Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Alabama Student Prayer Bill

The McMillan-Dial bill or The Student Prayer Bill, is an attempt to try and pass a law that is in direct conflict with the Constitution. It is a blatant attempt to insert religion into schools through teachers. It will open the classroom door to the church of whomever is in a position of authority over our children. I do not need for anyone to dictate to my children how to properly worship anything.  Do you want me teaching your children about The Flying Spaghetti Monster? I do not need some teacher threatening my child with eternal hellfire as a means of control. I do not need anyone explaining the myths and rules of their religion to my child, I do not need them pressured into student activities by these proselytizing busy bodies. There is no need for any religious paraphernalia inside of the classrooms either. Teachers do not need to participate in student led religious clubs or activities. And according to the Constitution and multiple rulings about this issue, they are not allowed. A petty State Law does not over rule the Constitution, it is expressly spelled out. Please stop trying to legislate what religion I must follow, stay away from my children, they are not for you to indoctrinate and try and manipulate.