Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hateful Dentist

This is a response to Kenneth Chancey In the Dothan Eagle on 1-21-2015

Mr Chancey, again you show your inability to see people through the lens of your religion, only actions and imagined consequences.  You say that Same Sex marriage is only perceived as Constitutional. The 14th Amendment is something we can all read together, it is very clear.  And while it is a Federal Law, the way our Nation works makes all the laws under the States just as required to follow it as any Federal Statute. And as far as consequences go... they will marry, and they will live and they will die. Just like you or I. Because they aren't the "homosexuals", they are just people like you and I. Are you so sure that throwing stones at others is the best way to get your point across? You speak of threats, let us go over those.

1. Threat of intimidation. Like when homosexuals are drug behind trucks for simply being. Being called sinner, sodomite, vile, disgusting, un-natural, faggot, homo, dyke, abomination. Yes, those in support of same sex marriage often call the religious fanatics that point to their bible horrible things, because you support horrible ideas. And you think that you should be allowed to demand that your hateful speech be ignored, or embraced as holy, religious liberty... and codified into our government. I would apologize if it weren't so disgusting reading your perceived persecution as the largest majority in the Nation.  Me telling you that you are hateful because of the hateful things you say based on your Bible is not the same thing as you saying that someone is evil for simply being alive.

2. Threat to Churches and Pastors.  Fred Phelps called for the death to homosexuals from God. Many Pastors call for death to homosexuals.  They aren't in jail. Your speculation has no basis in reality. You do have the ability and right to be a hate-filled, bigoted, unthinking, backwards, ignorant, faithful Christian.  And your churches should lose their tax exempt status if they are not doing something to improve the community, or if they are participating in elections and public policy debates (as that is not allowed).

3. The wrath of God.  If God didn't show up to save the Jews, and Germany is still a powerful country... If The Catholic Church can hide pedophiles (not homosexuality) for decades and still be the single largest Christian Church in existence...  If Africa can be over run with murderous Christian converts and The middle east can be the wealthiest states in the world... What makes Homosexuality so much worse?  Why don't you point to torture as the reason for God's wroth? Or income inequality? Or greed? Or any of the other things that Jesus taught against? Why this perverse obsession with the sexual lives of people that have no influence or care about you or your life?

It must be terrible living in fear of a God that you think drives you to hate. That drives you to bigotry. That drives you to willful ignorance and delusions.  Why don't you live your life, and allow others to live theirs as they see fit? You have every right to marry and divorce anyone you like. Go get a trophy wife. Go to your church and bemoan the horrors of same sex sex. But please, don't think that you get to tell me or anyone else who they can love, or that they are not allowed to have the same access to the laws as you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Roy Moore and Christria Law

After the 2 rulings by a federal District Judge, overturning and finding Unconstitutional Alabama's 2 marriage inequality laws "Judge "Roy Moore has decided to give his "legal" Opinion. His 3 page letter is a revolting display of ignorance, theocratic reasoning from the bench, and abuse of history to push his religious agenda.

Here are some excerpts:

"nothing in the United States Constitution gives the federal government the authority to redefine the institution of marriage"
Nothing in the Alabama Constitution gives Alabama that authority either, but that is exactly what they did in 2006.  Further, the issue is the application of ALL laws under the 14th Amendment, which Moore attacks later in his diatribe.

He then goes on to quote the Bible as a legal source for bigotry. As if it has anything at all to do with actual law (Mark 10:6-9).  He than goes on to quote a letter from Jefferson decrying the erosion of States Rights in 1825, long before the issue of States Rights were settled through a war and the introduction of the 14th Amendment.A bit more about how this is a direct assault on "our" morality and instructions to the Governor and all the Probate Judges in the State to DEFY a ruling by a federal Court and to continue to act illegally for Jesus.

This is a man so woefully inept that he was removed once for his inability to follow the actual law. This is a man so ethically bankrupt that he consistently hides behind the shield of his wife's name while still running his "Foundation for Moral Law" and directing it's arguments and decisions while sitting on the Bench. He dares invoke the desecration of morality while simultaneously acting in a fashion that is immoral and illegal. He wants his version of Christianity to be the Law, he does not think other religions or the non religious have protections under the First Amendment, he is a fucking Mullah for Christ. He is abusing his power and violating basic ethical principles, it is time for Alabama to once again remove this idiot from the bench.

Laughably, he concludes his letter with this gem:
"Be advised that I stand with you to stop judicial tyranny and any unlawful opinions issued without Constitutional authority."
The exact reason he was removed the first time... his illegal actions and unconstitutional, tyrannical rulings from the bench.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kicking and Screaming

Welcome to 2015, bitches. I am referring to the insane, bigoted, hatefilled, chosen of Jesus in the State of Alabama.  Today a Judge ruled that Alabama's 2 marriage restriction laws were not Constitutional and did not offer a stay, so them homosexuals can get hitched in Alabama and it will make the baby Jesus cry.

Guess what, fuck you. You are the same people that stood against inter-racial marriage for the same reason... not your God, your HATE. You get your hatred from your God, it is in writing... but others who use the same books don't get the same message, including the millions of homosexual Christians.  They listen to their Brothers in Christ spread lies, and say hateful things, justifying it all with their embodiment of love and justice and truth.

I have seen comments about how Obama is forcing his radical Leftwing ideals on Alabama... through a judge appointed by George Bush in 2001.  A judge hand selected and recommended by Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby.  So your hate at Obama, as usual, is unjustified and another sign of your simple hatred of anything different from you.

Our Speaker (the guy waiting to go to trial for his 20+ ethics violations) Mike Hubbard says

"It is outrageous when a single unelected and unaccountable federal judge can overturn the will of millions of Alabamians who stand in firm support of the Sanctity of Marriage Act," he said in a prepared statement. "The Legislature will encourage a vigorous appeals process, and we will continue defending the Christian conservative values that make Alabama a special place to live."

Mr. Hubbard, you don't get to vote on my rights. Your religious idiocy is not mine, and it is not the State's. You don't get to dictate how everyone MUST live because of what you believe and you do not get to claim that MY State is in anyway Christian. Sure, people like you and Roy "I don't have to follow the law" Moore try and force your bullshit down our throats. And the majority agrees with you, but it doesn't fucking matter. Because we have a Constitution and we have rights and you can not take those away... for long.

Your side has lost at every step, your small minded, bigot filled ideals have failed every test of, every question of, and every attempt at legitimacy. Slaves were ordained by God. Segregation was ordained by God. Bans on women voters were ordained by God. Bans on inter-racial marriage were ordained by God. Your petty little God is failing all your racist and anti gay movements. Your impotent creator can not stand to our Liberties. Your outdated thoughts, your old hatreds, your sad insecurities are of no consequence.

We shall overcome, dicks.

***** Update Alabama Probate Judges issue response

The Alabama Probate Judges Association have issued a response that shows exactly why elected non judges should never hold seats to rule on anything.  In their response they claim that only the 2 people in the case are affected in any way and the law in Alabama still bans Same Sex Marriage. They do not respond to the Federal Judges ruling that the laws that Alabama passed were found Unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment.

Basically the Probate Judges in Alabama think that Federal District Courts are simply like civil court and their rulings don't actually affect anything other than the parties involved.. the Defendant in the Case was the State of Alabama and the State of Alabama and it's bigoted laws failed. According to these fools, only the parties in Roe vs, Wade can get abortions, Only that one slave should have been freed. Only that one corporation is a person... It is laughable how these people are doubling down after being told it is illegal.

***** Update 2 New ruling from Judge in separate case

I wonder if this is clear enough for the Alabama Probate Judges Association?

"Accordingly, the court hereby ORDERS that the Alabama Attorney General is prohibited from enforcing the Alabama laws which prohibit same-sex marriage. This injunction binds the defendant and all his officers, agents, servants and employees, and others in active concert or participation with any of them, who would seek to enforce the marriage laws of Alabama which prohibit same-sex marriage. "

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Pope Francis calls for privilege.

Responding to attack in France Pope Francis said

“One cannot provoke, one cannot insult other people's faith, one cannot make fun of faith.”

One can, and many will.  Your religion is not above reproach or ridicule. Your views (colored by your faith) are not above question.  You say that one should not provoke. You say I should "expect a punch. It is normal."  You are justifying violence in defense of your religious idea. That is what I read in your statement. You do not seem to be a violent man, but I have no idea if you are or are not.  But when you say that I should expect a violent response for a provocative statement you are siding with the men who violently responded to perceived provocation in a magazine.

 This is why the privilege of Religion has to end. You cannot be the head of all the Catholics and say that violence is a perfectly acceptable response to having your zombie overlord mocked, or questioned, or disparaged. I had hoped that you were a more open and thoughtful leader of your church. This seems to be a very disturbing step backwards.  You are blaming the deaths of the 12 people in Charlie Hebdot not on those who believe that an almighty deity takes offense at any slight, but on those who dare to anger the faithful.  It is unconscionable to tell the faithful that violence is the answer to any who provoke the wrath of your God.  

Monday, January 12, 2015

Terror denouncement by Muslims... why it does not matter

Google it. Thousands and thousands of Muslims groups are denouncing the terror assault in Paris. They denounce they way in which these ""people" went about their anger. They denounce the killings. They denounce the murders. Saudi Arabia denounces these men as terrorists ON THE SAME DAY THEY WHIPPED A MAN FOR BLASPHEMY. They behead people faster than ISIS. They see nothing wrong with their own actions. They see nothing wrong with their religion calling for the murder of critics.

And that is why all this denouncement and condemnation is hollow and meaningless. They do it themselves in their own borders, it is acceptable in their society. It is not acceptable in western society. What happens when someone from their society enters western society and sees things they find blasphemous? they get angry, they rage and they murder people for Allah. Because that is what their religion, society and authority figures teach them is right, and moral.

The problem with Islamic terrorists isn't the terror bit, it is the Islam bit. Without these teachings, without these governments using their religion as the reason for these harsh and UNJUSTIFIABLE punishments the terrorists would have no reason to do these things. It is said, over and over and over... They hate our freedoms... But that isn't true. Their religion hates anything not itself. Their religion hates any idea not in itself. They hate themselves and their weakness, their failings, the sad and pathetic proof of their god's inability to strike down and do away with all these infidels.

Until all Muslims do away with blasphemy laws, until we prevent them from participation based on their vile human rights records, until Muslims denounce thought control and the violent messages in their holy books their pleadings and denouncements and apologies are vapid, hollow messages that are meaningless.

Do away with the root of the problem, join the world in the 21st century. Basically you are all saying that these bastards DID IT WRONG... not that they were wrong to do it.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Silence is not an option. Religious Terror in Paris

This morning 12 humans were killed because Allah is too small an influence to take care of his own problems, and some of his followers decided to take it upon themselves to answer criticism and satire with bullets and death. It is a great sign that Muslims all over the world are decrying this and saying it is wrong. It is not so great that they are saying these aren't real Muslims following the real teachings. The messages are in the book, the way you read them doesn't change that fact.

The Catholic League has issued a statement that basically agrees with the butt hurt feelings and lends their understanding to how frustrating criticism can be. You know, they think murder is bad... but the satirists kind of deserved it because "nuns masturbating and priests wearing condoms". Disgusting. Your offense is your problem, we don't have to coddle you.

I take pride in following Frontpage Mag in posting covers from Charlie Hebdo to show that we will not be silenced. Your views are your own, your beliefs are your own, you have no right expecting or demanding that anyone else believe or see the world as you do.


Monday, January 5, 2015

Chancellor's Tone deaf response

As many of you know Troy's Chancellor sent out a mass email vomiting hatred towards non believers. He was taken to task by American Atheists and other organizations. He has sent out a new email below:

The following message is sent on behalf of Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor:
Dear Trojans:
As we begin 2015, I welcome you back to campus and I look forward to another year of teaching, scholarship and service. In its evolution as Alabama’s international university, Troy University has become Alabama’s most diverse institution. Students come to us from more than 70 countries, represent all segments of the global community, speak more than 80 languages and they are people of many faiths. We honor their spiritual commitments and we emphasize the importance of tolerance and acceptance of other cultures and beliefs.
The recent New Year's message I shared with the university community was not intended to offend. It was intended to encourage recipients to embrace the year ahead and to stimulate thought and discussion as to “why” America appears to be challenged at home and abroad.
It is regretful my message was found offensive by some due to their assumption it was based upon my intent to promote religion. Nowhere in my personal message did I mention religion. It is also ironic the genesis of the video message narrated by Harvard professor Clay Christensen was an observation made by a visiting scholar from China—a Marxist economist spending time at Harvard as a Fulbright scholar.
The Marxist economist concluded that American democracy has worked because the historic role of religion as a cornerstone of our society leads most Americans to “choose to obey the law.” Dr. Christensen expressed concern that as the influence of religion wanes in America, our nation will be left without institutions to teach this valuable lesson.
American higher education values academic freedom and free speech. It also holds dear its role as offering a marketplace of ideas for this country and the world. Those ideas should span a broad spectrum—even if segments of our society are offended by the views and observations of those with whom they disagree. In the end it is truth we seek as a university community.
As Chancellor of Troy University I have the obligation to share information with students, faculty, staff and alumni which I deem helpful in building a stronger community. In sharing the New Year’s message for 2015, information was presented which I believe will be helpful to all of us. Thus, regardless of your religion or political persuasion, I encourage all Trojans to work together as we address problems of concern to our state, nation and world. Happy New Year!

Again, he denies that stating that "Without churches, we can't hire enough police" is not to be seen as talking down to anyone. He claims it was for discussion and he deems it helpful in building a stronger community.

Again, I say that it is an affront to moral, law abiding nones. It demands an apology, not another denial that he understood what the message actually was. Shifting blame to the Marxist, trying to absolve any culpability is not truthful, or honest. You watched the video, sir, and you knew that it was an unspoken defilement of non believers. As for your first message being religion free... Where, other than God, do you get your BLESSINGS from?