Friday, November 27, 2015

OUR modern Day Sodom and Gomorrah

I read an article on the advocate and I cannot agree more.

When you read the story of Sodom and Gomorrah you see that God destroyed the city for being wicked and sinful, but the sins were not homosexuality, sexuality, rape or anything so carnal... It was the sin of not caring, the sin of self, the sin of disregarding the needs of the stranger.

Jesus was pretty big on taking care of those that needed it. From the hungry (loaves and fishes, y'all) to the sick, to the leprous, to the outcast (looking at you whores), to the dead... Jesus was a man who helped first, offered aid, offered comfort, and offered hospitality.

What would Jesus think of the Christians of America? Their rabid attacks against immigrant children from Mexico (literally throwing things at them and calling them vile, disgusting names), the ignorant fear mongering of women and children fleeing a war that we created, the embracing of ideas we sent the greatest generation to eradicate from the earth (only to watch the children of that generation falling into the same trap of nationalism and religion TRUMPing rational thought and human decency).

We are a modern day Sodom, but not because we allow same sex marriage... not because women have control of their bodies, not because there are less Christians than there were, not because we have a black president, not because women can vote, not because we demand equality, not because we embrace evolution and science... We are a modern day Sodom because the followers of the Bible do not bother to read and embrace the spirit of the book, or the messages it lays out in dealing with other people.

The Golden rule, parable of the rich man going to heaven, the actual story of Sodom and Gomorrah... where God struck down the whole of the land... not because they wanted to rape his emissaries... but because they did not welcome them and treat them as the bible commands. I was hungry and you fed me, I was thirsty and you gave me drink, I was a stranger and you welcomed me, I was naked and you clothed me..  These are the ideals your precious fucking book are extolling, not hatred and bigotry and a lack of human decency... At least that's what people tell me, their actions tell a completely different story.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

History lost on idiots

The American Taliban, the Republican party, has gone whole hog bigots when speaking about Syrian refugees. They call for religious tests to make sure only Christian refugees get helped. They call for internment camps like we used against American citizens during world war 2.

These fucking idiots don't remember that we fought a war to save Jews (non Christians), we were founded by people fleeting the type of exclusionary religious bullshit that they are now openly touting as virtuous. The conservative movement in America is nothing but open bigotry and vile worship of wealth. They mouth Christianity but refuse to follow any of its tenants.

It is a fucking travesty that Donald Trump has spent the last few months as the most wanted person for president on the right. With his openly racist remarks, his obvious pandering to religious idiocy, his self masturbatory delusions of his own grandeur. He is exactly what conservativism has become, empty, shallow, useless.

The shining city on the hill is infected with a malignant cancer, the cancer of anti intellectualism, the cancer of hyperbole, the cancer of religion, the cancer of American theocratic conservatives. They have spent the last 15 years doing everything they can to turn our nation into nothing but whimpering, terrified, sheep, and they are succeeding. If you are terrified of children fleeting a war we are responsible for, you are the fucking problem.

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Paris, PC,and American Idiots

Terrorist murdered 120+ people in Paris Friday.  They didn't do it as a political statement. This wasn't in protest of some perceived wrong perpetrated against them. This was not revenge for crimes committed against their people.  These were idiotic followers of a pedophile, full of hate and ignorance, purposefully made for this type of action.  They believe, with no doubt, that they will be rewarded for their deaths, that they are bringing forth the apocalypse, that they are ushering in a new caliphate to rule the world.

I keep getting told that I should respect all the muslims that do not bomb or kill or murder... but why? Have they cried out in one voice against this? Sure Hezbolah did... AFTER they were also attacked, not because they have compassion.  Where is Saudi Arabia on this? Silent as always, funding the extremists with the money we give them for their fucking oil.  I don't see rallies for Paris throughout the middle east or the Pacific as the worlds population of Islamic followers decry this vile act.  I don't know why they don't decry it with loud voices, but they should.  I will not respect a group that sits by in silence as the face of their religion runs rampant across the globe screaming Glory to God covered in the blood of people who have done nothing to them.  Take back your God's Glory, stand against these foul, broken sadistic followers of your religion. Your silence makes you complicit, your religion makes you compatriots, your culture makes you accountable. Stand up and fight for your religion, or accept that these murderers will define it to the rest of the world for you.

And I keep seeing that I shouldn't speak out against religion because people find comfort in it... and that is true, and I find comfort in truth. So stop telling me that I can't express the things that comfort me if it is different from the things that comfort others. Sure, me saying that praying to a God that just watched 129 people get blown up, shot or bleed to death is callous and offensive... But how the fuck is it not offensive to offer praise to God right after this shit happens? It offends the fuck out of me that before the bodies have stopped twitching, people are calling for prayers... where the fuck was your god 10 minutes ago? Was he too fucking busy fixing your favorite football teams game for you? Fuck Religion.

And shove the gun control issue right up your asses. We have guns all over the US and more people die because of that than any of you mouth breathing assholes can count.. They don't do this is America because it is easier to get into Europe than America... Oceans and shit, guys.

Sunday, November 8, 2015

So many misconceptions

I learn more and more how uneducated, ignorant, misinformed and hateful my coworkers are. They rant about the damage Obama has done, while working high paying jobs in the oil industry. They say things that are completely false. They praise Ben Carson as an intellectual, or Trump as a master of business. It is very discouraging listening to them spout racist crap in front of our minority coworkers, touting Trump's immigration policy in front of people he called rapists. I try and reason with them, but it is a pointless endeavor. And I really like them in spite of their short comings. I just wish I could show them how to think properly.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Lost in Texas

I'm working in Texas again. Takes an hour to drive there every morning and back every evening. There is nothing there. I literally just got my phone turned back on because there was no service at all so I switched carriers. Hopefully I will be able to post updates more regularly.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Ann Coulter? More like Man Coulter, am I right?

That adams apple, those giant hands, her proclivity for being a gigantic asshole who hates women's rights and bully people. I'm not saying she's transgendered... wait, yeah I am. SHE'S A MAN, BABY.

As an explanation, Ann Coulter has threatened to sue people for saying anything about her gender... as she attacks and vilifies people on a daily basis. This is a response to that. Not an attack in anyway against transgendered people.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Kim Davis is the same as Rosa Parks? Fuck You!!

At the recent Value Voters Summit, Kim Davis was given the "Costs of Discipleship Award".  She was praised for her unwavering devotion to the religious idea that gays should be treated as vile, unrepentant sinners who are not equal to "normal" people. She was compared to Rosa Parks, who went to jail for daring to demand equality. She was compared to Martin Luther King Jr., who was repeatedly beaten, jailed and eventually murdered in his unrelenting demand for civil rights to be equally granted to his race. She was compared to Abraham Lincoln who articulated why we could not own people simply because of the differences in their skin color.

These manipulative, ignorant, revisionist, conservative, religious leaders continue to make the exact same mistakes that they have made since the first of them looked at their peers and decided to use fear and hatred to grant themselves positions of privilege in society.  They stoke the flames of hatred towards anything they deem different or divergent from their norms.  The history of Christianity (and every other Abrahamic religion) is one of slavery, misogyny, and outright vilification.

Kim Davis is no bastion of morality, she is no pristine example for the institution of marriage, she is no leader in the movement of equality. Kim Davis is a god damned sheep, mouthing the same bullshit that has been poured into her brain her whole life. Don't give me the line of her being a new convert to her religion, she is simply a new convert to another sect of the same religion she has always followed. She walks the same path as every other restrictive, and hopelessly illogical religiously righteous oppressor before her.

She argues that her religion does not allow her to do her job, and that making her do it is a violation of her rights.  She argues that her name appearing on a document that she disagrees with is a violation of her conscience.  She argues that the act of 2 other people exercising their rights, somehow limits hers.  She is Thornton Stringfellow, George Freeman, H. M. Goodwin, George Wallace, and so many other religious and political leaders. She is the current incarnation of all thos who stand on the wrong side f justice and equality.

Stringfellow believed and argued that slavery was full of mercy and ordained by God because of passages in the bible.  Freeman argued that servitude was virtuous and that it was every man's duty to return escaped slaves to their rightful owners, and the government's role to make sure it happened.  Goodwin was of the opinion that civil and political rights were a falsehood, women were a weaker gender, and that the natural order made by God would be somehow invalidated if women could participate in self determination.  And we all know of George Wallace and his standing in the school house door.

Kim Davis is blocking the door of our courthouse, and the religious right applauds, just as they did of George Wallace and his racist rantings. Just as they did when they formed the John Birch Society. Just as they did when they passed Jim Crow laws. Just as they did when they pushed back against women's suffrage. Just as they did when they fought their brother's to keep owning people. As they do now when Trump calls all Mexicans rapists. As they do now when writing new laws to remove th ability of some to vote.

These are not new ideas.  This demand for privilege is as old as our Nation.  We wrote in slavery as part of our national identity in our Constitution.  We wrote in subjugation of women as part of our national character.  But we learned, we grew, we became wiser.  One of the things that limits our growth is the hateful, ignorant and backwards ideas written in the religious books of the majority.  It has so twisted their minds that they think that giving someone else the same rights as themselves is a detraction. Equality is dirty, and privilege is demanded.  It is time it stopped, and it is time we all stood up and said so.  Kim Davis is not the hero, she is the villain.

Monday, September 21, 2015

On the turning away... Huckabee visits Dothan

Mike Huckabee visits Dothan

Sir, We have enough problems without you spewing misinformation and stoking the flames of false persecution. We have a legislature incapable of performing the most basic duties of their office. We have a speaker who has been indicted for violating the ethics rules he embraced... and now wishes to change to allow him a free defense fund. We have school vouchers and restrictions on planned parenthood clinics. We have low taxes, no Obama Care, less medicare.

We have bigots in our courts and in our councils. We have all the things you embrace and extol as virtuous. We have leaders who take stands for the majority, in direct conflict with their duties to the law. We have the Koch brothers funding a "think tank" that only thinks what it is told. We have failing schools, failing infrastructure, failing government, failing healthcare. We have all the things you want, all the things you have preached for on television for years.

So, please don't visit. We don't need you here. We have enough hatred and vitriol without you showing up and trying to rally the bigots against equality. We are still recovering from the visit from that racist toupee. Go back to your television show, write another inane book about how oppressed you are, not being allowed to make people live as you see fit. Alabama has been ravaged enough by the consequences of right wing policy, trickery and lies.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Liberals, Moderates, and sane persons

It is obvious that the ultra conservative hypocrites installed at every level in the government of Alabama are beyond redemption.  They have no ideas, no morality, no humanity.  They sell off our children's future for personal gain and to repay political debts. They turn a blind eye to our sick and hungry, going as far as cutting their meager funds in order to keep the breaks going to their owners.  They ignore our roads, our bridges, our neighborhoods. They push laws limiting the ability of their opposition to vote, closing down offices where you MUST go to get an ID that they force us to have to participate in our election process.  They cut funding to already overcrowded prisons, causing more overcrowding.

These "leaders" never once look at releasing non violent drug offenders.  They never look at taxing those who have benefited the most from decades of poor revenue policy.  They ignore casinos and lotteries, as they fill their coffers with cash from casino and lottery lobbyists from out of State, where our citizens spend a large amount of money... funding their schools and their programs.  They accept bribes from local casinos to ensure monopolies and future kickbacks.  They have a speaker who is currently fighting off ethics charges and a governor in the middle of a divorce.

The party of small government and fiscal responsibility and forced morality show none of the traits they demand of the citizenry.  They cheat the campaign finance system, while destroying the actual election process with their fear mongering over non existent voter fraud.  They steal from the education fund to pay on debts they assured us would already be taken care of.  They take from the education fund to fill the already over flowing pockets of those who choose private schools over the poorly funded, poorly managed and intentionally failing public schools.  They refuse to follow Supreme Court rulings, waste time on securing religious rights in a nation with the most religious freedom in the world.  They are constantly pushing laws handed to them from the Koch Brothers and their fake think tank and front the Alabama Policy Institute. They have shown themselves to be nothing but bought and paid for bad law mills. Using our citizens as the experimental fodder in a Libertarian Free Market Capitalism Jesus only Oligarchical Theocracy. Constantly showing the heroic honor of being poor, while filling the bank accounts of the inherited wealthy. Demonizing those who cannot afford food, while making sure that no business has to pay a fair tax, or be burdened with regulations.

It is time to take this State away from those who would sell it off one piece at a time.  It is time to introduce real candidates, with real plans.  It is time to take from the haves, build for the have nots, help the middle class, educate our children, embrace our differing neighbors.  We must make a stand against bullies, thieves, liars and unethical self important politicians.  From the county to the State to the Federal... Alabama must remove the stain of Tea Party idiocy from our Government.  We must support and defend the constitution, even when we do not agree with those it protects. We must fight for equality, especially when it lessens our self granted preferences.  We must install a group of men and women who work FOR our citizens, for the poorest, and the middle, and the wealthy.  Everyone does better when the population is educated. Everyone does better when there are less prisoners and less moral police creeping into our lives. Everyone does better when we can have dialogue and discussion instead of talking points and party line idiocy.

Get out, convince someone you think capable to run for office. Find local leaders and convince them to speak out against all the horrific and damaging things these ideologues keep shoving through.  Protect our children, defend our sick, help our poor.. Stop voting for people who prefer demonization and destruction to governance.

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

To the bone

The last 3 decades have seen Alabama reduce social programs, education funding, medical funding and any other funding to the under-served and non privileged. The other cuts we have seen have been to the wealthy and corporations, in their responsibility to pay taxes.  All of that has added up to a group of "representatives" completely beholden to a very few donors and completely unconcerned for their actual constituents.
With the proposed 150 million dollar cut to Medicaid in Alabama and the gutting of even more programs we will see our State fall even farther to the bottom of every ranking that should matter, but doesn't, to our "leaders".  Poverty? 44th, those handouts to companies over the last nearly 40 years have done nothing to spur growth and improve our citizens lives. Education? 47th, cutting funding to schools and creating a voucher program to give the haves a free ride to private schools has done nothing but decimate our education system. Health? 43rd, let us cut more aid from our poverty stricken people, then we can top this list too.. Oh and keep on refusing to do anything with the ACA.  Taxes? Low.. like ridiculously low. 5% for the top bracket earners, 6.5% for corporations (before you allow for deductions). No estate taxes, no inheritance taxes.
I understand the unwillingness to raise revenue through taxation, you want to keep your jobs and raising taxes on the citizens will lose you the election while raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations will lose you your donors. But you have to accept that we cannot keep simply cutting programs and letting your handlers get a free ride. Stop taking bribes from out of State casinos (yes they are bribes and I don't care how laundered the money is by Hubbard). Stop ignoring the need for a lottery that has been shown to work in our neighboring States and has drained money out of our economy for years. Open casinos, start a lottery, fund our schools, help our poor, heal our sick. For a bunch of conservatives who mouth the words of Jesus at every opportunity, you are a bunch of greedy and uncaring individuals who are much more concerned with your selves than with those you supposedly represent.
Medicaid is not evil, Planned Parenthood does not sell dead babies, the poor are not moochers, children do not deserve to be punished because you cannot do math (Thank you Alabama Education System) and the State is not the property of those who give you money to do their bidding, it is ours and we will take it back from you and those you scrape and bow for. Cowards.

Ned Carter
Daleville, Alabama

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Roy Moore, Professional Fear Monger

Two days, the amount of time it took for marriage equality to become full on Christian Persecution to the "Honorable" Roy Moore. Honorable as in despicable, misrepresentative, vile, hateful, bigoted, lying, worthless, etc. He is now spewing the lie that Christians will be persecuted for not being accepting of Homosexuality. Of course, they have been calling themselves persecuted since their inception, regardless of the veracity of the statement.

Christianity is the largest single majority in this nation, it literally includes every race, every sex and every sexual persuasion.  The only "persecution" these people ever experience is the occasional loss of special privileges they have carved out for themselves over the past few centuries.  Their ability to call people names will remain intact, their ability to threaten those they disagree with will be unchanged, their ability to discriminate in marriage will remain whole, inside their houses of worship.

The problem they will now face is push back. Acceptance of gay unions will mean less acceptance of vitriolic bullshit from public employees.  The ruling from the court that the 14th amendment applies to homosexuality has very broad ramifications for douchebag Christians, and there will be consequences for using your religion as an economic and social weapon outside of your church. Businesses will be forced to accept homosexuality as normal, if not today, then very soon. This precedent means an end to some of the more disgusting religious practices of discrimination in public, as homosexuality is now as protected as race and sex in regards to employment, services, housing, and public accommodation. As I said , if these protections are not already recognized, they must be soon, the 14th amendment demands it very clearly.

So churches, you don't have to marry gay folk.. You don't have to employ gay folk... You don't have to do anything regarding gay folk. But Universities that accept federal loans, you do. Adoption agencies that accept federal money, you do.  Judges employed by state, county and municipal governments, you definitely have to do your jobs and interact with homosexuals. If your duties involve marriage, you have to marry the gays too. If you do not like that, if it is against your religious convictions, quit. Go find a job being a bigot for a living. Go be a professional asshole. Your government job does not protect you, you have to do your duty or fuck off.

The Texas Attorney General says that his judges do not have to issue marriage licenses, he is wrong and should be removed from office. This is not religious persecution, this is the result of someone refusing to do their job and uphold their oath.  The Probate Judge of Pike County says he will not issue any licenses because the Alabama Code says that probate judges "may" issue marriage licenses. He confuses the usage of the word, purposefully. The Code is granting the power of issuance to the probate court, not the option. And unless we all push back against these intolerant religious morons, they will continue to demand that they are special, and that they must be treated differently.

NO. You are just as beholden to the laws as I am, and until you recognize that fact we should all disobey every minor law we encounter. Refuse traffic tickets, refuse tax bills, refuse any and all governmental interference in our lives, until those who believe they are above the law begin to follow it as they demand, BY GUN POINT, we do. Do so peacefully, do not antagonize any government official or officer, but do not let them say that they do not have to follow the rules, but we do.

I am in Texas, and I just so happen to have gotten a ticket and I will not be paying it until the Attorney General of this State does his duty. That is my act of civil disobedience. Fuck him and his court system of differing rules for differing beliefs.

Friday, June 26, 2015

It's Absolutely Fabulous

The Supreme Court has issued its ruling on Gay Marriage, and wouldn't you know it the majority of the court found that the Constitution requires equal treatment under all the laws by all the legal parts of the government. Its as if 5 of the justices actually read the whole document, and the others were blinded by some sort of personal beliefs that preclude them from the ability to be fair and impartial... maybe their religion, maybe their upbringing, maybe their deeply held belief in being asshats and douchebags.

I won't bother quoting their hyperbole, their insanity, or their outright idiocy. Suffice it to say that they are more butthurt than most newlywed gay men will be tomorrow.  Now, on to the local reaction... It's the fucking end of the world, yall. Judges in my State have decided that they will just not marry people anymore, in a huff of prepubescent petulance any hormonal child would appreciate.  They claim it burdens their religion, they wait for their moral leader... Roy "I raised a bastion of morality" Moore, to tell them what they must do. Because we all know that the highest court in ALYBAMY is so much more able to cope with national jurisprudence than the Supreme Court could ever be. I mean, Roy Moore is such a bastion moral rigidity you couldn't fit a toothpick up is, oh so filled with himself, ass.  He made the declaration that 2 of the judges should have recused themselves for participating in homosexual unions  in the past (where they were legal)... Of course, the idiocy of this claim does not even make a glimmer of thought appear in his dull eyes when we look at how many have participated in marriages of the not so gay kind. The "YOU MARRIED GAY PEOPLE SO YOU CAN'T BE IMPARTIAL" argument crumbles rather quickly when you look at how many religious marriages he himself has participated in. In fact, using this bumpkins logic, he shouldn't be allowed to issue any rulings on anything as he has said, very clearly, that God is above the law... and he loves him some god more than gays love making Christians bake them cakes.

But regardless of the idiocy, the bigotry, the asshattery, the hyperbole, and all the other petty bullshit the religious right is spewing today... LET US CELEBRATE. This calls for some fruity drinks, some club music, and some letting our hair down. Because today LOVE HAS WON, and fuck all those pissy people who want to tear it down. You can't stop equality no matter how much you try.


You speak of Heritage, in some haze of deluded nostalgia.  What heroic ideals are you thinking about, as you cling so tightly to a battle flag of treasonous failures?  Is it the virtue of slavery and lynchings and beatings and bombings? Is it the empowerment of Jim Crowe and segregation and George Wallace in the school house door at the University of Alabama?  Is it the high morality shown at Klan rallies, cross burnings and the murders of Shcwerner, Goodman and Chaney?  Do you look back and miss the days when your church leaders demonized an entire race of people?

Or is this just some deranged group dream of a time when "we" were on top? When all the problems we face today didn't exist? As you looked through your rose tinted glasses at the world that never was, remember that it has taken a very long time to get to where we are today, and the south is still on the bottom. We are still poor, we are still unhealthy, we are still uneducated, we are still incapable of following the basic tenants of the constitution.

We still pass laws to limit the rights of the minorities, through voter controls, theocratic nuttery, treating women as if they are simply chattel.  We still celebrate the birthday of the general who lost the war. We still celebrate the birthday of the false president who gained us nothing. We have monuments to failed traitors and false idols.

Our heritage is a heritage of loss and missed opportunities. We pushed against every single progressive idea that has made this country better and stronger.  The South has been the largest drain on tax dollars since the end of the civil war. As our Nation tries so hard to drag us into modernity, we cling to an outdated lifestyle still filled with prejudice, privilege and partisan idiocy.

We should be proud of the members of our society who stood against injustice and inequality and systematic hatred... Instead we rally around a symbol of hatred that is opposed to everything they fought for.  Instead of glorifying George Wallace, we should have tributes to Vivian Malone. Instead of Bedford Forrest we should remember the 16th Street Baptist Church.  Instead of reenacting civil war battles, we should reenact the Selma march, the speeches of MLK jr. We should disown the traitors of our past as the vile propagators of the failed war they started.  We should disavow their creeds of hatred and racism.  We should educate our children instead of indoctrinating them.  We should feed our poor instead of demonizing them.  We should heal our sick instead of patronizing them.

Our heritage is shameful, and we have the power to make it something worth passing down.

Friday, June 19, 2015

Can we all agree Fox News is just False, And conservatives are just sick?

Wednesday a 21 year old took his birthday present to church, he murdered 9 innocent people while saying:


That is pretty clearly a racist killing people of a certain race because of their race. There is absolutely no question about it, none at all.... unless you work for Fox News, and you have a specific message that you are paid to push (damn all the evidence to the contrary). On no less than 4 segments, Fox News pushed the idea that this was an attack on faith, Christians and God. What delusional place to you have to dwell in where a man says that he is specifically killing someone because of their race, and try and turn it into yet more "woe is me, I am so persecuted as a Christian in America" BULLSHIT?

These people were killed because this child was exposed to some extremely fucking ignorant ideas in an extremely ignorant state full of extremely conservative leaders with extremely racist views. The Governor has repeatedly refused to remove the Confederate Flag (You know, the symbol of racism, slavery, treason and sister fucking) from the State Capitol, citing that no businesses have ever complained to her about it. You know who has complained? Millions of sane Americans sick of seeing a 150 year old symbol of our nations darkest chapter flying above a building that is supposed to represent ALL the people of the State, not just the ones who can trace their family tree, in a straight non branching line, thanks incest, right back to the sons of the confederacy and the slave owners they died for.

And they didn't even have the decency to fly it at half mast, like Our Nation's flag or the State Flag.  On the day they were searching for this terrorist, the Stars and Bars flew proudly above the State Capitol Grounds in defiance of all human decency and common courtesy. The Newspaper in Charleston (where the shooting took place) had the unmitigated gall to place an ad for a shooting range OVER THE HEADLINE ABOUT THE SHOOTINGS. That is where we are as a nation. We are so programmed to accept gun culture that a mass murder is an OPPORTUNITY TO SELL MORE GUNS.

And let us not forget that when this little fucking racist was arrested he wasn't beaten, he wasn't tazed, he wasn't shot or choked or killed... he was given a bullet proof vest to protect him, called mentally unstable and booked, whole and healthy. In a time when unarmed blacks are gunned down in the street, accused of being drug users, accused of resisting arrest (when there is clear video evidence to the contrary), accused of basically being black in america... when a 12 year old is shot within 3 seconds of the police arriving, when a black teen is shot by a man who has now been arrested over 10 times for aggravated assault and not once convicted of any of his crimes... we have to stop and look at the system that is utterly broken. We have no justice system, we have a system of the poor being abused and mistreated, the minorities being discarded, the downtrodden being used to benefit private prisons and a system so large it must arrest people to simply justify its own existence.

We have to step back and rationally rebuild an actual justice system. No judges for life, no political appointees, no elections of under educated, over talkative ideologues. We need people who understand the law, laws that are written by people that understand what it is to be a citizen (not a privileged, 1 percenter), and cops that know the people that they interact with and do not consider every interaction an opportunity to fill their quotas or bully those they think they are better than. Top to bottom it all has to change.

And the first step is to outlaw things like Fox News calling itself news, when it is nothing but the propaganda wing of far right wing idiots who are paid to push guns, push lies and foment hatred.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

The Criminalization of Christianity (or Shut the fuck up, you privileged pricks)

So, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindal, The Mouthpiece of the American Family Association and many others have been pushing the "idea" that marriage equality will mean the criminalization of their faiths. This is quite the martyr complex these people have. "Oh Woe is me, I will have to be a decent human being and not wear my hatred and bigotry on my sleeve."

 It is already illegal to commit acts of hatred against minority groups. Marriage equality will just protect another minority from the tyranny of the (Christian) majority. You will still be free to be a hateful bigot, you just won't be free to act, in public, on your hatred... just like the white supremacists, the Hispanic haters, the misogynists, and all the other people that try and impose their hate through their power as employers, business owners, politicians and other authority figures.

 They (the Christians) will still have their freedom of speech and expression... they will simply have to follow all the same rules as everyone else. Their religion will not be illegal, but their actions will be. And that is fucking fine with me. I would not stand by as white business owners refused to hire black people, and I will not stand by while heterosexual Christians refuse to treat homosexuals equally. So go ahead, bigots... bitch and moan and whine and cry as you are forced to conform to society. It is far past the time that you sad, angry, jealous, hateful religion was forced to join the modern world.

 I don't care what your religion tells you you must do, I care what you do in light of the laws we have passed as a society. It is time for your special treatment to die, it is time for you to become equal, by accepting that you are no better then any other human in our society... Don't like it? Too fucking bad, pray about it and watch it still happen.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Sorry for the absence

Hello world. I have been having a very hectic last month and I apologize for my, necessary, absence. I took on a new job that brought me to central Texas, and the day I got here my car kicked the bucket. I have only had a tablet to work from and blogging from it is fucking PONDEROUS. BUT I got a cheap little laptop today and should be able to gather my information and write more productively now. So, hope you didn't miss me too much, and I will have some posts up in the net week or so. I have the means to write now, I just have to find the time... while working 7 days a week.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

So much ignorance

So I started my new job doing electrical work in a plant here in San Antonio.  Its not bad, kinda dangerous, lots of working on beams way up in the air. Me and 7 other folks at the moment on our crew. People I do not know, and do not know me. The helper that works with me is a nice enough guy, but he said some shit that made me want to slap the ever loving dumb out of his backwoods Louisiana ass. We were gathering some materials... and he starts talking about "the gays" and "the gay agenda".  I don't know this dud from Adam, no idea where he is from, how old he is, nothing. And he starts spewing INSANE shit about how the gays can't produce... so must be lesser. Start talking about God and all things being done through him and nothing being able to stop his will.... whatever. He says that "the gay agenda" is to make all kids gay, and to make it illegal for parents to raise their children as not gay, and to steal children from heterosexuals... because they can't reproduce.. just crazy shit. I tell him that I have no problem with gay people, I have gay friends and I doubt all the gays want to take away all the babies. Pretty sure he thinks i'm a gay, but who cares. I will just keep working on him, and pushing back against the dumb shit he says about other humans.

Friday, May 1, 2015

First Podcast

First podcast if I can figure out how to get it up here. Quality is bunk, i am making it on a tablet.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Thankfulness, Amazement and Acceptance.

I just want to spend this post saying some things about some very important people that I have met, interacted with and been inspired by. I won't use names because I live in a place where being an Atheist can cost you your job, cost you your family and even cause you bodily injury. I accept those possibilities and refuse to allow myself to be censored, even if it would be easier, safer or more comfortable. I am not saying that anyone should make that same decision, I understand how hard the subject of openly displaying a lack of faith, in this area, can be.

I am a member of The SouthEast Alabama Freethought Association.  There are over 400 current members in our little corner of the South. I have not met each one, but we have a very active group of people who love to socialize, are active in the community and are outspoken about their ideals.  We have Liberals and Conservatives, Libertarians and Socialists, Atheists, Agnostics, Freethinkers and Anti-Theists.  We are young and old, male and female, straight and gay, vociferous and silent. It is a great pleasure to call these people friends and acquaintances. I have met doctors, lawyers, stay at home moms, single parents, military personnel,  college students, professors, radio personalities, computer experts, expectant parents, social workers, food inspectors, retail workers, restaurant workers, digital art enthusiasts, comic book lovers and so many different types of people.  And the only thing we all have in common is our skepticism of religion. But it is enough to form a cohesive group that comes together to do great things.

I have seen these people rally around our local homosexual community. I have seen our members stand in the rain to speak out against injustices. I have seen them sweating in the Alabama summer sun to pick up trash to make a small stretch of road (in front of churches, no less) just a little nicer.  I have seen them taking gifts to women who have been abused. I have seen them invite speakers to our little community to interact and explain positions on many different issues.

I just want to thank them for being such outstanding individuals and such an awesome group.  For being here, in such an adverse climate. They are an inspiration, a source of strength and a well of encouragement.  Anything I do, or write or say is always due, in part, to the examples they set and the courage they show. It is impossible to measure the worth of their acceptance of me, and all the things they do amaze, embolden and inform what I do.

I forgot to mention... SEAFA has a light the night team walking this Friday to fight Leukemia and Lymphoma.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

  This time of year is a celebration of life, the cycle of leaving winter and entering spring. New things, fucking, procreating, fertility, sex, more sex and even more sex. After being cooped up and isolated through the winter, sucking on the dried leftovers of last years harvest, this is when we celebrate renewal. We go out and meet people, we fall in love and we celebrate all the wonderful things life has to offer.

Unless you're Christian. Leave it to crusty old white men to ruin everything.You worship the violent murder of your deity as a sacrifice to himself to save us all from the violent hell he created to punish us all for the arbitrary, inherent flaw known as sin. Sure you celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but you call it a sacrifice... which it isn't. Having foreknowledge, it being part of your plan, and there being no price... is not a sacrifice.

Anyway, enjoy your snuff film religion and your whole group self masturbatory / congratulatory ideas of virtue through suffering, praise through guilt, and betterment through mindlessly absolving yourselves of your responsibilities through prayer.  I will keep fucking and celebrating life, not looking only towards death.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


I have a burning need to tell you about my faith, about my deeply held beliefs, about my preferences and how they are directly given to me from my beliefs.  But, I can't. The first rule of my religion is that I cannot talk about my religion.  But that is ok, I can tell you about the things is does and does not allow me to do, who I can and cannot interact with in public, what limitations governments and "authorities" can place on my sovereign self, and anything else that may arise that I dislike, find insulting, disagree with, or just don't want to accept.

Taxes? Yeah, can't pay those, it is a burden.
Speed limits? A burden to my movement.
 Drug laws? A hefty burden on my spiritual journey through Mescalin Land.
Work begins at 7? That is a problem because I deeply believe that my beliefs instruct me to never get up before noon.
Paying my bills? What is this, some kind of shake down because you disagree with my belief system?
Property laws? Man, everything is for everyone, except my stuff, obviously.
Accommodation laws? So what if refuse to allow Gingers to use the sidewalk? Gingers can't be trusted.

There are many, many more things that my belief system refuses, requires and demands of me, and you.  But in the end, it's all about freedom, right? The freedom of the majority to do whatever the hell they want, and in doing so... allowing anyone to do whatever they want.

What do you truly, deeply believe? Would anyone find it hard to believe? What does your neighbor truly, deeply believe? Can you know that what your neighbor says is their belief is what they truly believe? What can you do to prove the beliefs of anyone, including yourself?

We have no way to know the truth of someone's statements of belief. The government has no ability to determine whether or not something is a true belief.  We can know if it is in their texts, but we can also see that there are contradictions involving the specific issue at hand... so which is it?  These new laws that are designed to limit the rights of some in order to unburden the preferences of others.  This is untenable. We have rules that we call laws that govern all.

 Your beliefs are not more important than my rights. Your freedom to believe what ever you like has a cost, it frees everyone else from you beliefs.  And it can not free you from the responsibility of being a member of society. You want to do business with the public? You follow the rules for for doing business with the public.

We had this fight over 50 years ago, it was resolved. Fools.

Monday, March 23, 2015

The Self Delusion is Palpable

I went to a rally to protest the Biblical Prayer Meeting in Dothan Yesterday. I was struck by the differences in the two groups. The most stark difference was the affability of the Pro-Gay persons. Smiles and laughs, Kind words and songs, Colorful clothing and signs.  As for the Religious, mostly sneers and slights, frowns and gruffness, dispassionate distance.

We offered food and drink to all at the Civic Center, we helped the pro-biblical marriage folk when the event organizers changed the venue at the last minute and moved to to Ridgecrest Baptist. We offered them directions, and made way for them under the awning to avoid the downpours.  After the time for their event  came and we had directed all of our people and their people to the new venue, we moved to begin the protest again.

It was amazing to see the contrast of helpful pro-gay persons to the locked doors, the armed officers and the leather clad bikers waiting to greet us at the Church. There were no less than 7 officers between Houston County and Dothan City.  And I got to witness them harrass a man for Driving While Black.. he did absolutely nothing but look at our signs while driving by, and was pulled over for it.   Not one person from the church offered to allow us onto the property to gain shelter from the storm, under their multiple awnings, or their multiple buildings. Not one took the words of their Jesus to heart and offered us shelter, sustenance, or fellowship. "For I was hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in".

Now to the delusion of these people, the absolute cognitive dissonance when they say "We are not Anti-Gay Marriage, We are Pro-Biblical Marriage".  These words were spoken to the news by the men running the pro-biblical marriage event. They are obviously not familiar with the Biblical definitions of marriage.  Rape victims being forced to marry, death to women seeking divorce, trading animals for brides, concubines, polygamy by the founders of their religion, and various other absurdities they would never allow.

"We are not Anti-Gay Marriage, We are Pro-Biblical Marriage".  to me this statement is the same as saying: I am not anti-inclusion, I am pro exclusion.   I am not anti-interracial marriage, I am pro-whites only / blacks only marriage. I am not Anti-Abolitionist, I am pro-Slavery.  I am not Anti-Witch, I am Pro-fire.  I am not Anti-Muslim, I am Pro-Crusade. I am not Anti-Women's Suffrage, I am Pro-Male Dominance.  I am not Anti-Abortion, I am Pro-Clinic Bombing.  I am not Anti-Atheist, I am Pro-Religion.  The couching of hatred in shitty little terms that have no meaning is becoming an incredibly overwhelming tactic of the religious.

War on Christmas...War on Marriage... Religious Liberty... Personhood... Biblical Marriage... all Bull shit words to replace "MY CHRISTIAN PRIVILEGE"

Just remember, Christians... When you came out of your church and told us we were all going to burn in hell... when you prayed at us instead of speaking to us... when you preached at us instead of listening to us... when you determined to judge us before even seeing us, you were instrumental in showing how decidedly un-Christian you all are. When you called in the bikers for muscle, and the cops for their guns you showed that we won. You were so afraid of any conversation you hid behind your multi-million dollar church walls, and forgot the simple messages of your savior. Do unto others. Love thy neighbors.  Judge not.

We offered you food, and drink and shelter and you were strangers... How sad that we were those who would heed the words of your Lord, while you voice hatred, division and bigotry... How sad.

Local News Coverage

All pictures Courtesy of LGBT Alabama Event and Wedding Photography

Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Holy Trinity of The Religious Right

The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost? No, that is not even close.  Modern Conservative Christian in America are beholden to 3 major ideas: Legislation, money and perceived persecution.  Churches flaunt their politics, push their ideal laws, participate in influencing elections heavily all under the guise of being a spiritual, charity based, tax exempt organization.

 When these influential men and women use their positions, their institutions and their tax free resources in ways not spelled out in their status as charitable organizations, we must remove their access to the status.  They are more than allowed to voice their opinions and use their power to influence elections and laws.. but not as tax exempt entities.

Throughout the Nation we have State legislatures pushing "religious liberty" laws. These laws create a privileged class of citizen that are exempt from laws that are applied to all other groups in the Nation.  These laws allow for discrimination as a feature of the First amendment rights of the righteous.  We have special exemptions in the ACA to allow for the deeply held beliefs of pieces of paper; Corporations, Organizations, Churches are not people. The Catholic Church, last week, was denied their request to not have to pay restitution to their child rape victims.... because the money HAD to be spent on maintaining cemeteries because of their "deeply held religious beliefs".  The fund did not exist before the settlement was reached, it was made as a way to hide funds for the victims.  This is one of many examples of why "religious liberty" cannot be allowed to become a part of our law.

ALEC, the Koch Corporation, the API, the Moral foundation for Law all exert insane amounts of influence in my home State of Alabama.  ALEC is funded by the Koch Brother. Johnson Center for Political Economy was founded at Troy University after the school received 3.6 million dollars from the Koch Foundation. It is now a mouth piece for the API, also funded by the Koch's. API recently was granted special status before the Alabama Supreme Court in a case created to allow the court to declare themselves above Federal Law. ALEC pushed the charter school bill through the Legislature last year.

They do these things because the overwhelming support of the local citizens. Our under-educated, misinformed, extremely religious citizenry. Where Fox News is your disinformation source of choice. Where Churches tell you whom to vote for, when to call your local legislator to support or oppose each law.  Where instances of demands for equality are twisted into martyr stories of standing for Jesus.  Where the reduction of their privilege is seen as an attack on their religion. Where asking for equal treatment is a reduction in their freedoms.

This isn't happening just in Alabama. There is a reason that all these identical laws are showing up in State Houses across the country. This is a concerted effort, through grassroots church organizing, misinformation from the news makers at Faux News,  Breitbart, the Blaze, and monetary resources from institutions like the Koch Foundation, bogus studies from the API, and the Johnson Center, and the simple gullibility of so many Americans. They are raised to trust the church and the churches have become something far removed from their causes.

Churches now push for reductions in healthcare, reductions in food security, reductions in education spending, reductions in housing subsidies, reductions in equality through discriminatory laws, voter suppression laws, immigration actions... through their vocal support of far right wing politicians. They have so deformed the original message of Christianity that it has lost all its meaning. "Love thy neighbor", "Do unto others", "turn the other cheek", all lost to the dogma of control. They use their power as the holders to the keys of heaven to dictate whom their congregations must vote for. This is coming from the person tasked with the security of your eternal place in heaven... that is an enormous amount of power to wield. Not to mention the Wealth preachers who suck their congregations funds like a wolf devouring the marrow.

Churches need to go back to their actual tasks of charity, spiritual education and ceremony.  They have no place in the machinations of public policy, and they definitely have no place in the kingmaker business.  We need an educated electorate, informed on the issues and free from the influence of hate peddlers that take advantage of the less knowledgeable.

No matter your political affiliation, your religion, your gender, race, creed, sexual affirmation, or any other position; We all must work toward equality.  It benefits us all. The majority cannot be allowed to change the rules for themselves, that is the path to fascism. Nor can the amount of wealth you attain allow you to become overwhelmingly influential in our policies through purchasing access, defining issues, restructuring voting districts, writing laws, or subjugating workers.  When "deeply held belief" becomes a legal reason for any one thing, it become the legal reason for any thing.  When the government is tasked with determining the truth of magical claims, it will fail every-time.  There is no means to test how deeply, truly, actually you hold any belief. But it is very clear that it can be used to justify ANY action, look at the case of child rape above... and these laws aren't in force yet.

We have to push back. We have to speak out against these laws. We must demand equality, and if these laws pass we must overwhelm the courts with our claims of deeply held beliefs.  Silly things, absurd things, offensive things. But never violent things, those will come on their own, sadly.  One of the most indisputable things that religions bring is violence and the absolute certainty that it was right and just and, indeed, commanded.  Take all the stories you hear of children's fatalities due to denial of basic medical care.  Think of the justifications used by the Klan for their violence and hatred. That is the most terrifying part of these laws, when does religious liberty over rule someone else's right to live? How long before that is a reality?

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Religious Liberty : Bigots for Christ

Our constitution is set up to clearly define and layout our rights. It is also used to determine when one right infringes upon another right. It is set up in such a way that your rights are protected up to the instant they do any real injury to another citizen. The 14th amendment makes it very clear that the government must apply laws equally to all, and grant protection to all groups.

The newest trend of Conservative Christians is to cry persecution when they lose their privileged status. When people don't bow down to their beliefs, accommodate their fairy tales, or acquiesce to their demands.  They are taking it farther now, with legislation in multiple States designed to legally enshrine their religious views as more important than any right for anyone else.

Oklahoma has started pushing through a bill that will grant clergy the official governmental duty of ISSUING marriage licenses.  This is so far beyond the pale that I doubt it will stand the first test of any court. This is a direct violation of the establishment clause by endorsing religion directly as a governmental entity.  Utah has passed sweeping anti-discrimination for LGBT people, BUT it exempts religious organizations.  Sort like freeing all the slaves, except the ones you want to keep. Alabama is currently pushing 2 bills through their house HB56 and HB1. HB56 allows governmental employees to discriminate based on their religious views. It allows judges and preachers to refuse to issue marriage licenses to anyone they do not want to issue them to. Non - religious, different religions, wrong races, homosexuals.. it is basically a law that allows anyone in authority to wear their bigotry on their sleeve with no fear of reprisals. It is in direct conflict with the last judgement ruling Alabama's marriage inequality laws unconstitutional. HB 1 is a truly disgusting piece of legislation that attempts to insert religion directly into schools. It allows for students to be disruptive with their religion in class without reprisal. It allows students to use religion as answers to questions without fear of failure. It allows proselytizing to other students.

There are many more bills like this because churches are no longer civic charities meant to help people, educate them and support their spiritual lives, they are now political organizations. They tell congregations who to vote for. They tell legislatures what bills to pass. They have moved beyond the role they were given tax exempt status for and should have their statuses revoke. Ridgecrest, in Dothan Alabama, even sent out a mailer with exactly who you were supposed to vote for. This is a concerted effort to destroy the foundational principle of Separation of Church and State.

When you write laws specifically granting one group special privileges over any other group, you are violating the 14th amendment of the Constitution. When your actions do actual harm, you are in violation of the equal protection clause. If someone cannot get a job, cannot do business, cannot get married simply because of the bigotry of another, the problem is not the person being discriminated against... it is the bigot that is using the weight of their imaginary God to demand that special power.

We must not allow this to happen. Bigotry, cannot be codified into our laws. We must stand up for those among us too powerless, too few, too frightened, too demonized to stand up for themselves.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bigoted Courts, Bigoted Judges, Bigoted Injustice

Today, March 3rd, 2015. The Supreme Court of Alabama decides to double down on bigotry and secession. In a 144 page "special ruling" they quote case law from before the civil war to define marriage. The quote Textile law to determine that they are above Federal Rulings. They wear their bigotry on their sleeves and throw ethics right the fuck out the window. No signatures on their writ. Just a sucking sound as the Alabama Policy Institute uses its Koch Brother money to fuel their bigotry and idiocy.

This is a sad day for Alabama, and it is an end to the illusion of equality. These old white assholes are full of hatred. They are full of Jesus. And they are full of shit. !00 to 1 this 144 page "ruling" was handed to them by Roy Moore himself, and it more than likely is the exact same arguments they have used for every single fucking anti-equality case HIS Foundation for Moral Law has been involved in the last decade.

AGAIN, I call on the people of Alabama to stand the fuck up and get rid of these tired, old, hateful bigots. If your Jesus is so important to you, what do you think HE would chose? Deceitful tricks to cause real injury to loving couples? OR Would your perfect savior have forgiven them AND TOLD THEM TO GO IN PEACE AND LOVE ONE ANOTHER?

I am not one of you, and I do not need to be to know the answer to that simple question. Roy Moore and his little band of bigots forget THOSE messages in the holy book. Only focusing on the hateful, the exclusionary, the old covenant. He is the KKK reborn. He is the opposition to the woman's suffrage movement reborn. He is the white, rich master reborn.

Roy Moore and this "court" are the epitome of all the things Alabama has done wrong for over 200 years. It is time for the people of Alabama to tell them NO MORE, MOORE.

Read their ruling here.

Read my attempts to remove Moore
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sunday Rant

I sit here listening to Judith by A Perfect Circle and think about the current state of the world.  ISIS beheading people over their beliefs.  WBC threatening to picket Leonard Nymoy's funeral. The American Family Association declaring Free-thought groups to be hate groups, another demand for privilege.  Various States pushing person-hood idiocy. Alabama assigning public defenders to fetuses in order to run the clock out on children trying to get abortions.  Mormon's trying to include their discrimination into anti-discrimination law.  Various States trying to codify the bigotry of the majority as some special right.

So much vile, ignorant, regressive idiocy. So much wrapped up in the dated thought processes of men dead for thousands of years.  Homophobia based on the personal preference of the writers and editors of Bibles. Idiotic literalists finding meaning in words that do not mean what they claim. Claiming modern discoveries were foretold in your vague religious texts.  Your dogmas of exclusion and vitriol. Your creed of subservience to ideals that have outlived their usefulness.

Your religions stake a claim to our morality. Your religions say that only from a pure source can good spring. Have you read your books? What objective good comes from cancer? What objective good comes from genocide? What objective good comes from rape, slavery, infanticide?  Do not unto others... is older than the Old Testament, and was written down before your wandering tribes ever wrote their first myth.  So please stop pointing to it as your source of morality.  And stop presenting ideas that your entire religion changed when a prophet or messiah arrived.  Jesus didn't do away with the Old Testament, if he did your religion would no longer point to it for its worst ideas and its teachings.  Mohammed fucked a 9 year old... I believe that about ends the discussion on absolute morality.

Your religions are not sources of good. They are sources of false hope, false promises, false morality. You are only moral because there is a punishment or reward. That is not morality, that is selfishness or self preservation.  Your religion also places you outside of your own lives. How would you live if there were no magic, wonderful place to go to? Would you do everything you could to make this the magic, wonderful place? So much time and resources wasted on this idea of eternal reward... it has cost humanity so much. All these ideas that stop progress... to simply accommodate your ideas of what is moral.  All these special privileges you demand over everyone else. The idea that criticizing your religion is the same as criticizing you... Yet I get shunned completely for simply denying the validity of your religion's demands.

Equality is the only just system. And that means you lose your privilege. You don't get to discriminate because of your beliefs. You don't get special treatment because of your religion. You don't get to dictate what children learn, or whom they live with. You don't get to decide who loves who.  You get to worship as you see fit. But you do not get to use that as a bludgeon to make people live as you see fit.  Freedom for your religion is also freedom from your religion. Please keep it in your pants, assholes.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mr. Atheist goes to Washington (well, A Capitol... not Washington)

Today was great. I went to Montgomery with my wife and son and we did some Democracy, Ya'll.  I started a MoveOn petition concerning Roy Moore, and the response was great. 14,000 signatures to have Moore removed. The people at MoveOn were a great help and we got the petitions printed and delivered to 2 different Governmental bodies today.

First we went to pick up the petition at a FedEx Office in Montgomery, but they had forgotten to print half of the documents. So that set us back about an hour, waiting for them to remedy that.  But all was well and we proceeded to the Judicial Inquiry Commission to file our complaint.  We had to fill out a form and get it notarized. After a bit of running around, we found a wonderful lady at a bank in the building who was willing to notarize our form. Now I wait for their letter stating they received the complaint and it could be up to 70 days after that to get any kind of response from the Commission.

Once we left the JIC we headed a couple blocks over to the Governor. I had called before hand to get an idea of how the process works. Basically you are ignored and hand stuff off to a security guard.  So we parked our van and hiked up the hill to the Capitol. Not being familiar with the building... I tried very hard to go in through a sealed side door. But we found the proper entrance, passed through security and were able to give the petition and letter to the Guard for Governor Bentley.

I wrote some news organizations and some websites trying to get some people to turn out, but that didn't go so well. So I am asking you guys to call the Governor's office and demand action based on the petition. If you have a few minutes during the day email your local news outlet and ask them to demand answers too. The Governor's press office is (334)242-7150.

Big Thanks to everyone that signed the petition and

A word to those who have written me to decry my atheism. Look, the petition, the complaint, and the letter to Bentley have nothing to do with my Atheism. My Atheism colors my view on some things, but this is an issue of judicial ethics, simple morality and humanity. You do not have to agree with my non-belief in a deity to agree that treating Same Sex Couples differently than "normal couples" is wrong. Set aside whatever it is inside you that makes you distrust me and embrace something we have in common.... the demand for equality... even if, to you, that does not include me.

Kicking and Screaming
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I will include some pictures below


     Getting ready for the trip to Montgomery. Excited, and a little worried since I am in no ways a legal expert. Waiting for JIC to open so I can be sure I have all the documents needed before I head out. Also waiting on MoveOn to let me know some information about the petition. Hopefully everything will go off without too many problems and I will have my complaint filed before 2 this afternoon. The wife and my son will be accompanying me, I am excited to show my youngest a bit of civic action.

   Thank you to everyone who has shown support. And to all those who disagree with my Atheism, it is ok. I am not doing this because I am an Atheist, although it does color my views on the religious aspects of this... I do this because I am an American, and an Alabamian. I have seen what backwards thinking, poor public policy, and theocratic tactics bring. LGBT persons have every right to expect equal treatment under every law, in every State in the US. The Supremacy clause its the mechanism for equality... the 14th Amendment is the reasoning for it. Judge Moore can thumb his nose at these laws all he wants, and he will be wrong every time.

    Hopefully this will help push Alabama into the current century and move us past these poor definitions and poor justifications regarding marriage. I am not Gay, and I do not need to be gay to know that they are being treated differently. I do not need to be gay to know it is wrong. I do not need to be gay to take a stand. I do not need to be gay to demand equality. All I need is to look at these wonderful, loving people and see them AS people, instead of seeing them only as an act of physical expression as Moore seems to see them. I simply need to see their humanity, their love, their pain, their hopes... and know that they are exactly the same as anyone else.

Here is the letter to Governor Bentley that will be attached to the petitions.

 Links to all complaint information from previous posts.

 Here is the petition.

Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Plan...

I have determined that it is necessary to file a complaint against Roy Moore for his inability to remain impartial, and his continued violations of the Cannons of Judicial Ethics.  I have 2 children, I know many Gay people, I have many Gay and Secular friends, and the actions of our Chief Justice must be called to account.  I cannot allow my State to continue to cling to the mentalities that forced segregation and limited inter-racial marriage through the new arguments by Moore.

So, this Tuesday, February 17th, I shall go to Montgomery and file an ethics complaint against Mr Moore with the Judicial Inquiry Commission. I will attach my statement for those who wish to read it, a copy of the actual complaint, all the exhibits I am including in the complaint and a link to the petition I will be using as evidence with the complaint.

I believe in equality for all, not Moore's definition that "Every man can marry every woman, that is equal".  Nor do I agree with his positions that he is on the side that fought Plessy V Ferguson, and Dred Scott. He is clinging to outdated definitions and biblical justifications for a matter of modern law.  I can not sit by and do nothing as he pushes an agenda that causes irreparable harm to families and people who should have access to the same protections and privileges as all other citizens.

Mr Moore has described Homosexuality as "a crime against nature, an inherent evil, and an act so heinous that it defies one's ability to describe it." He has issued a decree for those under his authority to break the law and defy a Federal Court order. He has over stepped the bounds of his office in stating that the Federal Government has no authority over State laws... a position that has been proven wrong in 1865, 1965, and 2015 among others. The State's rights issue has been settled.  He has violated his oath by forswearing the US Constitution and declaring his authority greater than that of a Federal Judge.

I am no one. I am a regular guy who works at a regular job. I have a wife, 2 beautiful children and many friends. I believe that it is our civic duty to hold those we elect accountable to their oaths, their positions, and their duties.  I understand that the popular view in Alabama is one of discrimination.  I also understand that the will of the majority can not and must not be allowed to lessen or withhold the rights of any minority.  It was popular to own slaves, and it was popular to declare State's rights as a legal justification for owning them.  It was popular to have segregation and separate but equal laws, and they fell away as we progressed into a better understanding of the legal definitions of equality.  It was popular to ban inter-racial marriages also as a side effect of poor definitions and policies when determining equal application of laws. We have moved very far in our advances of affording equal protections to all members of our society. We have not finished the journey, though.  LGBT members of our society face very real and very difficult roadblocks in their path to equal protection.  They are demonized by members of various religions and the authorities that share the beliefs of those religions. They face very detrimental obstacles to inheritance, medical care, legal authority, 5th amendment protections, and many other things we all take for granted.

So, I go to Montgomery to try and at least be a voice against backwards thinking. A voice against religious inculcation of our governmental bodies.  A voice for fair application and protections.  I want my gay friends and family to be equal. I want no "buts" in regards to their abilities to interact with anyone.  I want Alabama to step into this new millennium and embrace all of her citizens as people. Not their skin color, not their creed, not their culture, not their sexuality, not their gender. People, all the same, all of value, all together.

Documents: JIC Complaint, Moore's Letter to Bentley, Moore's Order to Probate Judges, The Petition. Impeach Roy Moore

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Judicial Impunity

   Chief Justice Roy Moore has once again stepped outside of his authority, and has issued a decree that no Probate Judge in the State of Alabama shall issue marriage licenses to any same sex couples. This dictate is in direct conflict with the ruling and subsequent clarification by A Federal District judge which struck down the amendment cited by Moore in his proclamation.

    These actions are not very surprising to anyone familiar with the history of Judge Moore. 12 years ago, The Honorable Moore, was removed from office for refusing to comply with a court order concerning a monument. He has repeatedly shown his personal, theocratic bias at every opportunity.  He has declared non Christians to be removed from the rights of the Constitution.  He equates gay marriage to the ultimate downfall of our society.

   He is the founder of the Foundation for Moral Law, but stepped down as its head when his wife and son took over concurrent to his election.  Hes has invoked his religion in his rulings and was removed from office for his refusal to remove a monument by court order.He also was criticized for opening his sessions with prayers directed at the jury pool.

   Judge Moore has shown, and continues to show his disregard for the rule of law. He refuses to be bound by the rules that form the stability of our legal system.  Roy Moore believes himself above the law, on par with only the law of his God.  He sees himself as some sort of mythological hero, destined to save the righteous from the vile, heretical hordes of Jews, Hindus, Atheists and Muslims.  He disregards any part of the legal frameworks that do not agree with his preconceived determination.  He uses the bench to promote his religion. He does this instead of and in conflict with the oath he swore and the authority he has been granted.

It is time for him to go, again. No more, Moore.

Here is a link to my petition to have him removed. I will deliver it to any group filing actions against him and any media outlet that would like to see how many people agree with his removal
Impeach Roy Moore

Saturday, February 7, 2015

A Victory for Love and Equality

2 more days, Alabama. That is how much time is left before Same Sex Marriages will be allowed in this state. It has been a long, hard, bitter struggle. Homosexuals have been demonized, decried, debased, and suffered repeated lies and distortions from bigoted religious zealots for decades.  Our current Chief Justice, Roy Moore, sits on his bench spewing hateful, ignorant, theocratic, unconstitutional opinions about cases that are not in his venue. His unethical and pathetic behavior will be another point to begin the process to have him removed... for the second time. This man is incapable of being impartial, ethical, decent, or humane.

Now we have many Probate Judges saying that they will no longer issue any marriage licenses or only issue hetero sexual marriage licenses. This is not their job. They are simply there to make sure the paper work is filled out properly.  When they begin injecting their personal religious beliefs into their secular government responsibilities it is time to remove them.  They swore an oath to follow the law, the law now permits Same Sex Marriage. Get over it guys, you lost. Love and equity have won the day over bigotry and religious zealotry.  You don't have to like it, and you do not have to participate... remove yourselves, before we remove you.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

The Hateful Dentist

This is a response to Kenneth Chancey In the Dothan Eagle on 1-21-2015

Mr Chancey, again you show your inability to see people through the lens of your religion, only actions and imagined consequences.  You say that Same Sex marriage is only perceived as Constitutional. The 14th Amendment is something we can all read together, it is very clear.  And while it is a Federal Law, the way our Nation works makes all the laws under the States just as required to follow it as any Federal Statute. And as far as consequences go... they will marry, and they will live and they will die. Just like you or I. Because they aren't the "homosexuals", they are just people like you and I. Are you so sure that throwing stones at others is the best way to get your point across? You speak of threats, let us go over those.

1. Threat of intimidation. Like when homosexuals are drug behind trucks for simply being. Being called sinner, sodomite, vile, disgusting, un-natural, faggot, homo, dyke, abomination. Yes, those in support of same sex marriage often call the religious fanatics that point to their bible horrible things, because you support horrible ideas. And you think that you should be allowed to demand that your hateful speech be ignored, or embraced as holy, religious liberty... and codified into our government. I would apologize if it weren't so disgusting reading your perceived persecution as the largest majority in the Nation.  Me telling you that you are hateful because of the hateful things you say based on your Bible is not the same thing as you saying that someone is evil for simply being alive.

2. Threat to Churches and Pastors.  Fred Phelps called for the death to homosexuals from God. Many Pastors call for death to homosexuals.  They aren't in jail. Your speculation has no basis in reality. You do have the ability and right to be a hate-filled, bigoted, unthinking, backwards, ignorant, faithful Christian.  And your churches should lose their tax exempt status if they are not doing something to improve the community, or if they are participating in elections and public policy debates (as that is not allowed).

3. The wrath of God.  If God didn't show up to save the Jews, and Germany is still a powerful country... If The Catholic Church can hide pedophiles (not homosexuality) for decades and still be the single largest Christian Church in existence...  If Africa can be over run with murderous Christian converts and The middle east can be the wealthiest states in the world... What makes Homosexuality so much worse?  Why don't you point to torture as the reason for God's wroth? Or income inequality? Or greed? Or any of the other things that Jesus taught against? Why this perverse obsession with the sexual lives of people that have no influence or care about you or your life?

It must be terrible living in fear of a God that you think drives you to hate. That drives you to bigotry. That drives you to willful ignorance and delusions.  Why don't you live your life, and allow others to live theirs as they see fit? You have every right to marry and divorce anyone you like. Go get a trophy wife. Go to your church and bemoan the horrors of same sex sex. But please, don't think that you get to tell me or anyone else who they can love, or that they are not allowed to have the same access to the laws as you.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Roy Moore and Christria Law

After the 2 rulings by a federal District Judge, overturning and finding Unconstitutional Alabama's 2 marriage inequality laws "Judge "Roy Moore has decided to give his "legal" Opinion. His 3 page letter is a revolting display of ignorance, theocratic reasoning from the bench, and abuse of history to push his religious agenda.

Here are some excerpts:

"nothing in the United States Constitution gives the federal government the authority to redefine the institution of marriage"
Nothing in the Alabama Constitution gives Alabama that authority either, but that is exactly what they did in 2006.  Further, the issue is the application of ALL laws under the 14th Amendment, which Moore attacks later in his diatribe.

He then goes on to quote the Bible as a legal source for bigotry. As if it has anything at all to do with actual law (Mark 10:6-9).  He than goes on to quote a letter from Jefferson decrying the erosion of States Rights in 1825, long before the issue of States Rights were settled through a war and the introduction of the 14th Amendment.A bit more about how this is a direct assault on "our" morality and instructions to the Governor and all the Probate Judges in the State to DEFY a ruling by a federal Court and to continue to act illegally for Jesus.

This is a man so woefully inept that he was removed once for his inability to follow the actual law. This is a man so ethically bankrupt that he consistently hides behind the shield of his wife's name while still running his "Foundation for Moral Law" and directing it's arguments and decisions while sitting on the Bench. He dares invoke the desecration of morality while simultaneously acting in a fashion that is immoral and illegal. He wants his version of Christianity to be the Law, he does not think other religions or the non religious have protections under the First Amendment, he is a fucking Mullah for Christ. He is abusing his power and violating basic ethical principles, it is time for Alabama to once again remove this idiot from the bench.

Laughably, he concludes his letter with this gem:
"Be advised that I stand with you to stop judicial tyranny and any unlawful opinions issued without Constitutional authority."
The exact reason he was removed the first time... his illegal actions and unconstitutional, tyrannical rulings from the bench.

Friday, January 23, 2015

Kicking and Screaming

Welcome to 2015, bitches. I am referring to the insane, bigoted, hatefilled, chosen of Jesus in the State of Alabama.  Today a Judge ruled that Alabama's 2 marriage restriction laws were not Constitutional and did not offer a stay, so them homosexuals can get hitched in Alabama and it will make the baby Jesus cry.

Guess what, fuck you. You are the same people that stood against inter-racial marriage for the same reason... not your God, your HATE. You get your hatred from your God, it is in writing... but others who use the same books don't get the same message, including the millions of homosexual Christians.  They listen to their Brothers in Christ spread lies, and say hateful things, justifying it all with their embodiment of love and justice and truth.

I have seen comments about how Obama is forcing his radical Leftwing ideals on Alabama... through a judge appointed by George Bush in 2001.  A judge hand selected and recommended by Jeff Sessions and Richard Shelby.  So your hate at Obama, as usual, is unjustified and another sign of your simple hatred of anything different from you.

Our Speaker (the guy waiting to go to trial for his 20+ ethics violations) Mike Hubbard says

"It is outrageous when a single unelected and unaccountable federal judge can overturn the will of millions of Alabamians who stand in firm support of the Sanctity of Marriage Act," he said in a prepared statement. "The Legislature will encourage a vigorous appeals process, and we will continue defending the Christian conservative values that make Alabama a special place to live."

Mr. Hubbard, you don't get to vote on my rights. Your religious idiocy is not mine, and it is not the State's. You don't get to dictate how everyone MUST live because of what you believe and you do not get to claim that MY State is in anyway Christian. Sure, people like you and Roy "I don't have to follow the law" Moore try and force your bullshit down our throats. And the majority agrees with you, but it doesn't fucking matter. Because we have a Constitution and we have rights and you can not take those away... for long.

Your side has lost at every step, your small minded, bigot filled ideals have failed every test of, every question of, and every attempt at legitimacy. Slaves were ordained by God. Segregation was ordained by God. Bans on women voters were ordained by God. Bans on inter-racial marriage were ordained by God. Your petty little God is failing all your racist and anti gay movements. Your impotent creator can not stand to our Liberties. Your outdated thoughts, your old hatreds, your sad insecurities are of no consequence.

We shall overcome, dicks.

***** Update Alabama Probate Judges issue response

The Alabama Probate Judges Association have issued a response that shows exactly why elected non judges should never hold seats to rule on anything.  In their response they claim that only the 2 people in the case are affected in any way and the law in Alabama still bans Same Sex Marriage. They do not respond to the Federal Judges ruling that the laws that Alabama passed were found Unconstitutional under the 14th Amendment.

Basically the Probate Judges in Alabama think that Federal District Courts are simply like civil court and their rulings don't actually affect anything other than the parties involved.. the Defendant in the Case was the State of Alabama and the State of Alabama and it's bigoted laws failed. According to these fools, only the parties in Roe vs, Wade can get abortions, Only that one slave should have been freed. Only that one corporation is a person... It is laughable how these people are doubling down after being told it is illegal.

***** Update 2 New ruling from Judge in separate case

I wonder if this is clear enough for the Alabama Probate Judges Association?

"Accordingly, the court hereby ORDERS that the Alabama Attorney General is prohibited from enforcing the Alabama laws which prohibit same-sex marriage. This injunction binds the defendant and all his officers, agents, servants and employees, and others in active concert or participation with any of them, who would seek to enforce the marriage laws of Alabama which prohibit same-sex marriage. "