutions to teach this valuable lesson.
American higher education values academic freedom and free speech. It also holds dear its role as offering a marketplace of ideas for this country and the world. Those ideas should span a broad spectrum—even if segments of our society are offended by the views and observations of those with whom they disagree. In the end it is truth we seek as a university community.
As Chancellor of Troy University I have the obligation to share information with students, faculty, staff and alumni which I deem helpful in building a stronger community. In sharing the New Year’s message for 2015, information was presented which I believe will be helpful to all of us. Thus, regardless of your religion or political persuasion, I encourage all Trojans to work together as we address problems of concern to our state, nation and world. Happy New Year!

Again, he denies that stating that "Without churches, we can't hire enough police" is not to be seen as talking down to anyone. He claims it was for discussion and he deems it helpful in building a stronger community.

Again, I say that it is an affront to moral, law abiding nones. It demands an apology, not another denial that he understood what the message actually was. Shifting blame to the Marxist, trying to absolve any culpability is not truthful, or honest. You watched the video, sir, and you knew that it was an unspoken defilement of non believers. As for your first message being religion free... Where, other than God, do you get your BLESSINGS from?