Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Troy State Chancellor's New Years Message

The below is a message sent to all faculty and students of Troy.

"The following message is sent on behalf of Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr., Chancellor: Dear Trojans:
As we approach a New Year I am reminded of the blessings we enjoy within a democracy which is the envy of the world.

For your pleasure -- and as a reminder -- I am sharing with you a 90 second video which speaks to America's greatness and its vulnerability.
May your New Year be blessed!
Jack Hawkins

The video is a baseless set of assertions using a 3rd party (Marxist Chinese Economist) as the voice. The assertions are that Democracy would not work if everyone didn't voluntarily follow the laws. Another assertion is that most people were raised in churches or synagogues and learned to follow the rules from people they were taught to respect. Then we move to tie the two things together as the reason that everyone voluntarily follows the laws. So basically, everyone in America is only moral because they were forced to go to church and learn to follow the rules from their religious leaders.

There is no mention of the highest incarceration rate in the world. Funny how we are so pious and wantonly unlawful at the same time. There is no mention of the scandals that rocked the Catholic church throughout the US, or its effect on millions of followers. The Harvard professor takes charge of the narrative while churches vanish from the skyline while decrying the inevitable demise of our Democracy along side the decline of his religion.  "Because if you take away religion, you can't hire enough police." A disgusting display of how much disregard this shows for any non religious person. You do not have religion, you can not have morality, you are a lesser being incapable of being as I am. That is the only message I take away from this message from the Chancellor. I am not welcome on his campus, I am not to be trusted, I am not capable of civilized actions or discourse.

After the Christian only dorms that magically became for all (after they were filled with Christian only students) and the action of selling land to a church for literally 1 dollar (wonder if I can lease some land to build a dorm for that cost), this message is not very surprising. It is a sad commentary of the pervasive and destructive influence money and religion have on all aspects of our lives. A local school is inculcated with a right wing christian ideology and the cash from the founders of the Tea Party (Koch Brothers,  Alabama Policy Institute) and begins to overtly disregard the basic principals of higher education. You are a public school, and you receive public funds. You have no reason to use your office and influence to spread lies about people who do not believe as you do, and that is all this video does.

I am a father of 2, I am a husband of 13 years, I volunteer, I work everyday, I have friends, and colleagues and family. I do not steal, I do not kill, I do not commit violence, I do not lack morality. And this video is a vile debasement of everything that I am.

Ned Carter

Update ************

The AA sent a letter , And it has been picked up by local, national and international news.

******************* 2nd Update

The school has issued a response

A statement from Troy University said the email sent by Hawkins was meant to “spur introspection and encourage thoughtful discussion as we transition from the challenges of 2014 to the opportunities ahead in 2015,” the statement reads. “Troy University is an international university that contributes regularly to the global marketplace of ideas. This message and video were shared to provide the university community with information and insights for healthy consideration and debate about our country’s democracy, the role it plays in the world and the challenges America faces going forward.”

Complete and total Bullshit.

Update 2 **************************************

The Chancellor has sent out another mass email. Still BS.