Friday, May 2, 2014

Roy Moore

Roy Moore is of the opinion that only Christians are protected by the first amendment of our Constitution. He is completely incapable of comprehending that those different from himself are afforded the same rights regardless of their faiths. That was the entire point of the constitution, equal protection for all. Not just for those he chooses, because the tyranny of the majority had been seen and that was the direct influence on our founders for making such an amazing document. It has its flaws, but those flaws do not include the ability of morons and ideologues to simply ignore the law. He was thrown out once for his inability to follow the simple task of being impartial, and the time has come for it to happen again. Tomorrow there will be a rally in Montgomery for the separation of church and state, I suggest we include a call for the removal of Moore and his crippling ignorance of the law, history and common decency.

Impeach Roy Moore