Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mobile, Christian values and death threats.

To the people of Mobile and Alabama in general.

Recently the county commission approved a plaque stating "In God We Trust". There were many arguments against this sponsorship of religion through our local government, but those voices were ignored. Afterwards other groups asked to have their view points placed next to this plaque, and were dismissed out of hand without even a hearing. This shows contempt for whole swaths of the citizenry and a privilege granted to those who think (and believe) as the commission says that you must.

Following these events, a local Church State Separation activist appeared on local news to share her viewpoint, and the view point of many others like her.  In return for voicing her opinion (First Amendment for all you folks spouting religious freedom) she has been the target of threats, intimidation, and calls for her death. This is the exact type of response Christians see in Muslim dominated theocracies. These are the same tactics you would decry as terrorist if they were directed at you, our Christian citizenry. Absolutely this is not the view of the majority, but it is the majority of the voice that is spoken in public. Until those Christians that can understand the pitfalls and dangers of governmental endorsement (and eventual enforcement) speak out against those too ignorant, or too fanatical to see it for themselves all Christians must be lumped together as supporting these violent, and disgusting tactics.  Until you become those who stand for equality and fairness, until you fight for your fellow man and not just your fellow Christian, you will have to be considered just as fanatical and dangerous as your more vocal members.

Unless you speak out against the following, we condemn you and label you willing participants in these atrocious and vile proceedings:
"I bet if she were being raped or murdered she would be asking God to save her."
"Get a rope"
"I think this lady just wants attention because no guy wants to go out with her."
"she is just bitter and angry because gluttony is one of the seven deadly sins."
"If you do not believe in God how can God or the word of God offend you???????? I wish people like this would walk into traffic"
"I'd tell her to jump off a bridge"
"shoot her for treason"
"Why should we even care what she thinks? The majority believe in God so we should keep it like it is."
"I think she will burn in Hell when the time comes."
Attacking her appearance, making false equivalencies, claiming the right to impose religion based on majority, wishes of harm, outright threats of hangings and shooting. These tactics are the same used in theocracies across the globe to prop up their inculcation of dogma through their governmental powers. This is nothing but the Christian Mob trying to attack anyone pleading for equality and sanity. Please think carefully about the future by looking to the past.  Which version of Christianity is the correct version? Ask the Shiites and the Sunnis which version of their religion is true, and you will see the answer and eventual outcome here. Will you be a Baptist because they tell you you must? Will you be a Pentecost because they have more at the polls this year? Religion is personal, it is not a function of the government and it never should be.