Friday, November 28, 2014

Ferguson, Racism, Defense Attorney Prosecutors

"A riot is the language of the unheard." - MLK

The above quote was shown to be so true this week. Right before Thanksgiving we all saw exactly why people riot. Sure it isn't a good thing, it isn't a thing to look up to, it isn't a thing to be accepted, but we can understand it and fix the underlying reasons for it. I have many friends in social media that are so quick to point to Ferguson and make racist comments about how white folks don't riot over police shootings. Or they say that if a black cop shot a white guy no one would blink an eye. Or that the system worked and that Wilson was found to be innocent. So many misconceptions, justifications, fake imagined scenarios so that your complaints seem valid to yourself. What you have to understand is that this response is the only one available. These are people, not animals. They have followed the rules, played the game as it is laid out, and they have been dismissed and set off to the side and told to just accept it. They have been told to be calm, let the healing process begin, basically they have been told to shut up or else.

It was very clear, from the beginning, that this "prosecutor" had no interest in following the law. He did many things that are not standard, and some that are outright illegal in his quest to assure that this officer would face absolutely no responsibility for the actions he took to kill another human being. When the citizens called for a special Grand Jury, he ignored them. When they asked for a new prosecutor, they were ignored. When the testimonies started coming in, he made sure to pick and choose those that would best muddy the water and distract from the actual occurrences that day. He allowed the defendant to sit and parcel out a story with absolutely no questions or adversary to make him defend his statements. He passed out an illegal statute justifying the actions of the cop and never explained to the Grand Jury that the statute had been deemed unconstitutional 20 years earlier.

After 3 months of peace, as the citizens waited patiently, hoping for a small sliver of a chance of justice, this prosecutor then waited 9 hours to release the jury's decision. He waited and postponed and fomented the anger and fears of these people to distract from his actions. The State preemptively called in the National Guard, declared a State of Emergency, and removed the rights of these people to have their voices heard. These actions place the government in a directly adversarial role against its own citizens. The statements of the governor were inflammatory and worked as intended... whipping these people into a froth of distrust and outrage that they were presumed to already be criminals and would be quashed under the boot of militarized police forces if they dared speak out against the upcoming announcement.

So the "prosecutor" refused to do his job, and then he released every piece of evidence to the public which has the effect of making it impossible to have an impartial jury trial in the entire State of Missouri. He uses a tactic called muddying the waters to make it impossible to form a cohesive framing of the evidence. He floods everyone with information in order to obfuscate the information that would lead to an indictment and then an actual day in court where officer Wilson would have to answer for his actions. Only then could he be deemed innocent or guilty. As it stands now, officer Wilson and the prosecutor have engaged in nothing but a game of hide the truth, and they do it thumbing their noses at the entire citizenry of Ferguson.

If you want to know why these people riot, it is because this is not a special circumstance. They have tried and tried to go the correct way for justice, and they have been denied over and over. The police treat them all as criminals at every interaction. They watch as their friends and family are murdered or locked away on minimal evidence in minimal proceedings with minimal representation. They know that when a black man is accused of murder, they do not go before the Grand Jury and have the county prosecutor provide all the evidence, and allow them to tell tales free from and questioning or need for corroboration.  They burn the city to the ground because they have been ignored and marginalized and deemed not worth the effort.

As for the racists who claim you never see white folks rioting and looting and burning down neighborhoods... I say take a look at every major NCAA, NFL, MLB, and other gaming championships. They do it every year, out of celebration and drunken indifference. These people do it out of decades of repression and oppression. Whites are not better, they are worse. They sit and watch this happen, ignore the facts, make excuses, point fingers and disregard history. It is shameful that there is even a debate about what this prosecutor, and the system in general, has done in Ferguson.

Rioting is wrong, looting is wrong, violence is wrong.... Murder... it's ok as long as it is just a (pot smoking, cigar stealing, hoodie wearing, skittle eating, knocking on the door for help, defending themselves) black man getting murdered.